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Chapter 1

Alice drove like a maniac back to her house. My legs were tired from walking around the mall. I hade rope burn from carrying shopping bags.

"Bella! Get out of the car!" Alice said. She grabbed a huge pile of bags and carried them into the house. I took my share and was about to walk into the house when Alice came down and tackled me. "No, Bella, we have to get away from here!" she exclaimed. She picked me up and stared running away.

"Alice, put me down!" I said, struggling in her arms. "What is going on?"

"You don't want to know" she said

"Alice, let me down, I'll be fine with whatever it is!"

"No, you won't" She said "Trust me, I would know"

Alice put me down in some unfamiliar forested area. She handed me a bottle of water to drink and went to sit down on a tree stump

"Alice, where are we? Can I go see Edward now?'

"Bella, we need to stay here until I say we can go back, trust me, you won't like what you see" She said

We sat in the forest for hours, until Alice finally picked me up and ran me back to her house. We walked in and saw a very angry looking Esme. She looked at me sympathetically, then turned back to anger. Rosalie was acting like…Rosalie. She didn't really care what was going on. Jasper was rubbing his temples, and Emmett came up to hug me.

"Oh snap!" Alice said

"What is going on here, people?" I asked. Nobody replied. "Ugh!" I said, running upstairs to Edward's room.

"Bella, wait, don't!" I heard Alice say. I pushed open his door only to find Edward lying under a female vampire, half-naked, kissing her in ways he refused to do to me. My mouth flew open and I felt Alice come up behind me. I tore my engagement ring from my finger and threw it into the room. It hit the female's back

"Wha…" she started

"It's yours now, I'm sure he would want you to have it anyway" I said

"Who are you?" she asked

"His ex-fiancee" I said "Key word, ex"

I stormed out the house as fast as I could, tears pouring down my face, my heart breaking up more with every step. I should've expected this. I was just some idiotic human he used to pass time. He came back out of guilt, he didn't love me. I was a toy to be used and thrown away, again and again.

"Bella, come back!" Alice said, catching up to me easily "Where are you going?' she asked

"Anywhere but here" I said "Leave me alone Alice!"

"Bella, don't go" she said, pain evident in her eyes

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't" I said

"We all love you" she said

"Something that isn't a lie!" I responded

"I'm not lying! We all care about you very much. That girl, I don't know what happened, but really, Edward still loves you, we all care about you!"

"Yeah right, Alice, likely story!" I screamed "You've lied to me before, how do I know you're not lying right now? All you guys ever did was treat me well just to tear me apart when I was the most happy!"

"But you'll come visit, right?" she asked

"I don't think so" I responded "I have no reason to. Take care of her, she's a keeper. I'm sure she'll be much nicer to have around than me. Goodbye Alice" I said, pecking her cheek and leaving her standing there, shaking.

I found my way home, walking through the pouring rain. My clothes were stuck to my skin and my hair was dripping. I was shaking from the cold. I walked into my home, and Charlie wasn't there. He left a note saying that he had a case to solve and that he'd be back when he was done. I left him a note of my own


I can't do this anymore. Forks has taken its toll on my life. I've experienced fascination, love, and heartbreak, over and over. I'm leaving. Keep safe and don't worry about me, I'll be okay. I'll love you forever

Love, Bella

A single tear fell onto the letter as I sealed it up and placed it on Charlie's bed. I then wrote a letter to Jacob


I'm leaving Forks forever. I hope you find your imprint and you two live a long happy life together. I'll always love you as a friend, remember that. Take care of yourself and don't blame the Cullen's.

Love, Bella

I had two more letters to write. One for the Cullen's, and one for him.

Dear Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie

Thank you for all that you've done for me. Thanks for pretending to care about me. It was nice while it lasted. I'm just saying that I'm leaving, so you'll see no more of me. Enjoy the new girl, she has to be better than me, the fragile, stupid, clumsy human. I'll stay out of your life. Esme, thank you for being so motherly to me, take care of all the Cullen's, and be sure Emmett doesn't do anything stupid. Carlisle, I respect you for treating my many wounds and injuries, thank you. Alice, thanks for acting like a real best friend, I'll miss you even if you don't miss me. Jasper, you calmed me down when I needed to, you can make me feel how I want, keep the family in check, alright? Emmett, you are the big brother I never had, and I will miss you. Don't break too many things. And finally, Rosalie. I know you never liked me, and I know why. I'm going to say that I will miss you too, goodbye.

