Clear Getaway

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Prompt: Numb

Prompt 2: Choke (as requested by Supernoodle in honour of her birthday)


He stared dumbly. Dean had been right, after all. Yet this rust-bucket couldn't possibly take them out of the woods, much less to a hospital.

"A Cat?!"

"Got… better idea, spill," his older brother grumbled.

"I'm just saying. A Cat?!" Sam still couldn't believe it.

"The Caterpillar's terrain-proof."

Dean was having trouble breathing with his cracked ribs. Gently, Sam manhandled him onto the passenger seat and climbed up easily. He pushed the button of the ignition. A short stutter emerged, then nothing.

"Pull… choke. It's a Diesel." With numb fingers Dean pulled some handle and the motor rumbled to life.

The End

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