A Calculated Risk

Disclaimer: Still not sure if I need this anymore, but as a force of habit no, I don't own them.

Author's Note: A little one-shot I was playing around with that decided to take on a life of its own. Much more on the angsty side than the humorous as well so I'm curious to see what you all think.

Fire was biting at our heels, the heat and smoke suffocating. But he was there, gripping my arm for dear life, refusing to let go despite my stumbling and coughing. My eyes had begun to tear horribly and I tripped again, nearly taking him down with me with the force of my fall.

We were there because of a miscalculation. One that I'm sure he will never forgive himself for if we make it out alive.

Reaching the lone staircase in the house, however, was when I made a calculation of my own.

A large portion of the steps had been crushed by falling debris; so hungry was the fire to consume everything in its reach. I knew too, with my old war wounds and smoke inhalation, I would never make the flying leap necessary to reach safety past the fiery abyss.

Which was when, as my friend was coming to this same conclusion no doubt; I grabbed his thin frame by the belt and collar, flinging him across the chasm with all my remaining strength and without a second thought.

My eyesight may have been minimal at best, but even I could see the indignant fury that lit his eyes after the initial surprise at my actions.

"No! Watson! This is not how this is going to end! I won't allow it! I'm coming bac-"

But just as he was about to finish the stairs I'd remained on gave way, four floors of nothing but air and fire greeting me as the most wrenched scream I've ever heard filled my ears, and I knew nothing more.

Author's Note: No, it's not over yet, I'm just an evil author who loves cliffhangers. –insert sinister laughter- Please do let me know what you think!