Title: Just Can't Walk Away.

Rating: M

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No. You're not a bad person. You're a terrific person. You're my favourite person, but every once in a while, you can be a real c**t

Bill 'Snake Charmer' – Kill Bill 2

She was dreading it.

There was no doubt about it.

To say she was scared, nervous, anxious, petrified, frightened, afraid was an understatement.

She was absolutely shitting herself

She wasn't worrying about being in a new house. She was happy about that.

She was scared about walking into the new school that she knew was called 'East high' in less than 24 HOURS?!

She was going to be described as the 'new girl'. Teachers would introduce her as 'the new girl' people would talk about her and say 'have you seen that new girl'. She had never been described as that before. She was going to be stared at like she had 2 heads, no scratch that 10 heads. Everyone would look at her as she walked down the corridors of the school.

Why couldn't they have just stuck it out for another year and then moved. That would have been better. She wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow for the last year and have no friends, and be like Cady Heron and sit in the bathroom eating her lunch.

The truth was she did want to move. It had its pro's and con's. She wanted to get away; it was a fresh start for her and her family. Nobody would have to know about what they had been through, they wouldn't have to go down the street and be looked at with sympathy looks. It would give them a clean slate.

They had gotten off the plane around a half hour ago and she was now sitting in the back seat of the black jeep. She lifted her legs and bent them under her, pointing them towards the window. Her deep chocolate orbs fixed out of the clear glass.

"Hey, come on. It's moving day" The enthusiastic female voice entered her ears and drew her from her thoughts. She turned her mocha eyes onto the female figure that was sitting next to her in the middle seat of the back row. Her dark brown hair was tightly tied up to the back of her head, her deep brown eyes that mirrored her own locked on her. She was blessed with a thin slender frame, the way they were all built. She wasn't that tall only a half an inch taller than herself. Her body was covered in a white vest and grey high wasted trousers with the vest tucked into it. That was her sister. Known as Cheryl Montez.

She was 27 and currently single. She had always been in different jobs but before they moved she had just graduated from college for the second time and had done a degree in psychology and she wanted to come to Alba whatever to look for a new career.

Gabriella Montez shrugged her shoulders loosely while looking into her sister's orbs. "Did you know that moving day is the second most stressful event that can happen in a person's life?"

An amused smile crossed her face while her lips parted for her to say something but she was interrupted by the driver her eldest sister Alyssa Green, married to Adam Green, Alyssa's almost black hair draped down to just below what Gabriella knew was her bra line, she could hear a laugh erupting from the back of her throat. "Way to put a downer on things Gabi"

Alyssa was 30 and married. She had been married to Dan Green 3 years and had they couldn't have been happier. They had a son Lucas and he was 2 now. Gabriella smiled at the thought of Alyssa's swollen stomach. The truth was that Alyssa was pregnant with her second child. She was 4 months pregnant and her bump was only slight. In San Francisco

Gabriella let the lazy smile dust over her features, through everything they always knew how to make her laugh. "So what's the first, since you're an expert huh?"

The other voice asked her from the back of the car. Gabriella turned her neck to look at her, she had deep green pea coloured eyes, she was different from the other two, her skin was pale, her hair was black and it was tied from her face. Phoebe Montez. Her thin eyebrows were raised as she looked at her sceptically. Her love heart shaped lips parted the little bit to speak but she was interrupted by the masculine voice sat in the passenger's seat.

"Living with 4 women, ain't that right buddy?" Her brother in law, Lucas Green coaxed while shifting in his seat and placing his hand on the 2 year olds knee that was sat next to Cheryl and squeezing it playfully.

Gabriella always thought what it was like for a man to live with 4 women, as her nephew, Lucas. Couldn't talk yet, but throughout Gabriella's life it had always been a female dominated house hold, and she didn't know what it would be like any other way. "You know Dan. You're treading on thin ice" Cheryl joked playfully.

"Yeah, honey. You're gonna be sleeping in the basement if you keep coming out with snide remarks like that" Alyssa played while Gabriella felt the car turn down a street, it was different already.

So much different than San Francisco where she had previously lived, everything was always so busy there and here, wherever here was, that she couldn't pronounce the name of. Alba something, the air was quiet, tranquil. She could imagine it was the place where the first thing on a morning you would be greeted by birds singing songs to one another rather than car horns and people cursing one another.