Love, Bella

And finally, I decided to write my last letter in blood—my blood. I felt the pain as a knife went through me, and as the blood dripped into the refillable pen.


I hope you treat her well. I am no comparison to her. She isn't breakable, she isn't clumsy, she's not a poor pathetic human who looks like dung compared to all of you. I will miss you a lot, and you'll never fade from my memories. This blood is the last trace of me that you'll ever have. Try not to eat this letter. Enjoy your existence. Quote "It'll be like I never existed" End quote

Love, Bella

I put drove to La Push and put Jacob's letter into his mailbox. I took the remaining letters and as silently as I could, slipped the letters into the Cullen's mailbox. Then I took one last look at the white house, and ran away, forever.

I found myself at the airport with a huge sack of cash in one hand. I was going to go to Italy, and meet the Volturi. They would find something to do with me. They could kill me, or change me. I prefer death, actually. That would end this pain once and for all, I could drift above the clouds to peace. To heaven. To where I could be free of pain and heartbreak.

'One ticket to Volterra, Italy" I told the ticket seller. She took my money and handed me my ticket. I thanked her and went to catch my flight. With no luggage, and no carry on items. Just me and my broken heart.

The flight was too long for my liking. I had to sit by some fat, greasy man who drooled and snored when he slept, and even worse, to my other side was a couple. They were happily married and holding hands. I felt the familiar sting of tears in my eyes.

I had a cab take me to where I knew the entrance to the Volturi's underground castle was. The driver was suspicious as to why I wanted him to stop at such a strange place, but he didn't ask any questions. I sat by the entrance and waited for some vampire to find me.

The sun set, and night came. I felt myself drifting off into a sleep filled with unwanted nightmares. I woke up at dawn. The sky was dark with an orange glow to it. There were no clouds, and the air was still.

"Hello?" I heard somebody beside me ask. I turned and saw Felix, who I remembered from my last visit here.

"Felix" I said

"Isabella, what brings you here?' he asked "And you are still human, Aro will be disappointed"

"I want to see Aro is you'd please" I responded

"Very well" he said, taking me and dropping down into hole. He ran me down the cold passageways and into the room where Aro was sitting with Marco and Caius

"Bella!" Aro cried. That man never ran out of happiness "Still human? Care for an explaination?"

"He cheated on me. He refused to change me before our wedding. He broke me on the inside. I ran here because I knew that you want me a vampire or dead" I said

"And you say that he can't read you thoughts?" He asked

"Yes" I replied. Tears pouring down my cheek

"Then I would like to keep you, to change you, as a guard member, is that possible?" He asked

"Sure" I said "But do I have to be a guard member?"

"Hmmmm, well I've always wanted a daughter…"

'Your wish, my command" I said, sounding like some stupid genie

"Splendid, we'll change you right now! Come, let's go to my special changing room. I set the temperature in there to negative 20 degrees, and filled it with pillows. I hope it makes your transformation much more comfortable.

Aro led me down some hallways to his 'special room', where I began my change into a immortal being.



"Daddy!' I called

"Yes?" I heard Aro respond

"You wanted to see me?" I asked. I had been living in Volterra for twenty years and I had two best friends. Jane and Heidi, who actually cared about me. Aro was treating me better than he should, and I got anything I wanted. He seriously knew how to spoil somebody

"I would like to asked you a favor" He responded "Can you please create as disguise for yourself? Let's see, how about light brown hair, down to the middle of your back, yes keep your current length. Tallish, about six foot please, skinny."

I quickly changed my body to look like that. My power was only useful when I needed a disguise. Changing how you look really isn't all that great. But I am resistant to all mental powers, luckily, too.

"Perfect. So now I need you to go by the name Alexandra, got it?" I nodded "Great, I am sending you to live with a certain coven that I need somebody to look out for. Consider this a gift, you will enjoy this. I'll have Demetri escort you to where you need to go, okay?"

"Alright daddy" I said. Anything to make him happy. Aro refused to give me any information about this coven. He told me to wait and find out.

