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I awoke to the sound of something big and stupid screaming. How did I know it was big and stupid? Because it sounded like Emmet! I opened my eyes and peered through my blindfold. Yes, the blindfold was transparent. I was trussed up in what looked like a bunch of dirty kleenexs all tied togeather and it felt nasty! Looking around I noticed that me and Emmet were tied togeather on a platform in the middle of what looked like a PMS village. We were surrounded by indian style huts. They were about 5 feet high at most and were made of duck tape. Like I said, native indian style. Finally I noticed why Emmet had screamed; all the PMS's in the village were staring at us. They all had glowing green eyes and held sharp red crayons, pointing strait at us. I glared at the one who seemed to be in charge. "Take me to your leader!" I ordered. He stared at me suspiciously for a minute, then yelled something like, "BoomChicaWoWoW!" I watched unblinkingly as the crowd parted just enough for their leader to step through.
"BELLA!" I gasped. Bella stood in front of Emmet and I wearing nothing but a full suit of medival knight armor. "Geez Bella, doesn't that chafe?" I asked. "Enough!" She yelled. "I am not Bella! I am her ebil (a mixture of evil and bella) twin sister, SUPER-BOB!

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