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Summary: Emmett is staring in a new movie. And Bella is an abused/ rape victim. One day as she's riding on her skateboard, a movie director wants to shoot a scene in the area she's at.

Bella gets introduced to everyone, becoming best friends with Emmett and the other actors, Alice, Edward, Rosalie, and Jasper. Weeks go by and when Emmett see's the bruise's on Bella's face that she can't hide anymore. They all go to court.

And Bella has some issues though, with going against family members.


The air made a swoosh sound in my ear, as I rolled down the ramp. Afternoon was almost coming and I could tell this by the rising sun. I pulled the strings on my jacket hood to cover more tightly over my face. I shivered from the sudden beating of the sun, causing my body to rearrange against the temperature.

When the metal railing met my boards wheel, I flipped onto it and skidded across, and flipped back off. Today I was lucky and I was the only one around.

I leaned a little backwards, so I could swivel around the corner. With the tip of my shoe, I pushed hardly- making my speed increase as I headed in the drop in. It was true my body hurt, my head throbbed, and it burned by an unknowing fire to breath. But dealing with it for oh so many years, the pain was easily ignored.

If I didn't escape my house this morning, the pain I was in now would feel like heaven compared to if I stayed. Mom brought back some men, and I shuddered at the thought of what they would do to me, once mom passed out drunk. It's happened before, and I wouldn't want a repeat. Dad would just slap me and say it was my fault that I let the men touch me like that….but he's touched me before I assure you.

The skatepark I am at is truly the only place I know where to go. If I went to a public store, people would question. If I went somewhere where there was alot of people, I could honestly say it would scare the hell out of me. I hate people, I hate life in general. My oh my how I wished there was a reset button.

In the fading backround I heard excited voices, laughter and giggles. That was something I defiently wasn't used to. I was doing my best trying to block out the sound, putting more focuse into what I was doing. But it just got louder and louder.

Make it stop, I whimpered in my head. Make the god damn people shut up!...nope it was still there.

The noise finaly got to me. I sighed skidding to a halt, at the entrance of the ramp, and flipped my board up into my palms awaiting grip. And what I saw made my mouth drop open in shock.

Hundreds. There was hundreds of them. People, all carrying coffes and big suitcases. Camera's and tripods. What the hell?

Ignoring them I started to get back onto my skateboard, when I saw a female lady running up to me.

"Miss? Excuse me?...Miss?" She said as she finally came to a stop. She looked.....odd. There really was no other way to put it. The herd of people I noticed went into the church building, that was about a good 500 feet away from where I was standing.

"Yeah?" I asked. I wasn't sure if that was how you were supposed to respond. I mean I havn't had a conversation (except my parents) with a person in a long time. If I remembered right that was about five years ago, when I was asked to go into the Seven-Eleven near my house.

"My name is Catherin and I'm the movie director, for a new movie. And you see, well I was sorta hoping I could shoot a scene at this skatepark. And do you think it could be possible for you to leave.... I'm sorry if that sounds rude." She gave out a small apologetic chuckle at the end.

Leave? Did this girl want my dad to chop my head off?

"Um...uh, I'm not sure I can do that. I promised my parents that I would be home after six, no earlier. And I can't go any where else really...." I trailed off, hoping she would get the hint that there was no way in hell that was going to happen.

Catherin put her finger to her chin, making it look like she was thinking thoughtfully.

"Well, if you want, it's okay if you would like to hang out and watch the movie be made....you know get an all acess pass to have fun with the actors." She offered kindly.

"Me?" I replied stupidly.

Me be around all those people. People that could kill me. Surround me and cut my head off? Okay, thats un realistic, but those were my fears. So no.

"No, thank you."


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