When I woke up, it was at least 12:00. I heard two male voices laughing downstairs. Was Rustle here? I brushed my hair and put on fresh clothes. The closer I got to the kitchen, the more familiar the voice was. Oh crap, I thought as I got closer.

"Morning, sleeping beauty." My brother Eric said. He was by fair my favorite family member but unfortunately he was in college so of course I was left alone while he was lucky enough to live outside prison. His brown hair was ruffled and long almost to his chin. He walked over and gave me a bear hug, nearly suffocating me. "So, Ells, how's life? I hear you have a boyfriend; I may have to talk with him." He winked and I blushed. Rustle was big enough to take Eric but Eric was pretty big himself. But Rustle had those big brothers to back him up… I shivered at the thought of that ever happening.

It sucked that Eric was home. I know it sounds silly, but my heart breaks a little more every time he comes home. So, like a coward, I hide in my room and keep quiet until he leaves so I can go back to my normal, uneventful life. Now I actually will have something to do while I hide like the loser I am.

"Life is good, Eric." I didn't say anything about the boyfriend but I would be leaving soon so I didn't want to start any deep conversations. Then the doorbell rang and I rushed through the dining room to the big door.

"Hey. Are you okay? You look sad." Rustle said.

I looked in the mirror making sure I didn't look bad or anything, sad I was okay with. "I'm fine," I squeaked. "Let's go." He looked worried at my sudden melancholy attitude but did argue.

Then someone walked in from the kitchen and saw me and Rustle standing in the door, ready to bolt.

"So is this him?" Eric asked.

"Yes. This is Rustle and we have to get somewhere so if you would excuse us…" I told him quickly.

"Oh fun where are you going?" Eric questioned. I glared at him but it looked like he was having fun.

"We were planning to go to St. Clair's Coffee Shop." Rustle said for the first time.

"Oh, I was planning on going there. Can we carpool?" Eric asked.

"Sure." Rustle said at the exact same time I said "Absolutely not."

Eric grinned and lead the way to Rustles car. "How about Rustle and I hang out today, Elle." He said. "So we can bond."

My shoulders slumped and I said "Sure, why not?" I really did want to go but maybe if I let Eric go then he'll leave us alone in the future. Now I was sad and lonely as I waved goodbye from the inside of my house.

I sat around for hours just waiting doing nothing in particular. It hurt to be alone again, even though I was living this life just a few days ago. How did I live? Without one friend or supportive family member. I was alone in the world. What would happen if all of that changed? If Rustle moved on or found someone else, how would I cope? Then I heard the car pull into the driveway and I dashed to the door.

There in the driveway was Rustle and Eric laughing hysterically and smiles glued to their face. Well at least they had fun. I wouldn't mope so I painted a smile on and walked to meet them.

"So, did you have fun." I really didn't need to ask, the happiness was emanating out of every pore in their body while my mood was dark and dreary.

They both laughed and nodded. While I stood their and pretended to be happy.

"Ready? We're going to my house." Rustle told me.

"Okay. Bye Eric." I grabbed Rustles hand and we drove toward his house.