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Chapter One

The death of Joey's father hit him hard, they weren't that close, but at least he was a good dad. After the funeral, Joey had to get away, he was going to go travel around Europe, and he had more then enough money from the sale of the house to last a few years, if he wanted to be gone that long."

He told Solomon, "I have to get away for a little while." Solomon understood, and the day Joey left, he gave Solomon his cell phone number just in case he had to get in touch with him.

Joey had been gone nearly a year, when he got a weird call from Solomon, "Joey you need to come home, something's come up and I need you here." Joey told him that he'd be home as soon as he could get a flight home.

As Joey sat on the plane, he wondered what was so important that he had to come home. When the plane landed in Domino, Joey got a cab and as he got out and looked around, tears filled his eyes, it was good to be home.

He opened the door to the Game Shop; he heard the cries of a baby, a baby? Maybe Yugi and Yami adopted a baby when he was gone.

Grandpa heard the bell ring and as he walked out to see whom it was there stood Joseph and Solomon said, "I have something to tell you, let's go inside."

As they walked into the living quarters, there sat Tea and she was holding a little baby who wasn't very happy. "Tea, when did you have a baby?" Joey asked her.

The silence was deafening, and then Solomon said, Joseph please sit down. After Joey sat down, Solomon said, "About a week ago, your mother came here to see me, and she wasn't alone."

Joey looked at the baby and then back at Solomon and he said, "My mother had a baby?" Solomon said, "No son, that baby is Serenity's."

Joey looked confused and then he asked, "Where's Rene, if this is her baby where is she?"

Solomon then handed him a letter and he said, "Read this, it'll answer all your questions."

"Dear Joseph:

This letter is to inform you that your sister died in child birth, she got pregnant by some idiot who couldn't keep a job, I don't want the brat, so I brought your niece here so that you could raise her."

Your Mother."

Tears filled Joey's eyes as he folded the letter and put it back into the envelope and then he looked at the baby that Tea was holding. He got up, walked over, and held out his arms, Tea gave him the baby and as Joey looked down into this little baby's face, he said, "I guess it's just you and me now."

Solomon walked over and he put his arm around Joseph and said, "Son, you aren't alone. We're all here to help you if you need it."

Joey looked at him and he said, "Where are we going to live?"

Then from behind him, Joey heard, "You and the baby can come live at the Manor with Mokie and me until you find a job and a place to stay."

Joey turned around and there stood Seto, and Joey said, "I can't let you do that. I'll find someplace to live and hell I can get a job almost anywhere."

Seto then walked over to Joey and he said, "This little one will need a warm place to sleep and if I know her being a Wheeler, she'll be needing plenty of formula and lots of diapers, so please accept my offer, it won't be forever."

Solomon then said, "Joseph please accept Seto's offer, we don't have room here for a baby and besides, I'm too old to be taking care of a baby."

Joey sighed and then he said turned to Seto and said, "Alright, I accept your offer, but it'll be only until I get a good paying job and can find a place for us to stay."

Just then, the baby started fussing and Joey said, "Where's a diaper, I think that she's just given me a present." Everyone laughed and Solomon said, "Come over here, you can change her here."

As Joey was changing her, he said, "You're going to need a name, we can't keep calling you baby. He thought for a minute and then he said, "Hello little Amber Marie, I'm your Uncle Joey."

Everyone in the room had tears in their eyes including Seto as Joey was talking to the baby, Solomon then said, "That's a very beautiful name, Amber Marie Wheeler, I really like it."

After Joey got Amber changed, she was still fussy and he said, "I think that she's hungry, grandpa where's the bottles and formula?"

Tea was way ahead of him, she brought out a warm bottle and handed it to Joey, and he said, "Thanks." The minute the nipple was in Amber's mouth, she latched onto it and was drinking the formula. Seto laughed and said, "She eats just like her Uncle." Joey wanted to glare at him but instead he said, "No, she's more like her mommy, Rene always loved her bottle when she was a baby just like Amber."

Tears ran down his face as he watched Amber, because she did remind him of Serenity, and he knew that he'd raise little Amber to know who her mommy was. Solomon went over and said, "You know you're right, she does eat like her mommy."

Joey looked up at Solomon and he said, "Thanks, I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for you and your love." Solomon gave Joey a kiss on his cheek and he said, "You're more then welcome, now I believe that you'd better get Amber's things together because pretty soon she's going to want to sleep."

Joey then said, "I don't have a crib or mattress, I guess she can sleep on the bed with me." Seto then said, "There's a crib and everything else you'll be needing at the Manor, lets get going or your niece is going to wake up cranky just like her Uncle."

So with the help from his friends, they got the diaper bag, formula and blankets in the limo and as Joey stood there, he said, "Thanks, you're all the best." Then as they all hugged him and gave Amber a kiss, Joey got into the limo for the ride to the Manor.

When they got to the Manor, Joey turned to Seto and he said, "I'll pay you back every cent that you spent for the things that Amber will be needing."

Seto actually smiled as he said, "I know you will; now lets get this little one inside so that you both can get some rest."

As Seto closed the door, Helga was coming down the stairs and she smiled as she saw Joey and the baby, she said, "Everything is ready for this little angel."

Joey thanked her, then he followed Seto upstairs and as Seto opened the room he said, "Get some rest; I'll have Helga come and let you know when lunch is ready."

As Joey stood there holding Amber Marie, he silently said, "Sis, don't you worry, I'll raise your daughter and she'll know who her mommy was." Then he put Amber Marie in the crib, covered her with the little blanket, and the he went over, lay down on the bed, and went to sleep.

(What no one knew, Serenity is alive, when she gave birth to her baby, her mother didn't want her raising a bastard child.

So she paid the doctor's and nurses to tell Serenity that the baby was still born then her mother she took her to Germany, where their are living with a very nice gentleman, who is also very wealthy.

Later on in the story, Serenity goes to Domino to visit her brother and finds out that her baby is alive, wonder what she'll do?)

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