Chris leaned back in his chair. There was officially five minutes left of class before they were all off for a three day weekend. He was thankful that he was getting such a long break. He needed time away from everyone. His parents were going out of town so he would have the house to himself. Not that he would mention that to anybody because then they would want to come over and party. It's hard to relax with a bunch of idiots breaking your stuff.

His friend John Cena was watching the clock like a hawk. "Dude, I think time has stopped completely."

Chris rolled his eyes. "A watched clock never moves John. Distract yourself somehow."

"Maria's not in this class. I can't be distracted."

"Do you always need your girlfriend to distract you?"

"You wouldn't be asking that question if you were still dating Michelle."

Chris didn't reply to that. He wasn't going to explain this to all his friends again. Michelle McCool was a heinous bitch. He didn't know why he had bothered with her. She wasn't his type at all. None of the girls in the school were his type. Sure, he dated a few of them, but that was just to make sure his friends didn't ask too many question. He was one of the guys that always had girls throwing themselves at him. He was expected to take advantage of that.

The bell finally rang and they all got the hell out of that classroom. They met up with Maria and their friends Dave, Hunter, Shawn, Hunter's girlfriend Stephanie and Dave's new slut Kelly at their locker rooms. Chris wished he could just take off right then and there. He didn't want them trying to talk him into doing something with them this weekend. He was dead serious about wanting to be alone.

"You guys will not believe what happened today during biology," Kelly said. She was a complete airhead and she loved to gossip. "Mickie James pretty much made out with Melina Perez right in front of everybody!"

John shook his head. "So what? We've known that Mickie was a lesbian since the tenth grade. This is nothing new."

"Yeah, but she showed it in front of everybody! I thought the gay people here were supposed to hide that. You know, like the don't ask, don't tell policy they have in private schools."

Chris literally had to fight the urge to strangle her. She was so dumb that he could hardly stand it. "First of all, that policy is only in the military. Second of all, if gay people want to show their feelings, then they can damn well do it. They shouldn't have to care about what everybody else thinks."

Dave rolled his eyes. "Oh save that bullshit Chris. Personally I can't stand--HEY WATCH IT!"

Chris froze as Dave ran right into Jeff Hardy. He knew this situation had the potential to get ugly very fast. Dave was the stereotypical homophobic jock and Jeff was pretty much known for three things: being gay, being weird and being considered a slut by the school's own gay community. He didn't have a whole lot of friends beyond Mickie James and Shannon Moore, which made Chris feel bad. At one time, he and Jeff had been inseparable. Then Jeff had confessed something in the ninth grade that had made Chris freak out completely. They hadn't spoken much since then, although Shannon and Jeff's older brother Matt would lay in a random guilt trip to Chris just to make him feel bad.

"Oh hey Hardy," Dave said. He loved tormenting Jeff. "You gonna suck some cock this weekend? You gonna put on that weird make-up you like so much and spread your legs for any dick willing to fuck ya?"

Hunter groaned. "Jesus Dave, would you lay off him for awhile? You've done this a million times already and I get bored with reruns."

Jeff's long and recently dyed black hair hung over his face so none of them could see his face. But Chris could tell by Jeff's body language that Dave's taunting was getting to him. He tried to just walk away but Dave slammed him up against the lockers. "Dave stop!" Chris yelled. It didn't matter that he and Jeff hadn't really been friends in a long time and Jeff thought Chris hated him. He didn't like seeing Jeff get manhandled like this.

"You didn't answer my question Hardy," Dave said. "Are you going to spend your weekend being the slut we all know you are?"

Jeff shook his hair away from his face and actually smirked at Dave. "If you think I'm a slut, you should look into Kelly's background. She's been on her back so many times that she puts me to shame."

"You little fucker!" Dave growled. He raised his fist to punch Jeff but Chris stopped him.

"Dude, I told you in the very beginning that Kelly is a slut," Chris said quietly. "He's just pointing out what we all know." He grabbed Jeff and yanked him away from Dave. "Just go home Dave. If the coach catches you beating anybody else up, he's kicking you off the team."

Dave glared at Jeff. "This isn't over Hardy," he snarled. He grabbed Kelly by the hand and dragged her off.

Chris sighed and turned around to look at Jeff. "Jeff…"

"Leave me alone," Jeff snapped. He grabbed his fallen bag and took off as quick as he could.

John frowned. "What's his problem?"

Chris couldn't answer that, even though he did know what the problem was. In the ninth grade, Jeff had confessed that he was in love with Chris. Chris had freaked out and Jeff had taken it as Chris being disgusted with him. That wasn't the truth though. The truth was that Jeff's confession had brought up issues Chris had been trying to ignore and repress. The truth was, if his very conservative father found out what he was, he would be disowned in about a minute. The truth was, that if his friends ever found out his secret, his entire life would be turned upside down. The existence he had built for himself based on what he was SUPPOSED to want would be ruined.

But even though he could lie to his parents, his friends and everyone else in the world, he couldn't lie to himself. The truth was, he was gay too. And not only was he gay, he was in love with Jeff Hardy. I'm such a fucking hypocrite, he thought to himself. I stick up for people like Jeff and all I do is hide what I really am.

"Hey Chris, are we going?" John asked. "You're my ride home man."

Chris nodded reluctantly. "Yeah, I'm coming." I'm coming right back into my life that is a total lie.