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Out of all the rich families in Japan, one stood out far beyond the rest.

The Fujioka family was rich, powerful and influential. The family's life was nearly a fairytale.

The father, Royuji, saw a lot of good in inheriting his family's fortune and became quite the philanthropist.

The man, along with his wife, had three children. They were all incredibly cute, and the oldest one was the most stunning of all.

True, Haruhi Fujioka was only eight years old, but many could see that she would become a very beautiful lady when she grew older.

During her family parties, she looked like a perfect little doll. This night was the greatest party of them all.

Every year, her family threw a spectacular New Year's ball that was simply the talk of the town. Haruhi looked so beautiful, she was simply impossible to miss.

And it wasn't just the eyes of the affluent that she caught. A young kitchen boy was also mystified by the girl.

Tamaki Suou was only a kitchen boy. His family, the Suous, had been serving the Fujioka family for generations. He was five when he first caught sight of the girl, and he was dumbstruck.

He had instantly fallen in love with the girl, but he knew his place. He would never be more than a mere servant to her.

Whenever he could, he snuck away from the kitchen just to catch a glimpse of Haruhi, and that night was no different.

But his father soon found him.

"Tamaki, what are you doing?" he reprimanded the boy. "You belong in the kitchen."

Tamaki was dragged off by his father as he watched Haruhi run up to her grandmother.

"But why must you go back to Tokyo, Grandmother?" the young girl whined. Father wants you here. I want you here, too!"

"I know," her grandmother said. "And that's why I got you this." She produced a small, gold box and a necklace from her purse.

"What's that?" she asked, eyeing the box. "Is it a jewelry box?"

The grandmother shook her head. She took the necklace and placed its charm in a small slot, and then she turned it.

The top of the box opened, and a slow, musical tune poured out of it.

"That's our lullaby!" Haruhi gasped.

Her grandmother nodded. "And read this," she said, handing her the necklace.

"'Together in Tokyo,'" she read. "Oh, thank you very much, Grandmother!" She hugged her tightly.

But, all would not remain so happy, for someone had just crashed the party.

Umehito Nekozawa, with his servant, the talking cat, Beelzenef, used to be one of Royuji's closest advisors. He was able to tell the future, and the family thought that they could trust him.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he could not be trusted with power.

He tried to take over the family's riches, so he was cast aside. The family thought that they had been rid of him for good, yet here he was.

"How dare you show your face around here?" Royuji demanded.

"Royuji, I thought I was your friend," Nekozawa said, trying to seem innocent.

"Hah! You are no friend of mine, you traitor!" Royuji yelled.

"Fine," Nekozawa said, "but hear this. Because of the way you have treated me, I place a curse upon your whole family. I will not rest until I see you all dead!"

After he left, the room fell silent.

Nekozawa sold his soul for something that would destroy the Fujiokas once and for all.

He stirred up the people in town with hatred against the rich family.

One night, they finally broke into the family's mansion.

The family was scattering; trying to find and exit.

"Haruhi, where are you going?" her grandmother called to her.

"I have to get my music box," Haruhi answered, running to her room.

She opened the door and her grandmother closed it behind them.

"I got it!" the young girl exclaimed, taking the golden music box off of the shelf on which she kept it.

"Haruhi, we have to get out of here," her grandmother urged.

"Through here!" Tamaki had come out through a door in the wall. "Leave through the servant's quarters!"

Haruhi ran behing her grandmother, but the music box slipped out of her pocket.

She turned around to go back for it, but Tamaki pushed her back trough the door and closed it behind the two women.

The door to the room suddenly burst open, and two men came in.

"Where are they?" one of them asked. The other punched Tamaki hard in the face, knocking him unconscious.

He lay on the ground next to the music box.

Meanwhile, Haruhi and her grandmother were running for the train station. Luckily, the winter had frozen over the river, and it was easy to run across.

"You won't get away that easily!" came a voice from behind.

Nekozawa had snuck up behind her and grabbed onto Haruhi's leg.

"Nekozawa!" her grandmother exclaimed.

"Let me go!" Haruhi cried.

Suddenly, the ice began to crack. Nekozawa was pulled to the river's icy depths.

"Come on, Haruhi," her grandmother beckoned.

The two ran to the train station, where a train was already departing. The grandmother hopped on and extended her arm. Haruhi was running right behind the train and grabbed onto her grandmother's hand.

"Don't let go," she called to her grandmother.

But someone slipped, and Haruhi fell to the train tracks, hitting her head rather hard on the ground.