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Catch Me When I Fall
Chapter One
by Special Agent Starr

Parking her hearse in her usual spot, she turned the key and allowed the engine to die. Rummaging around in her purse, she found a bottle of aspirin and popped two of pills in the back of her throat, swallowing them dry. They were definitely going to be a necessity if she was going to make it through today. She was sore, stiff, and in a good amount of pain and after what had taken place last night that was completely understandable.


She was sitting on James' sofa watching television, waiting for him to come home. He said that he was going out for a few drinks with his friends, which he did occasionally when they'd first started dating, but now it had become a more frequent occurrence as time went on. She used to go out with them, but had gotten tired of their overly obnoxious behavior after awhile and stopped going.

She had learned over the months he had a tendency to get a bit aggressive when he drank, but it had usually just resulted in him coming home and the two of them engaging in heated arguments.

Once he slept and sobered up, however, then he would morph back into the man she was beginning to fall in love with. The one who loved her, complimented her in all the right ways, and showered her with just the right amount of affection.

She had no idea how this man seemed to fit the equation perfectly with her but if it meant having to put up with a couple angry outbursts every now and then to keep him around, she'd deal with it. At least that's what she thought.

It was getting late. She had just fallen into a light sleep on the couch when the door opened and shut with a force that could have cracked the wood. Startled by the noise, her eyes shot open just in time to see James storming toward her. She was about to ask him what was going on when he grabbed her by the throat, dragged her off the couch, and slammed her up against a wall.

"Where have you been?!" James spat in anger.

With the vice grip he had around her neck and the chocking odor of alcohol on his breath, it was impossible for her to speak.

He slapped her across the face for her delay in response. "I SAID WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!"

The volume of his voice was deafening and her check was siring in pain, but when he released his hold on her throat, only to move it to her wrists as he pinned them against the wall, she answered him.

"I've been… here… waiting… for you… to come home." She gasped out, half for breath half from the pain of the crushing grip on her wrists.

His hands moved again, only this time, one covered her mouth while the other disappeared into his pocket.

"Are you sure you haven't been running around whoring up the neighborhood? Because you know, with these skirts you wear you would certainly get that idea." He took out a pocketknife and pressed it to the tender skin of her thigh.

Her eyes widened as she felt the blade against her flesh, she tired to shake her head but with him pressuring her head against the wall it was barely noticeable.

"That's good, that's a very good thing baby." His expression seemed to soften a bit.

For a minute she had hope that he was going back to his normal self, that he would let her go soon.

Then she felt the knife slash into her skin causing her to scream into his palm and tears leak from her eyes.

"If I EVER see you wearing these things again, this is what will happen every time. Is that understood?" his glare was icy.

She nodded and he stood back, letting her drop to the floor.

"Oh! And if even think about leaving me or telling anyone about this, I'll personally see to it that everyone you love dies, except for me of course, before I kill you myself."

With those final words he kicked her in the side, watching her arch in pain, and then stomped his way to the bedroom.


The memory made the bruises on her neck, wrists, face, side, and the pinky finger sized gash in her thigh throb. The cut wasn't too deep but it was deep enough that it required more than a couple Band-Aids. She'd done her best to conceal the marks on her face with makeup. To mask her other wounds she wore a long sleeved shirt, pants, and a thick collar around her neck. For back up she wore sunglasses, so her eyes wouldn't give her away.

As soon as she stepped out of her car she was going to have to force herself to be "normal" Abby whether she wanted to or not. She would have to keep her distance from the team, especially Gibbs, but still be as interactive as she usual was with them so they didn't get suspicious themselves. It was going to be difficult but she had to keep in mind James' threat, whether it was just the alcohol talking or not, she wasn't taking any chances. They couldn't find out anything about what had happened.

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

Before the doors opened leading to the bullpen, she inhaled deeply and let it out slowly, leaving her personal problems to linger in the elevator. They could be picked up again when she went down to her lab. Right now, she needed to greet her beloved team.

As she exited, she noticed that Gibbs was nowhere in sight. She was let out a silent prayer of thanks. Though this was the sneaky Silver Haired Fox, he could be standing right behind her for all she knew, but she had a hunch he'd be in MTAC or talking with the Director in his office.

Her eye's fell upon her Three Musketeers, she wasn't going to have to fake being happy to see them because she was. Perhaps more so today after her not so great weekend.

'This shouldn't be too hard.' She assured herself.

"Good morning guys!" she chirped as she carefully bounced her way to them.

"Good morning Abby. You look… warm today." Ziva commented her attire on the fairly warm Monday morning.

"What's with the glasses?" McGee questioned.

"Hey Abs, where were you last night? We tired to get a hold of you but you didn't answer your cell. We all went out to a midnight showing of Paul Blart: Mall Cop." Tony informed.

Maybe this wasn't going to be a piece of cake after all. She hadn't even been there a minute and was already feeling like she was being interrogated.

She kept her cool, "Geez guys, one at a time! Okay first, I had an eye exam this morning and you know how cold doctors' offices can be when you're waiting, so I came prepared. Second, my eyes are still pretty sensitive from the exam so I'm trying to block out as much light as possible. Third, I was spending time with my boyfriend this weekend."

Two of the three pairs of eyes turned quizzical. The other pair disappeared as their owner made his way back to his desk.

"Oh really," Tony pried, "and was it worth missing out on the movie?" he wiggled his eyebrows.

'Oh yeah Tony. I would much rather stay cooped up in a house and get smacked around than go out with my friends and see a funny movie!' she thought sarcastically.

"You should really get that brow thing checked out DiNozzo. You going to be okay to work Abs?" Gibbs said coming down the staircase.

"Yeah Gibbs, why wouldn't I be?" she hid her nervousness.

"Because of your eyes?" he clarified, stopping in front of her.

"Oh right, of course Boss-man. Wouldn't be here if I was going to be of no assistance." She smiled at him.

He returned the smile and then headed toward his desk for his gear. "Good because we're gonna need ya."

He lightly pecked her check as he made his way to the elevator.

She mentally thanked him for the kiss and for getting her out of answering Tony's last question, and traveled to her lab.

In the meantime, the rest of Team Gibbs assumed they were to follow suit as their boss, and gathered their gear.

"Does anyone know what Abby was really doing over the weekend?" Ziva wondered to her two partners.

"Um… she said she was with her boyfriend, Zi-va!" Tony repeated. "Who knows what they could have been…"

Ziva cut his words short, "Yes I know that Tony. That part I believe but she did not have an eye exam this morning."

Both the men paused and shrugged before they all dashed to catch the elevator.

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

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