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Willow and Tara had been on the porch for what seemed like hours but in fact had been only a few minutes. Feeling nervous over what Tara had to say, Willow had tried to think of something to fill the silence. 'So' had been the only word to escape her lips. Deciding to wait until Tara started the conversation Willow sat and contemplated the back yard. Tara on the other hand knew the words to say but could find no order for them. Trying to think about what Spike had said she managed to calm herself enough to begin.


Hearing her name Willow turned to face the witch.

"I know that lately you have been isolated and struggling to breathe. Cutting down your magic use is bound to have an effect on you; you look tired".

Reaching across she clasped Willows hand in her own. She loved her, she knew that and this gap between them was killing her. Trying to smile through her shock Willow answered,

"I am a bit worn down, but... this is my fault. I deserve this".

"No Willow you don't. Nobody deserves this. Look I don't want to rush things but..."


"Do you want to go for coffee? We need to talk... properly", Tara interrupted, before Willow could continue.

Hearing the Witches words Willow sat with her mouth slightly ajar. She was shocked at the question and made no move to hide the fact. Her mind was whirling with the possibilities and her heart soared. Nodding, she answered enthusiastically.

"Yeah... of course... Tara I love you".

Cringing as the term of affection fell from her lips Willow hoped to anyone listening that she had not gone too far. She could not help but think that maybe she had overstepped the boundary.

Smiling softly Tara felt her spirit lift; maybe they could do this... together.

"I love you too Willow..."

Taking a deep breath Tara went to continue. Now for the hard part, she thought.

"... but things have to change. Do you know how hurt I was when you did the Tabula Rasa spell? Especially after what Glory did to me… she raped my mind Willow. But… what you did hurt me more than anything she could have done".

A single tear slid down Tara's cheek, the betrayal still fresh in her mind. Willow was distraught - knowing she was the cause of Tara's pain hurt her soul.

"I'm sorry... I..."

Breaking down Willow could not stop crying. Tara pulled her over and embraced her. Clinging to each other both Witches cried. One out of betrayal and one from knowing she had hurt her soul mate. This was going to take time Tara knew that, but at least they were on the right track. As Spike had said this was only the first step.


Unknown to Spike the plan was working for the witch. He on the other hand was pissed.

"Bollocks" he cursed, this was going to be more difficult then he thought. It was not easy moving the couch down the manhole... Particularly on his own. Damn it, he was a master vampire; he would no be defeated by a couch. Earlier he had decided that he would put everything he owned downstairs to protect it more. Unfortunately, he had failed to realise the effort and work that would take.

Dropping down into the lower level, he picked the couch up and dragged it to the other side of the room. With that completed, he walked slowly over to the fridge and pulled out some blood. This hard work was definitely an appetite builder. Once finished with his meal he started on the new bottle of Jack he had brought - without something to occupy him, his thoughts had drifted to Buffy.

Yeah, being drunk would stop her invading my mind, he thought.


After the Wicca's had come in from the porch, Buffy escaped outside. Sitting there gazing at the stars her mind strayed to a certain vamp.

"Probably on his way to Spain or somewhere else very far from me", she muttered

This was going to be harder then she had anticipated. Unknown to her, he had managed to get into her brain. He was like a drug; the more she was with him the more she wanted him.

'Not anymore' her subconscious added.

That was right... he had left. Everyone left; she was used to it. She had not even told her friends the bleached moron had gone. Not that they would care at all, although Dawn would be destroyed. Buffy had heard how much he had done over the summer.

With this, the image of him appeared in her mind. His face, his hair, his smirk... but mainly it was those eyes. Eyes which held so much emotion in them; he could never hide what he was feeling. They were so expressive and striking; she had, had to try so hard to ignore them. Even when she told him to shut-up those eyes always had told her how he felt. She had not been able to escape.

Nevertheless, that was the end... never again would she see him; touch him; he was gone. Forever. Her thoughts repeated the word over; it was just so final. With that sudden occurrence, she put her head in her hands and wept.

Alone, on her porch the tortured Slayer cried for a vampire who had invaded her mind and heart.


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