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Warning: This story contains major mature content. If you don't like, don't read.



Not a Soul

Chapter 1


Lips crashed, hands raked over bodies, tongues pressed together. They couldn't say that this didn't happen often, because it did. Days when Renesmee demanded too much attention and when Sam took his Alpha authority a little too seriously, they'd meet. In the beginning, it was just a way to relieve tension, but after their third meeting it became more.

First, it was just kissing. They ran to each other in the woods and talked, really talked. And then all of a sudden their lips were on crashed against each others. Neither knew who started it, but neither could bring themselves to end it.

Then it was touching. Hands started roaming, stroking forbidden places. It led to sounds. A lot of them. Moans, hisses, groans, chuckles, and even sometimes, screams.

The fucking came last. It was awkward at first for the two to know that they had lost their virginity to each other, another male. But neither could get enough. Of course, it hurt like hell. The barriers they had to push through were tight, but in the end they succeeded.

Neither ever said a word to anyone about it. Both always kept their thoughts secretive in wolf form, making sure no one ever found out.

So of course it would be a bit of a shock to Miss Leah Clearwater to find her Alpha and her old pack mate in a very heavy make out session, hands groping places they shouldn't have been. There she was, just trying to get away from Sue and Chief Swan's constant flirting, and she found a completely different show. She couldn't help but to admit that the sight made her slightly hotter than usual. She knew she had to leave without being caught or there'd be an unavoidable extremely awkward conversation.

She took a step back, a huge mistake. Her foot met with a twig, which snapped in half from the contact. The two boys in front of her jumped apart after hearing the sudden noise. Their heads snapped her way and their dark eyes narrowed on the only female werewolf. Leah's eyes were wide, her body stiff. The two boys glanced at each other. Jacob nodded as if he knew Embry's thoughts. Get her.

As Leah took another step back, the men strode forward, too fast for the older girl to comprehend. Jacob behind and Embry in front, they both pressed their half naked bodies against hers. A gasp coming from Leah was cut off by Embry's lips. She struggled between the two. Both boys knew this was the only option. If she got involved, she couldn't tell anyone about it.

The Alpha put his lips to her ear. "Shh, Beta. You've walked into your own trap." Leah struggled more, trying to break free. She was unsuccessful as the two were much stronger than her.

"Quit being difficult." It was an order.

Jacob raised a big, callused hand and pushed her shirt strap off of one shoulder. Not a second later, his lips were attached to her skin. Leah's body went rigid. The men simultaneously pressed themselves closer to her incase she tried to escape again. Embry's hand went to her jaw, pulling it down and opening her mouth to him. His tongue intruded, brushing against her own tongue. Finally reacting, Leah couldn't fight it. An order was an order. Though, she felt like a huge pedophile, she kept reminding herself that both looked older than her. She kissed Embry back, her tongue tangling with his. Jacob's hands went to the bottom of Leah's loose shirt and lifted it slowly over her head. Both males were surprised that she wore no bra, bringing a small smirk to her lips. Large hands were suddenly were covering her full breasts, the forefinger and thumb rolling the sensitive nipples. A low moan escaped Leah's mouth. Jacob's fingers moved the opposite reaction as an experiment. A louder moan sounded. A smirk formed along Jacob's lips. He had found a weakness.

Embry's eyes focused on Jacob's hands. He licked his lips. Jacob pressed on last kiss to the female's shoulder before withdrawing his body from hers. Leah's legs gave out from under her. Embry caught her and laid her gently on the ground.

As he stood, Jacob appeared behind him, his hands jerking down on Embry's cutoffs. They slid off easily. Jacob's followed. The two fell to the ground, next to a heavily aware Leah. Jacob moved above her, his lips attaching to hers. She tasted of cinnamon, something exotic. His lips slipped off of hers and down her body. They passed between her breasts and her stomach, which she clenched from the sensation. His lips stopped just above her cotton shorts. His hands slid them down her long, toned legs quickly, along with her black lace panties. A moment passed as the male werewolves took in the she-wolf's aroused scent. Their members twitched between their legs.

Embry lifted Leah's upper half onto his lap, his hand tangling in her black hair, stroking it softly. Jacob nudged her legs apart and without warning, brought his mouth down on her wetness. His tongue whipped out, lapping at her clit, teasing the sensitive little nub. She cried out, her nails digging into the ground below her. Jacob chuckled darkly against her womanhood. His hand reached up and slipped a finger inside her slick opening. Her back arched, pushing her back into Embry who whispered dirty things in her ear.

Jacob added another finger, watching her squirm with lust filled eyes. His fingers pumped in and out of her steadily. Just as she was at the brink of release, he pulled his fingers out. She groaned in protest, but immediately stopped it when Jacob shifted so his hardness was pressed was pressed against her center. His eyes connected with her as he pushed himself inside of her. Her eyes fluttered close. There was so much of him.

"God, you're tight." Jacob muttered through clenched teeth. Of course, she wasn't a virgin. Sam had already taken care of that back when the two were in high school. But not getting any for a few years certainly made someone as tight as one.

Jacob move inside her, slowly at first and then faster as her hips rocked against his to meet his thrusts. Sounds filled the air—Leah's moans, Jacob's swearing, and Embry's dirty talk in Leah's ear.

Suddenly, Jacob stopped his movements. Leah's eyes snapped open, but he wasn't looking at her. His gaze was on his best friend. He bit his lips and slid out of her, deciding to share with Embry. He turned the girl over onto her knees and traded spots with Embry, whose cock slid against her pussy teasingly.

Jacob grabbed Leah's face and pulled it up to look at him. He examined her. She truly was a beautiful girl, especially in the moonlight. Her skin, which was a little lighter than his russet colored, was flawless and her brown eyes were piercing. Her full lips, swollen from kissing, were pulled into a small pout. He knew she hated being vulnerable, like she was at that moment. Hell, they all knew it. And to him, that fact alone made what they were doing all the better.

Without another thought, he guided her head to his erect member, lifting it to her lips. She licked her lips, glaring up at him, before taking him all into her mouth. She sucked softly, causing him to let out a small growl. His hand wrapped in her hair and moved her head back and forth on him. She didn't gag. He was impressed, especially with how big he was.

Embry, done with his teasing, plunged himself deep into her tight sheath from behind. A low rumbling came from the back of Leah's throat, creating all the more pleasure for Jacob. Embry increased his speed. The air was filed with the cries and moans from the three.

"Oh fuck!" Came from Jacob, whose hips moved faster. He climaxed and shot his load into Leah's mouth. She swallowed it greedily and he pulled out. He stayed on his knees, stroking her face as Embry pounded into her.

She cried out seconds later, her muscles constricting around him as she came hard. Her juices dripped down, strong enough for the men to smell and savor.

"Shit." Embry hissed, pounding harder. He threw his head back in pleasure and Jacob knew was about to come. A thought suddenly hit him. He remembered that Leah was a female and even though she believed that she was infertile, he didn't. Embry couldn't come inside her. Pregnancy was not something anyone wanted to deal with.

Jacob rushed behind Embry and gripped his hips, pulling his out of Leah. He immediately wrapped his hand around the thick member, pumping fast. Embry gripped Jacob's shoulders and groaned, spilling his semen onto Jacob's hand. Jacob stopped pumping when all the liquid was drained and cleaned it off with his tongue.

He kissed Embry tenderly and the two collapsed next to Leah, spent. The girl was in the middle once again. She rolled over and rested her head on Jacob's chest. Embry wrapped an arm around her naked torso, pressing his chest to her side.

The three drifted off to sleep with an unspoken agreement.

Tell no one. Not a soul.