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"Master Kakuzu…"

Kakuzu knew he was dreaming the moment he saw Hidan – his bedroom eyes, his smirk as he looked at Kakuzu over his shoulder. And of course, his attire – golden jewellery slung around his neck, looking so heavy, designs painted on the bare skin of his back and arms, wide purple pants and strips of cloth with tiny golden coins, barefoot…

The coins jingled when Hidan shifted his weight from one leg to another. "Want me to dance, Master Kakuzu? You just need to wish for it…"

Kakuzu had known he shouldn't have slept in the same bed as Hidan. He should have just slept on the couch after letting Hidan have the bed, but no, his back had to hurt on the couch and he had to get into the bed and have one of those dreams.

And worst of all, Hidan was awake. And staring at Kakuzu.

"Damn it," Kakuzu mumbled. He was pretty sure that his face was flushed, and what the fuck? He was a grown man. Why did he have those dreams in the first place? Was he really so desperate? Then again, the dreams had only started after he met Hidan…

He tried to turn away from Hidan, but as soon as he did, Hidan's hands laid themselves on his back. "Kakuzu… hey, Kakuzu."

"What do you want? I need a shower."

"You were moaning my name in your sleep."

Damn it, damn it, damn it. "I had a nightmare."

"I'm not fucking stupid, you jackass!" Hidan glared at his master. "Seriously, I know what's going on. You explained these things to me."

"Then let me go so I can take care of this."

Hidan clicked his tongue in annoyance and rougly pulled Kakuzu back, holding him down and straddling him. "You must be really fucking stupid. Do I have to spell it out for you?!"

The blush was no longer present on Kakuzu's face; he narrowed his eyes, looking up at Hidan. Who was sitting on his thighs, too dangerously close to… "Are you sure? Because once we've started, there's no turning back."

Hidan nodded slightly before leaning down to kiss Kakuzu.


It had been over too soon, but that was to be expected; Hidan was, after all, completely inexperienced. Kakuzu wasn't about to complain though; he had gotten a pretty amazing show as he stroked Hidan through his very first orgasm. They hadn't had sex, but Kakuzu had also foreseen that. He had gotten off and that was enough for him for now; Hidan had to get used to things first anyway.


He opened an eye lazily, watching Hidan with it. The silver-haired man was lying on his stomach, hands folded in front of him and head resting on it sideways so he could watch Kakuzu.

"What do you call it?"

"Call what?"

"The opposite of pain. Feeling good."

"Ah." Kakuzu closed his eyes again. "It's called pleasure."


There wasn't much going on at the restaurant so early in the morning, but that's why Sakura liked the early shift and took it whenever she had no school. Screw tips; she wasn't dependent on this job, she only had it so Lee could be closer to his brothers.

And. Well. Sasuke worked there. As did his brother.

Currently though, she was chatting with Deidara – or Yellow, as she'd learnt from Lee. "So what was it like where you come from? Is it anything like here? Lee never talks about home…"

"It's nothing like here, hm." Deidara smiled at Sakura, pleased that someone was taking an interest in him. "It's a completely different dimension, you see? Like a castle in a globe in the middle of the universe, yeah. We had a castle, and the weather was always nice… and we could watch the earth and the sky."

"But what did you do there all the time? I mean, didn't you ever get bored?"

The blond grinned. "Time passes faster for us than for you. But we also each had our own hobbies, yeah… like me, I watched the earth. I love the art on earth. And I always watched when stars exploded. Art is a blast, yeah! Hm?" He looked over his shoulder after feeling someone tap it. "Itachi?"

Itachi's face was impassive, but for some reason, Sakura got a rather intimidating feeling from it. "Stop flirting with Sakura-san and get back to work."

Sakura blushed. "We weren't… you misunderstood, Itachi-san – Deidara is the brother of a close friend…"

Itachi's eyes narrowed. "I thought your close friends were my brother and Naruto, who is an only child."

"Oh, it's someone you don't know." She smiled nervously. "He doesn't go to our school and Sasuke-kun doesn't know him either."

"Stop chatting and get working." All three of them looked up as Kakuzu made his entrance, and Sakura and Deidara were about to go back to work when Kakuzu spoke up again. "Deidara, Sakura, come to my office. I need to talk to you."

Itachi watched them follow his boss. He couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something they weren't telling him and that he was the only one left out…


"Random magic?"

Kakuzu nodded, sitting at his desk and looking down at its surface. "I don't think he noticed though. What could it be?"

Deidara crossed his arms over his chest. "You'll have to be more specific. Just telling us that random magical things happen around Violet won't help. What was the situation? How was he feeling? What type of magic?"

"I assume he was happy."

The blond rolled his eyes. "More detail, yeah."

Kakuzu blushed, staring at the surface of the desk pointedly.

"…Why do I get the feeling I don't want to hear more?" Sakura wondered out loud, sighing.

Kakuzu cleared his throat. "Anyway, it was small things. I noticed random rainbows in the room, a pillow floating, things like that. And he was more tired than he should have been, even for his standards."

"Sounds like his control over magic is getting loose, yeah." Deidara grasped his chin thoughtfully. "Maybe he's still adjusting to having a physical body."

"Did the same happen to you?" Kakuzu looked up, his blush now under control. "When you got a physical body."

"No. My magic was gone immediately. If you ask me, occasionally make wishes to see how well his magic reacts, yeah."


