The desert rose meets the hidden lotus…

'L' Frank

'This has got to be some practical joke, some one has got to e shitting me…' lee thought

"Rock lee you've been chosen as the liaison to the Kazekage of the village hidden in the sand affirmed." Tsunade read the S ranked mission as if it were a D rank mission to some kids.

"B-b_but I do not get a choice in this I just have to serve as liaison to him of all people.!!!"

She slammed her fist into the desk till multiple cracks showed up "Please Lee you are a jounin Liaison for the village hidden in the leafs Act like one! Do not drag personal affairs into this, there for if you have any problems avoid talking to him personally for the next two months or so and lock your door when you sleep and shower." Tsunade scolded

"But b-but I …"

You are dismissed. "Oh and lee, make absolute sure that the Kazekage has a grand time while he is here for the rebuilding of the gaikyuki square." She warned not reminded.


That was only this morning…

"Huh oh gods here me cry…" He frowned as the car to pick up their special guest arrived in front of the group of ANBU protecting him. Among them were Leann and Neji the leaders of said crew.

"Be careful sir Kazekage watch your step." They warned as he work through the crowd to the car.

Gaara had gotten … well if possible more handsome he had

'pull it together lee this is business what we had is over and through with and that should be all' "Good afternoon sir Kazekage I am Rock lee and I will be serving as your liaison for the next two months any thing you need just come to me." Lee said with a bow acting informal

Gaara just grunted and moved on got into the car 'feew he actually can be looking past me breaking up with him'

"Are you getting in, love?" Gaara asked dully as ever.

"Lo- Lo-Love sir, please leave persona-"lee stuttered

"I'm hungry and tired and I'd like to take a shower so please lets go love" Gaara interrupted

'This was going to be the toughest mission yet' Lee thought

As we pulled up to the house…

We were there the ninja in the other car were rushing to get his stuff as long as his siblings stuff into the house and situated.

Lee showed them around and finally with out even noticing the had ended up all alone in the room that Gaara was to occupy.

'Get outta here lee it screams rape me X!' lee thought "And this is were you'll be occupying sir call me if you need any-" he was cut of by the sand that wrapped around his body gently trapping him to the wall.

"Why'd you leave me Lee?" Gaara asked as he smothered lee with his own body. "You said You loved me but you left me with a goodbye a cold place in bed and my heart. So tell me why? Why'd you leave me?" His voice rough but he was Gaara and he never let too much emotion slip.

"Gaa- Gaara I was…tired." I started

He grinded his hips to mine and leaned in to whisper into lee's ear "I got hard the moment I walked through the car door lee… I don't now what you mean by you were tired but by the end of these two months you will be and I will own you again and you will be coming back with me." He husked

'This will be a long two months' Lee warned into his head.