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"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

-Lao Tzu

Chapter 14: Courage and Wisdom, an Epilogue of Sorts

"Shh!! Malon, quiet down!!"

"But, I can't hear what they are saying, we got to get closer!"

"I know, but--"

"Ah, don't be such a baby, they won't see us! Now, come on!!" Saria felt herself move, almost tripping in the process as Malon pulled her closer towards the nearby bushes. They were almost caught, when the rustling in the bushes was heard by the two lovers they were trying to spy on.

"Hmm…did you hear something?" came the man. The woman by his side only shook her head.

"It must be the wind, love…" Was the woman's answer. The two maids sighed in relief as the two lovers continued with their stroll. Malon grinned as Saria shook her head at her friend's rash behavior.

"See, I told ya so!" the redhead whispered. Saria giggled a bit, shaking her head as she looked back at the two lovers before her, the Queen and her Royal Knight, or as Malon would like to call them, a pair of lovebirds.

Saria had been greatly pleased when Zelda had returned, with her memory intact, as she had told them that she had amnesia and how her knight in green armor had saved her along with a great warrior from the Sheikah tribe. While the story had started bad, it had ended on a good note, and the maids couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome.

Just after Baldric had been caught by Williams, who much to the maids' surprise was working for Zelda all this time, things were pretty much normal. A good day's rest was enough to get the princess, now Queen,to start doing her duties. Her people were glad to see her back, and got her version of the events, missing a few things, that she told to her loyal maids only.

All of the councilmen involved in trying to killing her were imprisoned(the doctor that lied to the people wasn't spared, either), including the main man, Baldric, who, much to Malon's dislike, was forgiving from the execution. Of course, Malon wondered why a good for nothing takkuri would be better left alive than die for the horrors he committed. Zelda had offered a simple response, "Sometimes, the worst punishment is not death itself…and that is the punishment that he would pay." Saria was simply satisfied with the answer, but the redhead was still skeptical. What if he tried to take over, again? She'll wonder. "Simple. I will give him a good zap if it is necessary…I am as dangerous as any other swordsman." The Queen would reply, and Malon would snicker and agree. Of course, the number of councilmen had considerably lowered, with only two men to join the Queen for meetings about the kingdom. Williams stayed behind, backing the Queen, as Zelda named Tobias, a loyal noble as the second man in the council. Since then, many other nobles wanted to become part of the council, but Zelda had denied them entry. She gave them a few years to show loyalty to her and her people before she could accept them, as the ones her father had picked before her rule and some that had appointed themselves to the council were nothing but greedy. Too much of everyone's shock, the nobles seemed to understand, and agreed to give their Queen their loyalty, but first of all to their people.

As for Sheik, the cute Sheikah(Malon's nickname for him), he was happily working as Zelda's bodyguard, and was glad to be part of protecting the Royal Family. Malon had taken an instant liking to him and told him once that she wouldn't mind having his kids, much to Saria's embarrassment and to Sheik's blushing surprise. As of now, moves were slow on both sides, but Saria believed that one of this days another Sheikah would wander the halls of this palace to guard the next heir to the throne. Saria, too, had spotted a kind young man, which she was teased constantly by Malon for. Love was going to slow for the greenhead, but who was in a hurry?

As for the knight in green armor, the hero of Hyrule, and the Queen's friend, Link had become an important part for the army of Hyrule, becoming a General at Zelda's order. Few had accepted the new general, but when he had proved himself worthy in a couple of days, the whole crowd of cowardly soldiers had immediately accepted him. Saria had heard too, that a young woman had joined the ranks of the soldiers, giving the other soldiers mocking words no and then that made them want to prove themselves. The greenhead always seemed to forget her name, but she knew that the swordswoman was known to hang around Telma's Bar on her break and free days, with a group of people.

While Link was the general of the army, he was in a sense, much more. He, after all, was the lover of their Queen, and everyone in Hyrule, including the other races, had been the least surprised by this. It was fate, as they put it, fate that first separated them and that joined them once again. In only six months, the couple was well known all across the land, and were clearly accepted by society. Some nobles had complained, however, but they were easily put down by the Queen or other nobles that were content for the Queen's decision for a husband. Since the day they came back, both lovers had been close, and Link had helped a few times here and there. It was a match made in the heavens, and here were two girls witnessing it all take place before their very eyes.

The two maids grinned when they saw the two lovers kissed passionately under the shade of a tree, unaware that they were being followed or spied for that matter. They just let the world go on, not carrying as their lips touched each other, and an adventure began with their mouths. Both stood together for the longest time, before they separated, and then, grinned, hugging each other. They held themselves close, as if the wind had not passed by, like lovers were meant to be. After a few minutes of seeing them together, Saria turned to her senior maid. "Think that we are going to be aunts by the end of the year?" Malon stifled a laugh, before she pointed a finger at the two.

"Maybe sooner, by the way they're going. I wouldn't be surprised if that nephew you spoke of wasn't on his way already!"

And true to Malon's words, the Queen of Hyrule soon announced her pregnancy just four days after the maids' little spying session. After eight months later, a beautiful baby girl was born to the Queen, and her loyal knight and later, King.


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