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Lock, Shock, and Barrel – Tim Burton

Jack, Sally, and the mayor – Tim Burton

Vendetta and Blake – Me

Mr. Grim and Bell – Me

Shadow – Me

Nana – Me

Patrick – Me

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"You savages! Bring those back!" Lock, Shock and I continued to run to the tree house with multiple bags of candy we stole from a corner store a vampire owned. You see it's been about ten years since the day Jack took over Christmas.

Over the years Jack and Sally had a daughter Vendetta. Vendetta hated us, me not so much anymore. We didn't care though, everyone in Halloweentown hated us. The doctor had pasted away about two years ago. Some say of old age, but his assistant Igor told everyone he had something go wrong in the lab.

Since then the doctor's tower has been abandoned. No one dares to go there. Lock had just turned eighteen about a month ago while Shock and I were only seventeen. Jack had retired, and his daughter had now continued his rule over Halloween.

Just four years ago two human girls that we kidnapped came to Halloweentown. We tired to con them into helping us get rid of Jack and his family. They got away and warned Jack and Vendetta before we got to them and we ended up in the cells down below the Town-Hall.

Then finally Vendetta let us out one day about four of five months ago. She told us that we had to get our act together or she'd put us back. Like that would even happen. The only thing that we didn't do is maybe not as much pranks, but we still pulled some. We still steal things.

The only thing that had really changed was that while in the cells under the Town-Hall we thought about a lot of things, and through-out that time Lock and Shock had found something between them. Love.

Ever since then they don't talk to me as much. They ignore me most times. Vendetta has become my only friend, if you would call it that. It's like I'm not even there to them. It's like Oogie Boogie used to say to me when we got hired.

Lock and Shock ran out of the room going to start the prank. "Barrel." He'd say. "Yes?" He'd look at me sternly, like scolding. "Two's company. Three's a crowd."

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