"Violet, my dearest son. You are the youngest of my six children, but the time has come for you to leave my house and experience what the humans call 'life'."

"Sun, my dearest mother, fuck you, I ain't going to that stinkin' human world."


Once upon a time, a legend was widely spread throughout the lands; the legend talked about how the sun, kind and bright, sent its six children to the earth to fight the darkness of the human world. These children were Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet.

Red stood for strength, protecting those he loved; Orange stood for justice, passing harsh judgment; Yellow was curious, watching the human world and trying to learn their ways; Green shone with dedication, putting his heart into everything he did. The only daughter, Blue, was the kindest and known for being a gentle person.

And Violet was…

Well. You'll see.


"You refused to go to the human world."

Violet looked over his shoulder, raising one fine eyebrow semi-interestedly. "So what if I did?"

Orange glared and walked towards his younger brother. "Mother Sun has never asked anything of you, Violet. How can you refuse this request?"

He rolled his eyes and clamped his hands over his ears. "Laaalaaalaaa, I'm not listening!"

The orange-haired man's glare darkened. "Quit it, Violet. You're a spoiled brat, but I didn't think you'd go that far. All of us had to go to the human world at least once, and you are not going to be an exception."

"Pfft, are you kidding me?!" Violet snorted. "Yellow and Green went missing down there and Red can't find 'em; there's no way I'll go down there. What if I go missing too?"

"Then we'd be rid of a burden." Orange took a step towards his younger brother, eyes narrowed dangerously. Violet, in turn, backed away, feeling cornered. "You are going to the human world and you will not come back before you have learnt your lesson."

"I'm not going to do a fucking thing!" Violet growled quietly when his feet hit the edge of the well they used to watch the earth. This was not going to end pretty.

Orange regarded him with his usual stony demeanor. He reached out for the pedant dangling in front of his brother's chest and gave it a strong tug, breaking the necklace holding it in place, and then tossed the silver pendant into the well. "This well not only lets us see what happens on earth, but we can also access the human world through it." For a fleeting moment, a smirk stole itself onto the older man's usually emotionless face. "You are to serve the human who finds your necklace. You shall grant him three wishes and in turn, he is to show you the hardships of human life and protect you. When you have fulfilled his three wishes, I will observe if you have learnt your lesson. Should this not be the case, your necklace will be passed on to another human."

"Wait – wait, brother you can't –"

"Your name on Earth shall be 'Hidan'."

And thus, Orange pushed his flailing brother into the well.


It was a nice day in late September; the sun sent its last warm rays, interrupted only by a very light drizzle of rain, which looked more like liquid gold until it collected in small puddles on the ground.

Kakuzu sighed contently, glad that he was inside, and even more glad when he finished booking the last invoice. He turned off the computer, got up and stretched his muscles before grabbing a newspaper from his desk and leaving the office, locking it behind him.

He poked his head into the large kitchen of the restaurant. "Tobi, do you have any cake left?"

Tobi – a young man who had just recently finished his apprenticeship as a cook, sporting black hair and one black eye, as the other was permanently shut with a scar covering the eyelid - looked up and grinned at the restaurant's manager. "Ah, Kakuzu-san! Cheesecake with whipped cream, as always?"

The brunette nodded and accepted the plate and tiny fork the cook gave him. He broke off a small piece and maneuvered it into his mouth before walking towards the windows. He swallowed and watched the sky, thinking about how stupid he was for not having brought an umbrella, when he noticed something strange.

A rainbow… in just Violet?

He shook his head; maybe he needed some fresh air? So he opened the window and – dear God, was that Violet rainbow coming towards him?!

He got the answer in form of something crashing into his cake, making whipped cream fly through the air and hit his face and suit.


He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. "Tobi, did Kisame chase some hobos away from our trash containers again?"

Tobi stuck his head out of the kitchen, raising an eyebrow. "Err… no, why?"

"Because someone just threw an ugly silver pendant at me and someone is going to pay for the drycleaner's bill for my suit."

The black-haired cook blinked. "Oh. Then uhm… Tobi will ask Kisame-san." He was about to turn around when –

"On second thought," Kakuzu said, sounding completely calm, "I would prefer if you told that guy outside to stop staring at me as if he's going to kill me and leave our grounds if he doesn't plan on eating at the restaurant."

Tobi paused. "Kakuzu-san, are you feeling alright? Tobi doesn't see a –"

"And dispose of this." Tobi's one open eye twitched as the restaurant's manager thrust the plate with ruined cake into his hands.

Kakuzu turned back to the window and nearly jumped when the man he had seen previously was suddenly standing right in front of him. He narrowed his eyes, studying him.

The was shorter than Kakuzu – the brunette was a good 185cm, and that guy seemed almost 10cm shorter than him – with a youthful, handsome face. He had light silver hair which almost appeared white, pale skin and bright Violet eyes. What really irritated Kakuzu though was that this man wore only a pair of loose Violet pants with golden cuffs around his ankles, no shirt, golden cuffs around his wrists, and nothing else. No jacket, no umbrella, but he wasn't wet at all!