"So what's this town called anyways?" Gabriella asked, for what must have been the thirteenth time in that one day, at least.

"Albuquerque" The three females and the one male voice responded to her in unison and in what Gabriella could tell was annoyance that bled through their tones. A beam crossed her blemish free face. "Okay, I get it"

It wasn't that she disliked not living with her sister's. She could guarantee that girls her age who lived with both a mother and father would prefer to live with their sisters and they would find a mothered and fathered household boring. But Gabriella sometimes had to wonder to herself. What would happen if she did have a mom and a dad?

"Okay so this is our new street" The driver of the car spoke excitedly. Gabriella narrowed her chocolates on her. How could she be this excited about moving house? She wasn't excited. Well she was. She just wasn't looking forward to being a 'new girl'

The street was long. That was the only way to describe it. Really long. The houses were all similar. The gardens were big. There were trees on the sidewalk. They were browns, oranges and yellows because of the new result of it being the fall. The leaves were blissfully falling from the branches and sticking to the sidewalk and the pavement on the road.

Her eyes were looking at all of the houses, the ones on the right were on a hill and the ones on the left were on flat ground. What drew her attention the most was that the houses on the hill were different colours. Yellow, grey, blue. And then the car came to a halt.

"So this is home?" Alyssa questioned as she pulled up to the sidewalk in the jeep. It was at that moment that everybody in the car lunged themselves to the glass on the right hand side to look at their new home

Gabriella's jaw almost dropped to the floor in awe. It was beautiful.

There was a grey stone wall surrounding the edges of the garden. A gap for where the garden pathway was and then there was a long driveway that would fit all cars on, that were being brought on the next day. Then along the stone wall of the garden had plants, flowers tree's behind it.

The grass was the colour that healthy grass should be and it made Gabriella wonders if it was fake or not. It was radiating light. There were flowers all on the pathway leading to the door. Magenta colours, golden yellow colours. There were steps going all the way up the garden path and there it was.

She couldn't believe she was going to be living here.

The house was red and it was on 3 storeys, so she thought from the outside. The sun was beaming down on the house which made it look even more stunning. There were bay windows on the right hand side of the house and it looked old fashioned.

But comfortable at the same time.

Where did she used to live San Fran.....? What?

"Wow" The voice from behind her stunned through her ears. Gabriella turned her head to see Phoebe's jaw dropped in amazement like hers was previously.

There was a removal van parked at the side in the driveway and men were walking in and out of the open door's carrying their entire lives into the house.

"Alyssa come on. Come on. I want dibs on my room" Gabriella pounded on the driver's seat to urge Alyssa to drive into the driveway of their new home.

"I don't think so honey. We all know I get the biggest room" Cheryl pointed out and grabbed onto Gabriella's shoulder that was covered in a grey long tunic shirt, with chunky brown buttons on the sleeves.

She was close with all of her sisters and they had been through so much together, they had lost so many people as a family which obviously did give Gabriella her own trust issues. She could never bear if anything were to happen to any of them. Because she had no mother or father it made them all closer. Most people would bicker with their siblings but Gabriella didn't, of course there were little arguments say if Gabriella were to 'borrow' a coat or another item of clothing and accidently didn't put it back, of course there were bickers. Other little ones about who was going to take out the dishes or take out the garbage. But no major bitch fights.

None at all.

The midnight black jeep pulled to a halt on the driveway down the side of the house, and it seemed like a rat race, all of the individuals in the car darted from it and started to run in what was their new home.

She didn't even bother to grab her boots from the car and she could feel the piercing cold of the grass on her feet. As she was running past Phoebe she felt her thin arm dart out across Gabriella's chest as she was laughing uncontrollably, her legs buckled and she fell on the floor feeling the impact on her chest, after she had grabbed Phoebe's thin slender leg and she buckled to the floor and they both laid on their backs their chests matching pace heaving as the laughter was coming out in fits at that moment in time.

"Hey. Kids! Come on!"

Alyssa's assertive voice beckoned the two girls who were acting like 4 year olds. Alyssa had taken on the mother role of all of them. Since the evens that had happened in Gabriella's life she had to have a mother role.

