Prologue- 'I know you're out there!'

(Isabella's POV)

At a first look, you'd think I was an only child in a family of adopted children. But nope, I'm not! I know I have two siblings out there. I have one twin sister and one brother. My sister is one of the hyper kinds, and my brother is HUGE in muscles. But that's all I know about them. I don't even know their names!

My entire adopted family doesn't think that they're real. They think that I'm just dreaming it up. Of course, you probably would too, if I told you that I learned all of this through a vision. But, still, I have to look for my family. Even though they should have died, along with me, about a hundred years ago.

Yeah, I know. Like a hundred years? How is that possible? Why aren't you dead? I would have asked that question to myself, if I hadn't already known. The answer was simple.

I was a vampire.

Yes, vampires are real. Just because you humans don't think we are. My whole entire family is made up of vampires. Along with my brother and sister. Vampires are immortal beings, which is how I haven't died yet. But my 'family' consists of seven other vampires. Except for the Cullens, my family was one of the biggest covens out there. And the Cullens live in Forks. Which is where we're moving to. At the moment, we live in Chicago, but we have to move. We've been here too long.

Yeah, about that! Vampires don't age, so we can only be in one place so long. And our time is up in Chicago for about another 50 years. So I look seventeen, but I'm actually about, 117 instead…. But what can we do? With us being vampires, we would all be dead.

But anyways, were getting off topic. My blood brother and sister are out there somewhere. I can just feel it, but I also know because of the vision I had. I don't know what their names are, or what they look like. All I know is that they are somewhere out there, and when I'm near them I'll be able to tell that they are my brother and sister. I don't think that even they know they're brother and sister, for all I know they could be in separate covens, or in the same one. But still, I HAVE to find them. It's my goal now, to find them before something happens to them or me.

By now you probably want me to tell you about me and my adopted 'family'. Am I right or am I right? Well like I said, there are eight of us all together. Our 'parents' as we like to call them, are Emily and Sam. And then the 'children' (even though we're older then our parents!) are me, Isabella (Bella preferably!), David, Victoria (Tori!), Aaron, Angel, and Chris. David and Aaron are brothers, blood brothers. Also, Tori and Angel are sisters by birth. What happened was when Aaron and Tori were changed, they wanted their siblings with them, and so they bite their siblings, Angel and David. (Selfish of them, I know!)

The 'relationships' of our coven are quite complicated with how I describe them. David and I don't have anyone. But, Sam and Emily are together, Victoria is going out with David's brother, and David is going out with Angel, Tori's sister. That's kinda confusing right? But anyways, if you can keep up with that, then there you go! Who's going out with whom.

Now for our powers. Everyone in our coven has a power, which is rare. Tori, Angel, Aaron, and David can control the elements. Tori can control the Fire element, while her sister controls the Water elements. Then Aaron can control the Earth element, while his brother can control the Wind/Air element. Chris can sense when someone's near, and can sense where someone is (Kinda like tracking!). While Sam can make someone fall asleep, and then turn their dreams into nightmares. I like Emily's power best though out of all of them. She can make your wishes come true. Well, depending on what they are. She has to approve of them first. They can't be random, or only helpful to you, they have to help at least one other person before she'll use her power for you.

Now for my powers. Yes I did say powers. I have multiple. The first one I discovered I could do was to be able to see the past of myself and other, which is how I know about my siblings! The next one I figured out was that I could teleport. But I have to be able to see the place I want to go to in my mind before I can teleport there. It was the only downfall of that power. Actually, the first power I was aware of was all the screaming in my head. I bet you can figure out what I can do. Yes I can read minds, for those of you who are to slow to get what I meant! But there is a second part of the power that I figured out later. I can also control the minds I read.

I can also manipulate the weather. This is how Chicago went from one of the sunny places to be, to being one of the wettest! And if I really concentrate, I can use telekinesis. Which is soooo cool! Being able to manipulate objects with my mind, good luck being able to do that! And the last two powers that I have are: I can change my appearance into anything I want, along with the other power, which is I can change other people around me into anything I want them to be.

So now I'm on my way to look for my brother and sister, with the help of my 'family' that believes in me! NOT! Notice the sarcasm, people. COME ON! But I will hopefully get the help of the Cullens in finding me brother and sister.

Little did I know, that they would be VERY helpful in my search for my lost blood family.