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Note: Because she is a Parody of an OC I'm going to call her Olivia Carter! Yay! Get it? Olivia Carter? OC? Eh...You get it

Mark was sitting on a park bench filming the duckies jumping into the pond. Roger was with him amused by the ducks. Roger liked Ducks.

"Quack Quack!" Roger yelled loudly as many people walking by stared at him "Fuck you! I like Ducks!"

"Wow Roger" Mark told him "That was really uncalled for"

"Uncalled for?" Roger glared at Mark "They just don't understand my love of ducks!"

Mark just ignored Roger and continued filming intil someone walked in front of his camera blocking the shot of the ducks. This girl has bleached blonde hair (Natural of course!) and has stomach lenth hair and decent sized boobs and amazing blue eyes and a pink Tank Top with a black Mini skirt and black boots.

"Hi your Mark and Roger!" The girl said with a squee "My name's Olivia Carter"

"Well that's just great Olivia Carter but your in the way of the ducks" Mark told her as he moved away from her

"Don't you love me?" Olivia asked Mark

"Uh....Excuse me?" Mark asked "I don't even know you"

"I'm Olivia Carter" Olivia once again told them

"Yeah you said that already" Roger told her "Now could you leave? Were watching the duckies!"

"Oh you poor baby!" Olivia yelled rushing to Rogers side "It's okay we can get over Mimi's death together! Be a real man and cry!"

"What?" Roger asked "Mimi's not dead"

"Oh but she will be" Olivia told him "Once she dies of natural causes! then we can be together!"

"Mark! I'm scared!" Roger yelled "Stop Filming the ducks and help me!"

"Olivia what do you mean by Natural Causes?" Mark asked her with a concerned look

"I mean she's going to dissapear off the face of the world" Olivia told him "So Roger and I can be together"

"Exactly how will Mimi dissapear?" Mark asked

"Just Poof!" Olivia told him "Don't worry Marky baby! I diden't forget about you either!"

"You diden't?" Mark asked "Fabulous...."

"Well I heard you don't have much luck with girls....Or boys" Olivia told him "So I'm going to be your girlfriend"

"You really don't have to do that!" Mark yelled "Seriously....Don't"

"I really should leave now" Roger told Mark "I'm going to go home and hide under my bed"

"Oh Roger!" Olivia said as she gave him a death hug "Roger Honey don't be emo about Mimi's death I promise I don't have AIDS and even if I did I would make a mircale recovery and live just for you"

"Stop saying that!" Roger yelled

"Can I come too?" Mark asked

"No Baby" Olivia told him as she grabbed his hand "Were going out to lunch"

"How are you going to be with me and Roger at the same time?" Mark asked Olivia his new Creepy girlfriend

"Threesome! Hello!" Olivia giggled "Were all going to live together!"

"Oh god! No!" Roger yelled "Now I'm going to get a lock for my door then I'm going to go hide under my bed"

"Can you please let go of my hand Olivia?" Mark asked "I lost all feeling to my hand"

"Of course you did Silly!" Olivia laughed "I'm a body builder!"

"Yeah I'm locking my door" Roger told Mark

"That's ok" Olivia told him "I'm a secret agent too! I specialize in picking locks!"

"God If only you could feel my heart stopping now" Roger told Olivia "I'm going to have a heart attack or maybe a panic attack....Perhaps both"

"That's ok baby!" Olivia told him as she grabbed his hand too "I'm a paramedic"

"Let go of me you crazy!!!" Roger yelled "I'm going home now! Good luck Mark!"

and with that Roger was gone

"So I guess it's just you and me" Olivia told him as she took out an umbrella and flew across New York with Mark firmly in her grip


Now we join them at the Life Cafe

"That was fun!" Olivia told Mark as they came right through the ceiling of the life cafe

"Fun for you maybe" Mark told her "I'm scared of heights and what the hell? Lemme guess Your Mary poppins too?"

"No of course not that would be weird" Olivia told him "I studied the art of Umbrella travel with her I'm a master at it"

"I need a beer to survive this" Mark said as he sat down in a booth with Olivia

"Mark I'd just like to say that I promise I'll never treat you like Maureen" Olivia told him "I'll never cheat on you"

"I really wish you would" Mark told her

Just then Collins and Angel appeared in a cloud of smoke right in front of them

"Collins and Angel?" Mark asked "How the hell did you guys get here? and why are you in your underwear?"

"That's a good question" Collins asked "One minute we were on our couch making out and watching Oprah and that next thing we knew we were here"

"Who's your friend?" Angel asked

"I'm his Girlfriend" Olivia told Angel

"You finally met someone?" Collins asked Mark

"More like she met me....." Mark told them

"Your kinda cute" Olivia said as she walked up to Collins and started rubbing his chest

"Back off my man!" Angel yelled

"It's ok Angel" Olivia told her "I'm going to take care of him when your dead"

"What?" Angel and Collins and Mark all yelled

"I'm gay" Collins told her

"It's ok because I'm also a man but I'm also a woman" Olivia told him "I have a woman parts and man parts! we can make it work! I'll just change my name to Oliver for you"

"I wish we never poofed here" Angel said getting freaked out "I still don't know how we got here!"

"I'm a Witch/Genie! I poofed you here!" Olivia told them

"Well I wish you would poof me back" Angel told her "I'm a DragQueen and I think that I'm the normal one of the two of us!"

"As you wish" Olivia said as she Angel dissapeared

"Mark your girlfriend is strange" Collins told him "Why coulden't she have poofed me back home too?"

"Angel is so sweet!" Olivia said "I'm going to cry my eyes out at her funeral I remember when we used to pick on Roger all the time"

"I'm going back to the loft" Mark told Collins "You wanna come with me and check on Roger?"

"Anything's better then here" Collins said as they walked out the door "Do you think Roger would let me borrow some clothes?"

"Silly boys" Olivia said to herself "I hope the realize I can use my witch/Genie powers to poof in the loft in less then a second"