Okay um I'm really really sorry for how long this is taking but I couldn't write at all. Everything sucked. But I'm telling you I will continue this story, I'm just having problems with a very long dose of writers block. Moving on, I wanted to also reply to an anonymous review who I couldn't find.

Her review waasss:hi i love twilight and charmed [i hate cole with a passion] it was a great

idea to have them mixed it would make my year if you continued this i hear they are talking about starting it again with their kids i would like that although nothing is better than the origanal. continue please BEST story i have read on fan fiction and i have read 118 Yes i kept count i have a little book describing it in case i want to find it and read it fully i would love for you to write back and tell me what your fav episodes are and what gave you the idea to mix Twilight and charmed [i am a curious person] Ashley xx [and is my screen name but i am not logged in at this moment because i am on it with my dsi and it dosnt always work] : Thank you so much for your review and I'm sorry its took so long to reply. Forgive me? Wow, I'm honored that my story is your favorite. You kept count? I'd lose count and then spend forever trying to figure it out. Lol. My favorite charmed episode is the two part one(It was two parts right?) where Phoebe is turned into a mermaid. I also love the one where Piper is in labor with Wyatt. There's others too but, -shrugs-. I don't remember really I think I was thinking how cool it's be if Bella wasn't so human. I think I was watching charmed and voila there it is. I should have made the whole story before I posted it though. That was pretty stupid of me. Poor cole. But I'm not really too fond of him but hes kinda cute sooo...LOL. Okay everyone I will try to update soon but since there's school and all... ~Alice