Here it is! I kind of stole the idea from a Maximum Ride story, but I thought it was awesome. I hope that my story is funny and that you all enjoy it. :}

Disclaimer: I do not own this series. Isn't it obvious?


1. Cosmetic saleswoman:

"Um, I think this goes on your eyes…."

2. Escape artist:

The way she escaped from foster families, I'm scared to see what she can do with a chained box.

3. Musician:

"And you're sure that it is not enchanted?"

4. Marriage counselor:

"Okay, express yourself through your actions. Punch him; it shows him that you care."

5. Teacher:

Because she works sooo well with her peers.

I hope that none of these happen because it would be a disaster. *shudders while picturing it*

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