On the flight, Demetri had me read a sheet of paper Aro printed for me to read to memorize my new identity. It was basically a profile with instructions


NEW NAME: Alexandra Volturi (You can go by Alex for short. Try to respond to that name okay, it'll take some getting used to)

NEW AGE: Physically 18, has been a vampire for 100 years (I hope that's okay with you, one-hundred years sounds right to me)

INSTRUCTIONS: Not much actually. Just enjoy your time with this Coven, my treat to you. You'll like them—I think. Be nice to them honey, I know from your past experiences that may be hard, and act like you just met them, no breaking down into sobs, kay? And try and stay happy so the empath doesn't get suspicious. You may reveal your true identity when you feel like it

YOUR NEW PERSONALITY: You have to nice. Just keep cool and act nice, and be a prude, please, I'd like to see how that works out

YOUR NEW HOBBIES: You like to play the piano. That one song you wrote a couple years back, marvelous, be sure to play it for your new family


Love, Aro

I read the instructions again. Somehow, I knew these people, and they had an empath. Realization came to me as I realized who he was sending me to

"Demetri, I can't see them!" I whispered

"Relax, Bella, you'll be fine, just keep your cool and follow those instructions. Be sure to write us when you can. Aro also told me to have you get a picture of Carlisle for him."

"Ugh, I can't do this!" I said

"They won't recognize you under your disguise , it'll be okay" He said, patting me back.

When we got out of the airport, I found a brand new Audi waiting for me outside.

"Marcus and Caius are giving you this car" He said "They say it's a s 'Sorry for not telling you' gift"

"Well, thank them for me, and tell Aro that he should be fearing his life" I responded

"Sure" Demetri said, laughing.

The car ride was too short. I was nervous, and afraid, I didn't exactly want to meet the Cullen's. Especially that new girl. I didn't even know her name.

"We're here!" Demetri sang.

"Quiet down!" I whispered. He let out a laugh and slammed on the breaks

"Thanks for letting me use your car Be—I mean Alex!" He said

"No problem Demetri" I responded, and turned around to face the Cullens. I reminded myself to keep my emotions in check. Don't let Jasper know that you are nervous, angry, sad, and broken. I took a deep breath and spoke

"Hello, I'm Alexandra Volteri, however, please call me Alex. I believe you know my father. His name is Aro"

"So Aro did have some free time on his hands…" Emmett said. Rosalie smacked him and Emmett apologized

"I'm not biologically related to him. More like adoption" I responded. Then I turned to Demetri "Bye Demetri, I'll miss you" I hugged him and he ran away, waving back at us and winking at me.

"H, I'm Alice!" Alice came down to me. I was expecting her to be bouncing and happy, but she just walked over and gave me a quick hug. "That's my husband, Jasper" she pointed to Jasper, who gave me a small smile

"I'm Rosalie" Rosalie said, clutching onto Emmett "And this big boy is mine. His name is Emmett. Beware, he will humiliate you to the ends of the earth" Emmett let out a booming laugh. I missed that laugh. Jasper looked at me curiously feeling my hurt. I quickly faked happiness.

"I'm Carlisle, and this is my wife, Esme" Carlisle said.

"Hi" I responded

"This is Edward, or as I like to call him, idiot" Rosalie said, pointed to Edward, and a human girl in his arms. What happened to the vampire girl? I looked at the girl. Her hair was…brown, like mine. She resembled me quite well, except for her eyes. They were green. I wonder if Edward was just going to butter her up and then break her heart. I would have to talk with her later. It hurt me to see him with another girl. He never actually cared about me. Jasper felt my pain, and he cringed, looking at me curiously

"I'll explain later" I whispered to him. I concentrated on blocking his thoughts from Edward, in feat that he would be able to know what I was feeling from Jasper's thoughts.

"Who is the girl?" I asked, trying to be nice.

"I'm Marissa" she said "And Edward is my fiancée, we're getting married in three months. Then he's going to change me!" she exclaimed. I smiled half-heartedly at her. At least somebody was happy.

"May we show you to your room?" Carlisle asked

"Sure" I responded. Clutching my folder with my instructions in it in my hand tightly

"Do you have any powers?" Carlisle asked

"Er, I can change my appearance and block out mental powers" I said

"Are you in your normal appearance?" He asked

"No" I responded

"Will you show it to us?" Emmett asked

"I don't think so"

My room was on the top floor, the first door on the left. I set my bags down on the bed and put my folder on the desk. I began to write a letter to Aro


Why didn't you tell me that you were sending me to live the Cullen's! You are lucky that I love you daddy, or you'd already be dead. You know of my past with them. You have some serious explaining to do. Well anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to reveal who I am. I don't see why I need to

Love, B


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