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"Forgetting is like falling down; all it takes for you to remember is remembering how to get up and start walking again."


Chapter 1: Fall

The princess of Hyrule knew the risks of being discovered by one of the Castle Town guards. She held her cloak closer to her face and inspected the area; two, as far as her sharp eyes could see, soldiers looking around, trying to find the princess who had just disappeared. Zelda gave a sad smile from underneath her cloak, a little worry was a small price to pay if she was to see the damage that needed to be repaired with her own eyes.

Months after Zant's invasion had destroyed many of Hyrule's villages and towns. The damage was so great that Zelda was forced to sent help to the neighboring villages, like Kakariko who had the unfortunately lost most of its population during the invasion. The Hyrule Noblemen, or better known as the council, had taken it into their hands to fix Hyrule from inside out, but it was already apparent to Zelda that those greedy five men only wanted to fix their properties and fill their rupee bag. Fools as greedy as her councilmen were hardly hiding anything, Zelda was forced to run away from the palace to take care of business, and now, she was avoiding the eyes of her weary men and trying her best to not look suspicious.

Zelda got up from her hiding place, walking quickly away from the soldiers. She sighed in relief as she entered the town. Most people were up and running, visibly trying to recover from the attack. Many beggars pleaded for money they knew the people hardly had, and merchants tried their best sell their products at the lowest price possible for them to get at least bread and water for home. This is something the princess had never expected to see once she reached the town. Chaos was silent among the town, making everyone move faster, trying to find jobs and money to feed their children. Zelda didn't know how it had come to this, her own people were fighting for food right in front of her, while she ate the finest foods, and slept soundly with a full stomach. She could feel guilt creep up to her stomach like a filthy bug trying to spread its illness to her body.

As she walked on, her pointed ears caught an argument nearby. Two men, she could tell from their voices. "Please, please, it is for my business, sir!!" one man spoke, his voice echoing with desperation.

"I already tell ya, no! How many times do I have to tell ya peasant that this horse has already been bought for!?" All eyes nearby, including the princess's own, had turned to the arguing pair, a young man and an old robust merchant. Behind them was a beautiful black horse, beautiful beyond comparison.

"He hasn't paid you in full, yet! I barely got fifty rupees, please!"

"No! That client offered me a hundred rupees straight, boy," the merchant told the man. "I doubt you can increase the amount, maybe?" The man opened his mouth, but closed it before he could say anything. He then left, defeated. Zelda shook her head as the crowd dispersed from the area. This wasn't at all what the councilmen had told her, not at all. She clenched her fist as unnecessary anger overcame her being. The princess was going to ask questions, they would answer, and if they lied to her about their 'efforts' to save Hyrule she would take away their posts and give their money to those that really needed. Might as well get this over wi—

"Look out!! Wild mare on the loose!!" Panic overtook the market in a flash. People pushed and even hit to get away from the rampaging horse that threatened to take them out. Zelda managed to turn her head just in time to see the horse. It was that black horse that she had seen near that merchant's store. The reason for the argument between the young man and the horse's owner. She then gasped on who she saw riding it; the same young man that had been arguing with the shopkeeper earlier, was now, stealing the horse away, deciding to trample anyone that got on his way. And unfortunately for the princess, she was on his way. Zelda barely managed to take one step, before the horse's huge body slammed against her. The young woman when head first against the ground, hitting her head hard. Everything went dark after that, and the only thing that Zelda could hear was the desperate screaming of her people, and soldiers shouting in surprise.

Her cover had been blown.

Baldric didn't know what to think about this whole mess. A tall handsome man, well into his thirties, the Duke of Guldbrandsen clenched both fists, as he looked at the unconscious princess next to him, being checked by the royal doctor.

What foolishness had sent the princess outside the safety of her castle walls, Baldric did not know. What he did know, however, was that the princess had sustained an almost lethal head injury during a small uproar in the Market Place of Castle Town. His worry wasn't for the princess herself, but rather, of what would happen to him once the princess questioned him about his so-called program to return Hyrule to its former state. Zelda had given him the money necessary to restore the homes of her people, but he saw it fit that the money be used for his own expenses, as he saw himself before the people. He, and the other councilmen no doubt, would receive a good punishment…of course, he could also point out that her own people had used that money for their own selfish needs…but that would only get Zelda involved even more, something that Baldric didn't want. If she found out what he was doing with the money for her people, he would be forced to the dungeons, even beheading if Zelda saw fit. Baldric only wished she never woke up. Unfortunately, she did.

She was in a small daze when she awoke, saying strange things that only the doctor could hear. The royal doctor was wide eyed for a couple of minutes, before he took the young woman's hand in his own, and then he left her side, and walked over to Baldric, his face grim. The nobleman was nervous of what the doctor was to tell him, but he asked anyway. "Is she alright?" Or rather, why isn't she dead!? came Baldric's thoughts. The doctor nodded.

"She is fine, however…I fear their is a slight problem…" Confusion seem to cloud Baldric's senses.

"…a slight problem, doctor?"

"Yes. Our dear princess is suffering from….memory loss…in other words, she has amnesia."