"God, I'm so fucking bored."

Hidan sighed dramatically, lying spread out on Kakuzu's bed. He had remembered to sleep, eat, wash, get dressed – and when he'd finished, that bastard Kakuzu had already left without him.

And now he was bored.

He sighed again jumping off the bed in what he thought would be a cool move, but ending up landing flat on his face on the ground. Rubbing his nose, he made his way to the living room.

His eyes fell on Kakuzu's small living room carpet – a really ugly, small thing. Probably cheap, knowing Kakuzu. A smirk slowly spread out on his face and he snapped his fingers.


Red eyes scanned the ground hundreds of meters beneath him, his face void of any emotion. He'd been searching for a while now; standing on his fan like he had seen one of those earth kids standing on what it had called "skateboard", he rushed through the sky, invisible to humans.

"Fuck yeah, this is awesome!"

He narrowed his eyes, whirling around, and nearly got run over by a blurr rushing past him.

He blinked, staring after it. "Was that… Violet on a flying carpet?"


Orange smirked, huffing quietly to hide his laughter. "What a reckless child."

Blue sighed. "And you honestly consider him someone who could stand in your way, Pain? Instead of getting rid of Violet, you should beware of Red."

His smile had nothing friendly to it; it was arrogant, taunting. "It is Violet's recklessness that makes him more dangerous than our cunning older brother, Konan."

"You should not underestimate Red."

"I am not." Looking back down at the well through which they had been watching the earth, he smirked. "In fact, I already have a plan."


"You must be seven kinds of stupid! What if someone had seen you – or even worse, caught you?! You have no human identity! What would you have told the police – Hello, my name is Hidan and I'm a color of the rainbow?!"

Hidan smirked, not at all listening to Deidara. "Hey, Kakuzu, wasn't that just fucking cool? Tell me I'm awesome!"

Kakuzu stayed quiet for a while, glaring at Hidan before hitting him over the head. "Are you suicidal? Your body is mortal, Hidan."

Hidan was laughing, but Kakuzu noticed how his chest heaved more than it should, and that his face was too pale. "Relax, Kakuzu…"

"Are you alright?"

He managed to catch Hidan before he fainted.


There was a couch in the break room which was where they put Hidan. An hour later, Sakura finally managed to convince her doctor and friend of the Haruno family, Tsunade, to come by and check Hidan out in exchange for a bottle of sake and a free meal.

Kakuzu felt sort of bothered when she unbuttoned Hidan's shirt to check on his heart and lungs. He also felt bothered by Sakura, Deidara and Lee still being in the room.

"It's just exhaustion," she finally concluded. "Tell him to take it slow, rest… and healthier nutrition."

Kakuzu couldn't shake off the feeling that it didn't have to do with not enough sleep or food.


"Kakuzu," Hidan drawled, dragging out the "u", "I'm so fucking bored."

"So watch TV."

"I've watched TV all fucking day! I wanna do something already!"

Kakuzu sighed, closing his book. "You need rest, Hidan. You fainted yesterday, and that's not something to take lightly."

"Hey." Hidan moved to sit on Kakuzu's lap, making the other man roll his eyes. "Let's give each other pleasure. Just like yesterday."

"Are you stupid?"

"Oh come on!" Hidan huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "I don't want to look at these stupid walls anymore!"

"Fine!" Kakuzu glared at the ex genie, annoyed beyond belief. "Go get dressed. We're going to the restaurant so you can annoy Lee."


It was already closing time when they reached the restaurant; Sakura and Deidara were sweeping the floor, joking around and laughing while Itachi wiped the counter. Lee was cheering Sakura on – not that Deidara or Itachi could hear.

"Fuck," Hidan announced, "we missed all the fun?"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Charming as ever, Hidan. Charming."

Hidan smirked back at her, taking a seat on one of the bar stools. "What can I say, that's just the way I am."

"Stop flirting with underage girls, moron." Kakuzu hit him over the head, glaring.

Sakura rolled her eyes, moving towards the window to let in some fresh air. She was just about to turn back around when she felt someone next to her.

Deidara smiled, his long hair falling over Sakura's shoulder as they were standing rather close. "The stars are pretty tonight." His smile fell slightly. "It has been a long time since I watched them, yeah. They're at their most beautiful when they explode."

"I think they're beautiful either way." Sakura looked up, trying to make out a conestalltion. It was then that she spotted something unusual among the stars – a red, glowing spot that was rapidly approaching and getting bigger.

She furrowed her eyesbrows, trying to come up with what it could be, but then Deidara suddenly pushed her down. "Duck!"

The room lit up red and Sakura had to close her eyes to stop them from being blinded, and when she finally dared to open them, a young man with long, unruly black hair and crimson eyes was staring at her, wearing the same outfit she knew from Lee and Hidan, only in red, and a large fan strapped to his back.

His face showed utter disgust when he saw her and Deidara, and she felt unusually tense under his gaze – as if those crimson eyes could kill her, snap her like a twig. She felt immense relief when he turned around.

"Violet." He smirked upon spotting Hidan. "I have finally found you."

Hidan didn't know whether to be ecstatic or frightened. He simply stared at his older brother, purple eyes wide. "Red…"

"This place disgusts me. It must have been terrible for you only with those humans and that human-loving brother of yours." He sent Lee, who was rushing to Sakura's side, a repulsed look. "But don't worry. I'm here to take you back."