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Catch Me When I Fall
Chapter Six
by Special Agent Starr

Gibbs, Ducky, Tony, Ziva, and Jimmy Palmer all sat in a line of uncomfortable chairs against a wall of the hospital. Some of them watched Tim pace back and forth, and back and forth, in front of them. Others had grown tired of the spectacle. They could tell by his demeanor that he blamed himself for what had happened, but they'd talk to him about that later. Right now, all six of them were impatiently waiting for any news from Abby's doctor.

'I should have never gone back up to my desk. I could have worked on the case just as easily down in her lab. I should have kept my eye on her.'

Amidst Tim's mental scolding, a medical professional entered the lobby.

"Anyone for Abigail Sc-?"

He hadn't even finished her last name and McGee was at his side, his eyes eager for information. He then noticed five other figures swarm around him all with similar expressions on their faces. Watching the man who approached him first step back and allow a man with salt and pepper colored hair to take the lead, he decided to begin, until he saw a familiar face.

"Hello Dr. Mallard, it's a pleasure to see you again, not necessarily under these circumstances…"

"Yes, yes, it's good to see you as well Dr. Freeman. Now do tell us Abigail's condition." For once in his life Ducky cut someone short of a speech.

Dr. Freeman looked down at his charts, "Well Ms. Sciuto unfortunately is still in a comatose state. From what we can tell there has been no brain damage. Of course we won't be able to know for sure if she is in any pain until she wakes. She suffered a Grade III concussion…"

"Are you using the American Academy of Neurology guidelines or the system developed by Robert Cantu?" Ducky cut in.

"We go by Cantu's guidelines." The doctor clarified.

Duck only nodded in understanding.

Dr. Freeman continued, "Seeing as she is in stable condition, I will allow you to go in to visit with her. Perhaps you can convince her to come back to us. Between you and me, it seems as though she doesn't want to wake up. Like she's afraid of something…"

"This sounds familiar, doesn't it Boss?" Tony recalled the time's Gibbs had gone into a coma and had no desire to come back, only he wasn't necessarily afraid.

Gibbs looked to Tim, "You go first, then Ducky and me, then DiNozzo, David, and Jimmy."

"No Boss, you and Ducky go ahead. I'll go in last."

"Tim…" Gibbs started to protest.

"Look Gibbs, if anyone can convince her to wake up, it's you."

Gibbs stared at the younger, stubborn agent who made no attempt to move toward the doctor. He had been trained well and was a damn good field agent. A damn good person too, one Gibbs had no shame in calling a friend or even a son. He was proud of him.

'Thank you for being there for her when I couldn't' Gibbs said through his eyes.

He didn't wait for a response of any kind as he turned to follow the doctor who had been nervously waiting on the sidelines.


"Right behind you Jethro."

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

An eerie feeling washed over the both of them when they entered the room. It was so white, so bland, and so quiet. Definitely not attributes they applied with Abby. But there she was, looking as pale as the sheet she was covered with, lying motionless.

Gibbs occupied one side of the bed, Ducky the other. Jethro took hold of her hand, while Ducky brushed the bangs away from her forehead.

"Hello Abigail darling." He greeted, hoping he might get a response. No such luck.

It was Jethro's turn to try, "Abby, come on, get up. I've already lost one daughter, I can't handle losing another."

It was true. Not that he thought Abs would die, but he knew she would be afraid of facing him. So as long as she could stay hidden in the darkness of the coma she would, so he tired the guilt card, knowing Abby was just as stubborn as he himself.

There was still no answer as he rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb.

After a few minutes he heard a sigh, he looked to Ducky, but found his gaze still locked on Abby's sleeping form. He hadn't done it.

"For the record, that last little fiasco, I was only trying to help." A weak, groggy voice spoke.

"Abigail how long have you been awake?" Ducky questioned.

"Right when, I'm guessing, they went to talk to you guys. I tried to say something but they obviously didn't hear me, might have been because of this." She held up the breathing tube that had been down her throat.

"Abby!" Ducky said disapproving to the fact that she had taken the tube out herself.

"I couldn't help it… do you know how annoying that this is?" Her voice gaining back a little bit of strength.

He couldn't help but smile just a bit at her expression.