From the corner of Gabriella's chocolate spheres she saw Phoebe lifting her legs up beneath her and rising to her feet, while the giggles were still erupting from the back of Gabriella's throat, Phoebe reached out her long muscular arm and Gabriella raised her eyebrows amusingly to silently ask if she was being serious and Phoebe responded with a slight nod of the head and a tight smirk creeping onto her face.

Gabriella reached out her olive tanned arm and latched onto Phoebe's hand, she felt a slight force lifting her from the ground that collided with her back, when she was half way in the air, and Phoebe raised her eyebrows amusingly. "Ah-ah" She let go of the hand she was holding and Gabriella felt her back collide with the hard ground again, a loud breathe escaping from her throat from the shock of the fall while loud laughs were ringing through her ears.

"Phoebe! Will you two quit being babies and come inside please" Gabriella lifted her legs up and stood up on her two feet and seeing Phoebe's tan face pout at hers.

"Coming Mom" Phoebe's amused feminine voice called to Alyssa who was stood on the path between the door and steps holding onto the pillar that connected the downstairs to the upstairs.


"Uh-oh Phoebes is in trouble" Gabriella cooed in a mocking tone before pouting in response at her sister.

Gabriella watched as Phoebe flash her perfectly straight teeth as her cheek muscles pulled making the grin even wider. "Come on sis"

Phoebe held out her arm bent offering for Gabriella's. She smiled and happily obliged.

"You know what Gabi? Phoebe grinned while her head perked in Gabriella's direction. Gabriella's eyebrows rose in a question of hearing what was about to be said. "I really think we're gonna be happy here"

Gabriella smiled coyly. Suddenly she had warmed to the idea of living in Albuquerque.

"I'm warming to it"

Hours had passed. Room's had been explored. Room's had been marked. Rooms had been changed. Furniture had been placed down and currently Gabriella was stationed in the kitchen. The walls were a bright but dim lemon colour, there was only one window in there but the light that came through that bounced from the lemon walls made it more inviting. Gabriella was holding a steamy cup of coffee, changed her clothes and was currently dressed in a cosy cream oversized dress jumper with bare legs.

"You ok?" Dan questioned as he took steps on the grey tiles on the floor towards Gabriella who was stood next to the window looking out at the scenery of her new neighbourhood. She had to admit that it was strange being in a new town. A new city! She had never been new before. But it was a good kind of strange right? It was intriguing.

"I'm okay. It's just weird" Gabriella admitted before turning around to look at Dan who was looking at her sceptically.

Most people would find it weird that Gabriella was so close to her brother in law. But he had been there for the family so much through the past 5 years, the 2 before being married to her sister and the three of being her brother in law. He was like her best friend. And she could trust him with her life. "What's weird?"

Gabriella ran her fingers through her raven curls as she sighed deeply. "This. The whole new house thing. The whole excitement of starting a new school tomorrow but also the fact that I'm actually terrified. I've never been new before. I was brought up in San Francisco in the same house. In the same neighbourhood that I could walk around blindfolded. With friends that I had to say goodbye to. And now I have to make new ones"

She watched as Dan's deep blue eyes narrowed as she could tell he was taking in what she had just said. That was the thing with Dan. No matter what the problem, he would always know the right thing to say that would make everything feel better. "Maybe it's a good thing you're new. That we're all new. You're gonna be starting a new school with nobody knowing a thing about you. That's a good thing. You can be whoever you want to be. The person you weren't in your previous high school. It's a clean slate. Use it to your advantage Gabriella. You're a smart girl. You'll figure it out"

Gabriella closed her eyes blissfully and inhaled deeply. "You're right. Thanks Dan"

She focused back out into the light outside and the sun was slowly setting and hugging the cup to her tighter.

"So what about school. You've got to be a little tiny bit excited?" Dan mocked as he pointed his index fingers and pressed them into Gabriella's flat stomach, causing a laugh to originate from the back of her throat.

"Excited?" She let out in a deep breath. "Like I said, terrified"

The idea of a new school did excite her a little but she wasn't going to admit that. The fear overwrote it in a heartbeat. "What scares you about it?"

