I was checking out a couple of girls when my best friend Mike came running in the lunch room. He stop right in front of me. He had his hands on his knees and was breathing really hard. "Would you tell me what on earth made you run so fast," I said. He finally stood up straight and had a smile on his face. "Well remember we are getting a new student today." I stare at him wondering why I care. " Yea so what." He smiled wider and said " The new student is a girl and the girls name is Isabella Swan. Does it ring a bell?" "Wait Isabella Swan the model, actress, singer, dancer, with a super hot body."

"Yea and she just broke up with her boyfriend Jake too before coming here." He said and he was think the same thing I was how to get Isabella in bed or just on a date because she is American's sweetheart. " Well then we just have to make her welcoming special. And how do you know all these info." "I heard the principle talking about a assembly to tell everyone know who is joining our school." Right when he finished the intercom went off " Students please report to the gym of your first hour we have someone special joining our school today . Thank you and have a nice day." Well we better go to get good better seats so she can see the best looking guys in school.

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