"I shall go inform Dr. Freeman you are conscious."

"Aw Duckman… do you have too? They've been hounding over me for hours, really cramping my style…"

"Procrastination got you into this mess Abigail. There are procedures to be run to assure that you are alright. So yes, I must see to it that you are." He said before kissing her forehead and leaving.

She watched him leave and then looked to Gibbs. She knew he was about to ask her if she was in any pain. Placing her hand in the air she stopped him.

"I know how you feel about this Gibbs, but if ever there was a time to say it, it's now. I'm sorry. I'm just sick and tired of not being able to find someone, someone descent. But it's like I always get blind by the wrong kind of love, ya know? Then when I found out he didn't fit that bill either, I got fed up and decided I was going to stick it out come hell or high water. But then when he started the threats, everything changed and had to protect all of y…" she was becoming out of breath.

Gibbs put his hand on her shoulder, telling her to stop.

"I can understand why you did what you did Abs. But if you ever do it again…"

There was no need for him to finish that, she nodded in agreement that she wouldn't. And this time she meant it, no matter what.

She stood and gave her a parting kiss on the cheek.

"I love you Abs. Don't you ever think otherwise. We all do. You'll never be a burden to us. Bullheaded, foolish at times, yes. But we'll always be here when you need us." he reminded her. "And maybe you should start opening your eyes to the right kind."

Just then the doctor and Ducky returned, not giving the opportunity for her to have him elaborate on that, but she had a feeling she knew what "kind" he was referring to.

As the doctor checked her over, she began to laugh lightly.

"Is there something you find humorous Abigail?"

"It's nothing Ducky; I just thought I'd be in for a reaming from Gibbs, instead I get a nice, reassuring Gibbs. He didn't run off to Mexico while I was out, did he?"She smiled.

"Oh you're going to get it. I can reassure you that. I'm just waiting until you can handle it." He referred to her physical state.

The 'SO not looking forward to that' face she gave him caused him to smirk as he left the room.

Dr. Freeman and Dr. Mallard both confirmed that she was A-OK so far, and Dr. Freeman left, Ducky wouldn't be far behind. He just had a few last words.

"Now Abby, I must insist that after you are rested that we set you up for counseling. Now that we are taking care of the physical, we must make sure the mental is also in balance… I wouldn't worry about Jethro too much either. You are his favorite after all." He said with a wink before making his way to the exit.

----- x ----- x ----- x -----

Up next, Tony, Ziva and Jimmy paid their visit.

"Hey Sis, how ya doing?" Tony came up to the bedside.

"I've got a killer headache, that's for sure!" She tired to keep the conversation casual, while becoming aware of her discomforts.

Ziva traveled around to the other side. "You should have never gone in there by yourself Abby."

"I know Ziva, but in my defense, I thought he was handcuffed. I mean who sits with there hands behind their back like that?" Her face turned quizzical.

Then her eyes focused on something abnormal she had spotted.

"Congratulations Jimmy! When are you due?" looking at the bulge in his shirt.

His brows knitted in confusion as he looked down at himself, then he remembered.

"Oh! This is for you!" he pulled the Caf-Pow out from under his clothing and handed it to her.

"We figured if Boss couldn't get you to wake up, this might. We had to hide it though; don't think your doc would be too approving." Tony said with a grin as her eyes lit up.

She quickly began sipping away at the liquid.

"I should have handcuffed him Abs…" Tony confessed, "But then again I didn't think you'd be stupid enough to… Abs… Abby?"

"Tony, get the trashcan!" Ziva commanded as she pulled Abby's hair back.

DiNozzo had made it just in time for her to empty the contents of her nearly already empty stomach.

"Guess that Caf-Pow wasn't such a good idea just yet. Thank you Ziva." Thanking her for both holding her hair back and the water she'd offered her to rinse out the aftertaste.

"Actually Abby nausea is common with concussions and I'm sure with the medicine they've got you-"

He was cut off by Tony, who shoved the trashcan toward him, letting him take care of it. "Thank you Dr. Palmer."

"Thanks Jimmy." Abby said with more meaning as she watched him leave.

"Well I guess we should let Probie see you, so then you can get some rest. I can tell you how idiotic you were later. Love you Abs." Tony kissed her forehead.

