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Not a Soul

Chapter 8

Leah was being pulled and prodded, tugged and moved all over. She decided that she hated women. All of them. Especially the stupid bitches that were currently doing her dress fitting. Emily, Kim, Rachel, and her mother sat in chairs surrounding the platform Leah was standing on in front of giant mirrors as the dress fitters fussed over her. And she was wearing the stupid, fucking pink dress. The she wolf suppressed a groan as her dark hair was suddenly pulled up into a little up do by a small, little Mexican woman. She really didn't want to snap at her. She seemed nice enough, though she was pulling her hair just a bit too hard.

The door to the small wedding shop opened, a bell ringing as it did, and Leah looked into the mirror to see who had walked in behind her.

"Auntie LEEE!" a little voice squealed and Leah was suddenly ambushed by a tiny little force tugging at her dress. The woman around her all immediately started scolding the little girl for ruining the work the woman had just done to the awful pink dress, but a growl from the female wolf shut them all up. She reached down and swooped the girl up in her arms.

"Hey there, Claire Bear." She said, smiling slightly, tickling the little girl's stomach. Claire giggled and beamed up at her.

"You wook pwetty, Auntie Lee." The girl said bluntly, putting her chubby little hand up to Leah's cheek.

"Thanks, pretty girl." Leah replied, moving her head around so her mouth was to the toddler's hand. She blew a raspberry, sending Claire into another round of giggles.

A deep chuckle made Leah look up. Embry, Jacob, and Quil stood in the doorway. Quil watched Claire laughing adoringly, his face smiling widely at the baby girl. Embry's amused eyes locked on hers and she rolled her own eyes as the woman fussed again around her, trying to work around the little girl in Leah's arms. Emily quickly came up and took Claire from Leah's arms, giving her cousin a disapproving look. Leah held back a snort and turned back to the mirror, letting the woman finish her fitting. She was well aware of a stare on her as she stood there, but kept her eyes straight ahead.

When they were done, Leah moved to the dressing rooms, brushing between her Alpha and Embry on the way. She heard their short in-takes of breath and smirked, moving around a corner and to the big dressing room. She reached behind her and quickly unzipped the dress, letting it fall to the ground. She left it there, knowing it would infuriate her mother.

A soft click and a latching noise made her freeze. She looked up into the mirror on the wall she was facing and saw Jacob standing behind her. His lips were lifted in a shit-eating grin as he walked toward her, almost predatorily. Leah stood still in her black panties and bare-chested, watching Jake carefully. He cleared his throat and pressed against her, gripping her hips roughly.

"Lee." He muttered huskily and moved one of his hands up to her breast, tweaking the nipple softly before cupping the whole thing. "I get you to myself. We flipped on who got you right now. Embry's distracting everyone. They think I'm in the bathroom."

Leah cocked her head to the side, looking at him through the mirror still. "And what if I don't want you right now?" she almost whispered, licking her lips.

"Too bad." He growled and brought his hands quickly down to hers before lifting them up and pressing them palm against the mirror. He used his body to press hers against the mirror also. Leah hissed as her warm flesh touched the cold surface. She felt her nipples harden and she pushed back into Jacob.

Her Alpha chuckled almost darkly and released her right hand for only a few split seconds to unzip his pants, pull his erect cock out, cover it with a rubber, and move her panties aside before he moved his hand back over hers against the mirror. In one swift motion, he plunged straight into her core to the hilt, making her groan out loudly. He moved both of her hands to one of his, holding them firmly above her head while moving his free hand around up and to her mouth, covering it lightly.

Then he started thrusting, over and over again, never breaking his rhythm and hitting her sweet spot each time. His hand muffled her pleasured noises and he went faster and harder into her heat, making her face press against the mirror each time he moved into her.

He felt her walls tighten around him just seconds before a muffled scream left her lips and her nails clawed at the hand restraining them. He moved his head forward and pressed a small kiss to her neck and came seconds later. A moment later, he stopped his movements and felt Leah fall slack against him. He let go of her hands and pulled her straight up and into him. His hand moved down to her pussy and ran along the lips, catching the dripping wetness there. He brought it up to his mouth and tasted her tangy juices before turning her head toward his and giving her a long, wet kiss.

She whimpered as he pulled away and ripped off the condom, throwing it into the small, stylish trashcan in the corner of the dressing room. He zipped his pants back up and kissed her lips one more time before silently slipping from the room.

Leah fell to the ground and laughed shakily, realizing that the two had just fucked standing on her bridesmaid dress for her exboyfriend and cousin's wedding.

Most people thought Leah Clearwater was a right bitch. In all actuality though, Leah was the victim in a very fucked up situation. These people just chose to not listen to her side of the story. It never really bothered the girl after awhile, though. After she chose to stick her middle fingers in the air and scream 'fuck the world!' for all to hear every time something went wrong. It was great therapy. Really.