Kakuzu glared, dangling the silver necklace in front of his face. "Did you throw this at me?"

The guy tried to grab it – but his hand went right through it?!

"Pardon my French," Kakuzu started slowly, "but who the fuck are you?" He heard something clatter in the kitchen and narrowed his eyes. "Wait, don't answer that. Follow me and don't say a word."


The whole way to his apartment, Kakuzu glanced around him out of the corner of his eye – well, as much as he could with shoulder length brown hair, rain and a newspaper hindering his vision.

The silver-haired guy was floating. Not only that, he floated through things.

He looked fairly pissed off, with his eyes narrowed to slits, lips set in a firm line and arms crossed over his bare chest. If that guy had been able to touch Kakuzu, he might have felt a little threatened, but as it was, he seemed to be like a ghost; he couldn't touch anything or anyone.

The manager supposed he was safe as long as he had that necklace, considering that it had been the thing the ghost had reached for.

Nevertheless, he was incredibly relieved when he reached the building he lived in and immediately threw the newspaper he had used as protection against the rain into the trash. He walked past the stairs, pressed the elevator button, waited for a few seconds and then decided that taking the stairs would be faster after all.

Once he was in his apartment on the third floor, he was a little out of breath, and the ghost was still behind him. He took a deep breath and loosened his tie first, then unbuttoned the three top buttons of his shirt (which, he noticed with a sigh, had gone almost see-through from the rain and now wetly clung to his tan skin) and grabbed a hair tie from the narrow shelf underneath the hallway mirror, tying his hair up.

He turned around and stared at the ghost for a good moment. "I suppose that since you can't touch anything, it would be meaningless to offer you something to drink."

"Like I'd drink your fucking human shit."

"Lovely." Kakuzu narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. "Now, explain. Who are you, what are you, and what do you want from me."

The ghost huffed arrogantly. "Explaining everything would take a long time… you may call me Hidan, and because you have my necklace, I have to grant you three wishes."

Kakuzu stared at him blankly. "So you're something like a genie?"

"A what?"

Kakuzu sighed. "Nevermind. Obviously Tobi has finally poisoned my cake and now I'm hallucinating." He rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming. "Maybe I should take some aspirin and lay down, and when I wake up, I'll feel better… yes, I think that's a good idea." He stared towards the kitchen, but suddenly that genie was in his way again.

"Wait, wait!" Hidan glared, feet still not touching the ground. "Look, if you don't believe me, wish for something. I'll grant it."

Kakuzu gave him a look that clearly said 'Are you stupid?'. "If this really was true, then that would be one hell of a wasted wish. But I suppose you do want me to waste them so you can have your necklace back..."

"Stop fucking over-analyzing and make a damn wish already!"

"Hm. Alright." Kakuzu looked around his apartment; he figured that he would need to wish for something of which he could see the effect immediately. After thinking for a few minutes (and a lot of rushing on Hidan's part) he finally decided on something. "I wish for my apartment to be spotlessly clean."

It was a sad truth that Kakuzu was a slob. He liked to always be prepared and he was persnickety with his office at work, but his apartment was a completely different matter. He usually ate out, so there wasn't much to clean in the kitchen; the only thing he really did on a regular basis was sloppily clean his bathroom, take out the trash and take his laundry to the drycleaner (because really, he just bought new underwear and socks when the need arose, and washing and ironing was too much work).

Hidan sniffed. "Good wish, asshole, this place is a fucking mess."

Kakuzu raised an eyebrow in interest. How was this guy going to fulfill his wish? He secretly anticipated a blink like in I dream of Jeannie and felt slightly disappointed when all it took was for Hidan to snap his fingers and –

His apartment was clean. Freakishly so.

He stayed quiet for a few moments before slowly sitting down on the (clean, trash-less) couch.

Hidan drummed his fingers on his arm. "So? Happy? What's your second wish?"


"Ugh, just hurry the fuck up, seriously! I don't want to rot down here!"

"…What did you say the rules for this are? I can wish for anything? Whatever it is?"

Hidan rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed. "Yes! You can wish to become the King of what-fucking-ever if that's what you dig!"

Kakuzu narrowed his eyes and sat up straighter. "I wish for an infinite supply of wishes."

"Sure, granted – Hey, wait! That's not -"

Kakuzu smirked, eyes still narrowed. "You said it's granted."

Hidan glared daggers at the brunette. "You just signed yourself up for hell, are you aware? Because I'm going to terrorize you until you wish for me to return to where I came from!"

"As the first wish of my infinite amount of them," Kakuzu said pointedly loud, "I wish for you to shut up for the next hour."

And ah, what a blissful hour it was.