Ziva spoke the equivalent in Hebrew and wrapped her arms gently around Abby and she squeezed back.

Tony turned in the doorway, "Oh and Abs if you ever try and pull something like that again-"

"Yeah, yeah I know Gibbs Jr." Abby said playfully but still took it to heart.

"That goes for me too." Ziva shook her finger at her.

----- x ---- x ----- x -----

Tim walked slowly and quietly through the door.

"It's okay Timmy, I'm not asleep…" she yawned "yet."

Still he hesitated as he approached her side.

"I'm sorry Abby…" he began.

She didn't give him the chance to continue, "Take it back McGee! None of this is your fault. You're the one who saved me. If it weren't for you I'd probably be dead right now!"

He noticed the monitor's show that her blood pressure was increasing.

"Okay Abby, okay. I'm not sorry. Just calm down." He grabbed hold of her hand.

"Well I'm sorry Tim, but if any should be saying I'm sorry it's me. I'm sorry…. Wow that's a lot of sorry." She realized.

He nodded.

Looking him over, she commented. "You look like hell Timmy. Come here."

She patted the clear area of the bed beside her as she scooted over a little, making more room. Knowing she most likely looked no better, but he hadn't slept in quite awhile.

"I don't think that's such a good idea Abs..." he declined the offer.

She purposefully thought of things to make angry so the readings on the machine would go up again.

He frowned, "Isn't that some form of blackmail?"

"How does it feel?" she smirked as he maneuvered his way onto the bed, careful not to lay on anything important.

As he settled in, he heard the machine start to pulse quickly again.

"Abs I'm here… you can stop now." He said with a sigh.

"You guys did get him, right?" her voice was panicked, how could she have not asked that first off?

He tried to sooth her by running his fingers through her hair, "Yeah Abs we got him. It's all going to be okay now."

She was visibly relieved, like a weight had been lift from her. "What happened?"

"Well we made sure you were taken care of first, Ducky and Jimmy rode in with you in the ambulance. The rest of us weren't far behind; we just had to take care of some business first." He said with a devilish grin.

"And?" she was anxious for more. Whenever McGee got that look, she knew it had to be something good.

"Gibbs made sure Vance wasn't lurking around anywhere trying to see what was going on, and then he closed the door. He gave us each one bullet with instructions not to make them fatal because he does have four life sentences to serve now. So we each took our shots, unfortunately, we had to get up close to him so that we could muffle the sound. But it was satisfy none the less. Ziva and Tony both took a shoulder; Gibbs blew out both knee caps somehow he "miscounted"; and I shot him right in the-"

"Timmy!!" she would have been appalled by the cruel and unusual punishment; if she didn't know the bastard deserved it.

All McGee could do was smile.

"I owe you guy's big time, especially you Tim. Thank you."

"Just doing what I had to Abs."

"No you didn't have to…"

"Yes I did, because I love you… and do I have to clarify that by spelling it out for you? A-B-I-G-A-"

She cut him off with a playful hit in the arm. "I know. I love you too. I love all of you. All that stuff in the car-"

"I know Abs." He knew she didn't mean it.

She let out another yawn, "Except for the direction thing."

"Wow, someone definitely doesn't have amnesia." He was surprised at her memory of the specific detail.

She recalled what Ducky had told her. "Speaking of… Ducky says I need to go to therapy... would you come with me?"

"Yep." He replied certainly.

"You're too good to me." Wrapping herself up in his arms, the exhaustion getting to her.

"Well it's kind of like trust-falls Abby. When you get into trouble, I'll let you fall. But I'll always catch you before you hit the floor. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that."

As she snuggled against him, he felt his own fatigue begin to take control.

"Reminded me when we wake up, you're up to two kisses and a hug." She smiled warmly.

"Just don't ever do anything…"

"Yeah yeah yeah, anything like this again. I got it." She confirmed drowsily.

It was his turn to yawn and he kissed her temple before closing his eyes.

"Oh and Abs? The little incident in the interrogation room after you left, "never happened" and if Vance should find out anything then James was "resisting arrest"."

He didn't see her zip, lock, and throw away the key to her lips before allowing sleep to consume her.

­----- x ----- x ----- x -----

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