The position the she wolf was in right now wasn't a fucked one, well not really. An outsider who had no idea of the situation would have called it fucked, but Leah rather liked it. She enjoyed the hard bodies trapping her between them and the slight heat she felt from both. The snores emitting from both said bodies was only a little annoying, but Leah was still in post orgasmic bliss from the night before, so she barely noticed the noise. The morning boners pushing against her stomach and back also added to her enjoyment and helped her forget that a wedding would be taking place in a few hours. Her eyes stayed shut as she relived the night before.

Embry and Jacob had been fighting. And not just arguing, but all out punching, screaming, bloody fighting in human form. It was such a turn on to the sly female wolf that she let it go on just for a bit. She watched the blood bath from the giant boulder she was sitting on in the middle of the clearing. The same clearing that the three had started their little affair in for the first time and a few times after that. Since Jacob was an Alpha, most wolves in the other packs would have thought he would have kicked the other wolf's ass in no time. Embry was really holding his own, though. Leah was secretly rooting for him.

As soon as Jacob finally used his Alpha strength to pin Embry, Leah thought it was best she butt in on the little argument. She hadn't known what had caused the best friends to fight, but she was sure it wasn't something of that great of importance. The pack boys always fought. Whether it be in wolf or human form, they did, and over stupid shit, too.

The two wolves stared at each other, nostrils flaring and hair going every which way. Jacob's big hands held Embry's also big hands down against the grass and dirt on the floor of the clearing. One of his legs rested to the left of Embry while the other stayed between his legs, pushing up roughly against the lower-ranked wolf's ball sack and manhood. Leah smirked slightly, the position very comprising.

"Alrighty kids. Let's wrap up this little sprawl. This wolf is hungry. So if you two are done having a 'my-dick-is-bigger' bitch fight, I want some food." Leah's voice cut through the air and also the tension. Both of the men shifted, but kept their eyes on each other. Sighing dramatically, Leah walked over to the two and plopped down next to them. She moved her hand to Jacob's hair and tugged roughly, making him turn his head to look at her.

"Hey Mr. Almighty Alpha. Could you please quit eye fucking Em and feed me? I'm fucking starving, man."

Jacob's eyes lightened from their darkened state slightly and Leah grinned cheekily back, moving her hand away. A groan sounded from Embry's lips and Leah looked down to see Jacob's knee rubbing along his dick.

Leah groaned and sighed again. "Not now, guys! I'm hungry!" she yelled in frustration.

"I'll give you something to eat, Lee." Jacob muttered and moved off of Embry, his hand moving inside his best friend's sweatpants and pulling out his hardness. "Suck him." He ordered his Beta.

Her eyes narrowed and she huffed. "His cum is delicious, Lee." He cut in, moving his hand to her hair and tugging on it. She hesitated for a moment before moving her head down obligingly and taking the younger wolf in her mouth. His answering moan was all she needed to get to work. Somewhere during this time, Jacob had unclothed and trusted himself inside of Embry, while Leah's lap ended on top of Embry's face. He tongue fucked her as Leah found out that Embry's cum really was delicious.

It started raining after awhile and the three moved to Leah's house, really feeding their stomachs before falling asleep on Leah's bed.

The situation really was fucked, but Leah felt that it was a good fucked. Whatever it was, she liked it. That was until her mother's voice called from downstairs for Leah to get ready to meet at Emily's house to get ready for the wedding. Now Leah was fucked, and she didn't like it so much.

She slipped out from between the two and got off the bed. Picking up the nearest objects to her, which just happened to be a stiletto heal and a hardcover Harry Potter book, she threw them at the sleeping boys on her bed. They jerked awake at the intrusion and looked around wildly. Leah smirked and moved around her room, finding a towel and moving across the hall to her bathroom. She quickly took a shower and washed the smell of sex from her body.

When she got back in her room, Jacob was gone and Embry was sitting on her bed. She closed the door behind her and moved around her room, looking for clothes to wear.

"Jake leave again?" she asked nonchalantly, picking up a blue thong and sliding it on. She opened her drawers and pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a black shirt, throwing them on quickly. She didn't bother with a bra, knowing she couldn't wear one with her dress later.

Embry sighed and nodded, though Leah couldn't see it. "Yeah. He always leaves."

Leah stopped her movement and turned her head to look at him, frowning slightly at his words. Embry was a sweet guy. He had always been sweet, taking care of his single mother and blushing whenever a girl was involved. He didn't deserve the shit Jacob put him through.

Leah walked to the bed and sat down next to him. "Jacob's an idiot." She said simply, turning her head to watch him. Embry nodded and pulled one side of his lips up into a small smile.

