Title: Point of View
Fandom: Tower of Druaga - the Sword of Uruk
Characters: Fatina, Ki, Jil, Utu Set just before episode 3.
Summary: What you see isn't always what you should believe.



Fatina lightly stretched her muscles, careful not to disturb the small girl resting on her lap. With a yawn, she spread her arms over her head until she felt the satisfying pop of pressure being released. Relaxing against the wall, Fatina lazily placed her arm around Ki, lightly stroking the young girl's back.

Though she still didn't trust Ki all that much, Fatina had to admit that the young girl wasn't entirely bad. Especially after she had managed to bribe her into giving up that damned spoon.

A small hand clutched her leg and Fatina looked down in surprise, noticing the look of utter sadness on Ki's face. Placing her hand on the younger girl's head, Fatina lightly threaded her fingers through Ki's hair, stroking softly. Humming the familiar tune of an old lullaby, Fatina smiled as she watched Ki's body relax against her own once more.


Jil watched Fatina and Ki with a smile. Though they still bickered from time to time, he was happy to see that they were starting to form an odd truce with one another. Fatina claimed it was because she couldn't very well trust such a young girl with any of the other party members, but Jil could see that she was beginning to warm up to Ki. He had even seen her offer the younger girl a piece of her precious leather.

The sound of someone clearing their throat broke Jil from his thoughts and he turned to look at Utu with a blush. "It's not what you think."

Utu waved his hand, dismissing Jil's words. "Thank you for taking care of her these past few months."

Jil scratched the back of his head, looking towards Fatina once more. A smile softened his features as he quietly answered Utu. "She's actually been taking care of me all this time."