Lutte Contre l'Incendie
By: Manna


001: Sparks

He heard Sain compare love to a spark, once. He said that when it catches, it grows and grows and grows until it becomes a raging fire.

That part might be true, maybe. He can't be entirely sure; he has no way of knowing, no lover to boast about (though even if he did have one, he would most certainly not boast about it). He can't bring forth previous experiences as references. He has nothing, knows nothing about the subject.

But it doesn't feel right to compare eternal love to something they stomp out every morning before continuing on their journey.

Fires die out. If love dies out, what would a person be left with?

He wonders.

"Good morning, Kent." It's her, her voice. She sits next to him, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"Good morning, milady," he replies.

She yawns, making a futile attempt to cover her mouth.

Love can't die out; it just wouldn't make any sense. If love died, a person would be left with…what? Nothing, he thinks. They would be left with absolutely nothing. His eyes notice the still-glowing embers in the fire from the night before and his mind comes to a screeching halt.

Maybe Sain is right.

He turns his gaze back to Lyndis and stifles a smile as she yawns again. As long as fuel is added, a fire will continue burning.


Author Notes:

This is for the 365Drabbles community on LiveJournal.

I know I'm already doing Every Color of the Rainbow, but I don't like putting excessively short things there. I feel like I'm being cheap or something. All of these should be under 500 words long. The title is French and translates to something like Fighting Against the Fire/Fighting Fire.

Thanks for reading, you know I would appreciate feedback.