A sarcastic laugh escaped from her mouth as her eyebrows rose in amusement. "Let's try what doesn't scare me about it. The list would be so much shorter"

Dan was about to open his mouth to say something to the raven haired beauty who was standing beside the window when a loud ding-dong rang throughout her ears, her coffee eyes connected with her brother in laws and the pair of their eyebrows furrowed in confusion. People were coming to their house when they had been living in it literally around 5 hours?

"What?" Gabriella muttered to herself.

"Gabriella? Dan?" The voice echoed throughout the kitchen walls which Gabriella knew automatically was the eldest of the Montez family. "We have visitors"

"Visitors?" Dan's tenor voice questioned before taking the lead out of the kitchen.

Gabriella's footsteps made minute sounds on the tiling, she followed Dan out of the pale yellow door and through the corridor that lead to the foyer, and her feet connected with the sandy wooden floor what lead to the front door, and there was a dark ring of an oak shade of wood accompanied in the middle by the same shade of sandy wooden floor, the cold connecting with her skin and running throughout her body.

And there adjacent to the brown oak doors that were accompanied by two glass panes of stained glass windows with orange blue green and yellow rectangle with the clear glass in the middle. Stood 3 people. A man, a woman, and a girl. The girl looked around Gabriella's age. They all had chocolate skin. The young girl's hair was bobbed and ended just below her chin; she had an inviting smile on her face which was a warm as she looked at Gabriella.

"We're sorry about the mess. As you can see we haven't had a chance to clean up yet Gabriella, Dan. These are our new neighbours" Alyssa apologized referencing to the boxes and bubble wrap that was scattered on the floor.

Alyssa was a neat freak. Complete neat freak. She had to have a clutter free house, no mess at all and Gabriella knew it would be driving her crazy at that moment in time that guests were in the house and the first impression they would be getting of their new house was that it was messy.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it" The man explained. He was a tall man. Around 6ft. He had an oval shaped head which had short black hair with a tone of grey highlighted in the strands. He was a thin man, he had extremely dark brown eyes, almost black but Gabriella could see the highlights of the brown hidden in there. He had a gap in between his two front teeth.

If Gabriella had to pinpoint who he looked like she would say he resembled Samuel L. Jackson.

The woman stood next to him who Gabriella assumed was his wife. Was shorter than the Samuel L Jackson lookalike. She stood to his shoulder height or maybe shorter. Her hair was long, and it was slightly curled at the ends. She also had brown eyes but they were much lighter than her suspected husband.

And what looked like their daughter. Gabriella could see that she was a pretty girl. She was thin, and she looked smart. She was dressed in a black pencil skirt, accompanied with a white vest and a black cardigan that draped over her shoulders.

"This is my husband Dan, and my youngest sister Gabriella" Alyssa introduced. "Gabriella sweetie. Mr Mckessie was just telling me that you're starting the same school that his daughter goes to so at least you'll know somebody"

If she wanted to be friends with her that was.

"Hi. I'm Taylor" The girl reached out her long arm to connect with Gabriella's in a civilized handshake causing Gabriella to break into a grin at the girl stood in front of her.

"Gabriella" She smiled.

"Gab? Why don't you take Taylor into the living room? You can talk about school" Dan propositioned to her. Gabriella solemnly nodded her head and walked into the living room Taylor's footsteps echoing behind her own.

"So Does it such starting a new school as a senior?" Taylor asked her to break the ice between the two.

Of course it did! Gabriella loosely shrugged her shoulders while sitting down on the couch that had just been put down not so long before. "Yeah, definitely. I mean new classes, new teachers. New people. Just the whole concept of being new scares the living daylights out of me"

Taylor smiled a tight smile at Gabriella before matching her and sitting down on the material on the beige couch. "I get that. But if you want. You can hang out with me and my friends tomorrow. So you can check the new friend's thing off of your list"

Gabriella took a drink from the mug she was holding, feeling the steamy liquid burn the back of her throat all the way down to her stomach. "You sure?" Taylor nodded rapidly. "Thanks"

Now she was sure of one thing. If people were going to be as nice as Taylor Mckessie then she was sure she was going to end up happy.

Little did she know that senior year would ultimately be the best year of her life.

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