Title: Game-Face

Author: Enkidu07

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.

Challenge Word(s): Face AND Collapse. (Making up for last week!)


Dean maintained his game-face while John tended to the lacerations along his shoulder; kept his breathing steady as gauze was secured over the wound.

"There. Keep the bandages dry. I'll check it in the morning. You okay?"

Dean nodded firmly and rose, reaching for his shirt. Momentarily distracted, he looked wondrously at the black dots that encroached his vision.

Blinking fast, he swallowed, collapse imminent. Suddenly his dad invaded his personal space, solid and close.

"Take it slow, kid." John growled, supporting Dean's weight to the bed.

"M'okay" Dean muttered, adrenaline bottoming out. A cool hand brushed his neck. He slept.