"Hey, Em. Listen. I may need you today." Leah said bluntly, not really willing to put up a façade with him today. It was the day her cousin was marrying the man that left her for said cousin. She didn't want to do it alone.

Embry turned his head to meet her look, surprised. "Okay, Sweets. Whatever you need." He replied simply, tugging on her wet strand of hair. Leah smiled and kissed him chastely.

"Alright, now go home and shower. You smell like sex." Leah wrinkled her nose, but grinned slyly. Embry barked out a laugh and stood, moving to the window. He opened it and threw Leah a wink before jumping out expertly.

The wedding march played over and over in her mind. The wedding was lovely, of course it was. It was decorated by one of the finest wedding planners in Washington. There were red, pink, and white roses everywhere. Claire danced down the aisle in her white and fuchsia flower girl dress, throwing petals everywhere. Quil had to grab her as she reached the end of the aisle so she didn't wreck havoc on the perfect wedding. Of course, more people were worried about Leah ruining the wedding than the toddler. They thought she was going to throw a fit and trash the place. The she wolf had more class than that.

Kim and Rachel walked down the aisle after little Claire, in their white dresses with fuchsia sashes in the middle, bright smiles on their faces. Leah walked in after them, her own fully fuchsia dress sticking out the most. She wore a small smile on her lips, not letting anyone know that she wanted to puke all over the fuchsia. Both wolf packs were surprised to see her looking so good and put together, especially on this day. Leah wanted to tell them to get fucked and stare at someone else.

Emily looked beautiful as well. Her dress was simple and her veil had rose designs in it, hiding her scars slightly from view. Vows were made and Leah kept the smile on her face, her eyes on Embry who stood in a tux next to Jared, Sam's best man. He kept his warm eyes on her as well, silently telling her that she looked gorgeous and to hold her head up high. People would kill to see her fall.

The ceremony was over and Leah was now sitting at a table under a big, nice tent on the beach where the reception was taking place. Embry sat next to her, cracking jokes and keeping conversation to help Leah from looking at the happy couple dancing on the dance floor. Leah appreciated what he was doing and made a note to thank him later.

A little laugh that sounded like bells made Leah and Embry stiffen. Approaching the table was Jacob and little Renesmee Cullen, all dolled up and looking as beautifully unreal as usual. She felt Embry's breath come out harder and reached her hand under the table to rest on his thigh. She squeezed it, her eyes staying on the half-breed as she got closer.

"Hey guys." Jake's deep voice cut through the tension. The two brought forced smiles to their lips and nodded their heads.

"My Jacob, let's dance." Nessie said, her voice melodic. She was looking about ten right now, though next month she'd look sixteen. Both Leah and Embry found it creepy how fast the child grew.

Jacob took Nessie onto the dance floor and danced with the girl, even though he hated dancing. Leah watched, her lips curled up in slight disgust. She hated how Renesmee called Leah's Alpha 'My Jacob'. It was disgusting that the girl thought she owned the wolf.

The two came back after a few songs and sat down.

"Hey Jake, we still going to Jared's place after this?" Embry asked, his voice tight.

Jacob coughed and looked adoringly down at Nessie. "Actually, I'm going back to the Cullen's. Nessie wants to play hide and seek tonight."

Embry's hands started shaking and he quickly excused himself, moving out of the tent. Leah wanted to spit she was so thoroughly sickened by her Alpha and the little spawn. She gave Jacob a hardened look before standing a following Embry out. She saw Sam watching her, but ignored it.

She found Embry by the catering truck, sitting down and leaning against it, trying to calm himself. Leah sighed and hitched up her dress to around her hips. She moved to him and sat down, straddling his waist. She smiled slightly as he looked at her and kissed him roughly. She moved her hand to his pocket and sure enough found a condom wrapper in there. She tore it open and lifted herself only enough to get his cock out of his pants and the condom on before dropping herself back down on him. He slipped in easily and she licked her lips before moving her hips against him. He let out a strangled moan and wrapped his big arms around her back, pulling her flushed against him. They moved together; him thrusting up into her, her grinding down into him. It was so intimate, yet just what both of them needed to get their minds off of their lost loves.

Embry moved his head down and nipped at her neck, making her pant.

"Say my name." he growled out, moving his hips faster.

Leah moaned out something incoherent, her eyes snapped shut.

Embry gripped her chin in his hand, causing her to open her eyes.

"Say my name, Leah." Embry was relentless.

Leah's eyes widened and her body tensed from her nearing orgasm.

"Say it, damn it!" he growled a little louder, nipping at her flesh again. Leah said his name in a whisper, her eyes ever moving from his. Embry made a noise at the sound of his name on her lips. It was sexy and only made him want her more. He pushed his hips to hers harder and harder, making her climax spectacularly, his name leaving her lips over and over again.