E POV continued from last chapter

"Now if you'll excuse me I be right back. Please behave," said Ms. Smith. She gets up and walks out of the class room.

Jessica turns around and quickly starts walking to her desk..

"Jessica, " Bella calls out. Jessica freezes and stays facing towards her desk. I look over to where Bella is and sees that she turns and fill her hair over her shoulder. Bella looks clam and over around the class room so she faced Jessica. While she walked the whole class tracked her and it was so quiet that you would hear a pin drop. No one seem to dare breath. Now Bella stood in front of Jessica and was at her calmly. When Bella spoke, she spoke in very clam voice and had power in it then possible.

"Jessica sweetie Im not the Isabella you once knew. So don't think You or anyone else can walk all over me like you use to. You better make sure you don't ever even by mistake cross paths with me again. It wouldn't be good for you." Jessica snapped her head up and glares at Bella and says in her -Im better than you- tone " Oh yea what will you do bitch. You think your all that because you can shake that slutly ass of yours."The whole class draws in a breath and seem to hold it, waiting for what Bella would do.

Damn!! Fuck that's what I think about Bella. Jessica might actually have a brain after all. Bella thinks she's a fucking goddess or something.... My thinking was broken by sudden laughter coming from the door. There stood a man in a expensive looking black suit laughing . He looked oddly familiar.

He said "Bella darling, I see your making friends."

"No not new friends just old trash that needs to be thrown out. Anyway forget the trash it'll be dealt with why are you here Mark" Bella said as she walked and hugged him and air kissed both of his cheeks. The man, Mark, in turn did the same. I felt a sudden rage out of no where. What the hell is going on with me!!!!!!!I don't even I like Bella or anything, I mean yea I might lust after her but not like her. Shit Im talking to myself. Okay Edward back to the drama show. Damn I doing it again!!!

"I wanted to come by and tell you that the gym is all ours for lunch but it has to be open to other students too. So at lunch there might be students in there in the stands and out in the floor."

" Ight thats cool. We'll make it work. Oh and I finished the new song even though this trash here thought it was cool to bitch about be normal and try to stop me." Bella pointed to Jessica. Mark in turn looked Jessica up and down and said, " Wow Bella your are right this thing is trash. Make sure you get rid of it because its alright stinking up." Jessica, who was twisting her hair and batting her eyes at Mark when he looked at her, looked like Mark killed her dog. And then she spoke in her annoying voice again, damn why does not someone tape her month shut, " Sorry to tell you fucking slut of a Bitch but the gyms is ours for cheer practice at lunch"

Bella turned around in a flash with hair flying like a whip and faced Jessica." Well Sorry to tell you a thing but no its not. The gym is my and my dance team from now on. If you do anything about or ruin anything for us. I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL BE HATED BY THE WHOLE FREAKEN WORLD. Got it. Finally bella sounded pissed off. And damn its turning me on. Hearing that raw power in her voice made me think of how wild Bella would be during sex. Damn I had to adjust myself. Jessica is so fucking stupid, after even see that Bella's pissed, she still opened her mouth. " what will you do you stupid fucking bitch? Huh? Your still the fucking little awkward nerd you were before. Yea sure you got your fat fucking ass skinny but that's most likely cuz you throw your fucking food up." I heard a quick draw of breath from both Bella and Mark. Mark who was looking at Jessica like she's a spoiled little kid not getting her way, now was frowning and looking at Bella with concern. I look at Bella now and see that see is red in the face with anger. Bella was about to reply when I heard Ms. Smiths voice saying " Jessica I will not tolerate that kind of language and behave in my class young lady. Now..." ~Riiinnng~

The bell ran and Jessica grabbed her stuff and very quickly walked out as other students moved to the door while looking between Bella and Mark. As I stood up from my seat I saw Bella grab her stuff. She was shacking with what I think was anger. She walked up to Mark and Ms. Smith who were still were by the door. She whispered something to them and walked out with Mark. As soon as Bella and Mark left everyone started to rush out to the halls so they can tell others what happened in class. Great more fucking gossip about Bella...


Finally lunch. Man im starving. After this morning the other two class were boring and normal. Well normal as can be with Bella in the class. People kept looking at her and then whispering to each other. Damn that was getting on my nerves, I wonder how Bella is dealing with it. Wait what. Im worrying about Bella??? Shack it off Edward! Its nothing but trouble. Damn Im talking to myself again. What's next!.

I walk into the lunch room with the gand and Bella. I see there is a table and a portable cooking station. off to the side that was never there before. There was a man cooking so I guess he was the chef. Man whatever he is cooking it smells good. The gang and I start to walk towards the lunch line but Bella started to walk in direction of the chef and table. Then she stop and looked at all of us even me with a confused look.

" Where are you guys going? I thought we were going to eat together in the gym."

Alice in her pixie way went to Bella and says " Yea, we are but we have get our lunch and so do you. That's why we going to get in line. Now come on before the line gets big and all the good food is gone. Alice started to pull Bella toward the line but Bella wouldn't walk.

"Good food? what good food? School lunch is all bad lunch and im not going to eat that. Gross."

Damn she looks so cute when she wrinkles her nose. ( Author: I think that wrinkle is the word but if its not sorry). " We are eating food that's freshly cooked and actually taste good. Come on Follow me." Bella pulls Alice and walks up to the chef and started to talk to him. Alice looks over at us and shrugs her shoulder and tells us to come. We just look at each other and walk over to them.

" Hey Chef Victor. What's up? You cooked enough for everyone right? Just as Bella stop talking. The outside door opened, hot ass girls and same amount of guys walked in with bags. They were all laughing and pulling each other, making around. Everyone grow quiet and froze looking at them. They stop laughing and making around and looked around the room. They stare falling on us well more like on Bella. Then they walked over and Bella moved to them and hugged everyone and talked to them. Told them were the gym was. Then Bella turned toward us and said " Hey come on guys we going to the gym. Chef Victor can you roll the station to the gym?" Chef Victor nodded and started rolling the station to the gym. Bella started walking and looked back at us when we didn't follow right way. Alice grabbed Jasper, Rose and started to skip to Bella. Rose then grabbed Emmett who in turn grabbed my arm. So we were on out way to the gym skipping with our arms linked like idiots.

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