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Anko woke up with a groan. There was light shining directly in her face and she was not happy. Why the hell aren't the curtains closed? She mentally fussed. She slowly opened one eye and then the other. She turned her head to find the other side of the bed…empty. She snorted. What a surprise. He was not there. He never was. He had only stayed the night one time before and that was the night she had first came to him. But no more. He always left sometime during the middle of the night and she always managed to sleep through it.

She sat up and the blanket pooled around her waist. She reached up and ran her fingers through her hair which had come out of its ponytail at some point during the night. She glanced at the clock and started at the time. Six o'clock p.m. She knew she had been tired but not that tired. Not tired enough to sleep through the day. She quickly got out of bed and hurriedly got dressed. She flung open her bedroom door and took a step out of the door and caught a glance at her couch. She felt her heart wrench. She did not know if it was fear or not but at the moment fear was a pretty safe bet.

Orochimaru was still there. He had a look of amusement on his face. He had thought of this possibility but he would have thought that he would have been informed of this development. What a surprise it had been when he had heard the knock on Anko's door that morning and opened it to find a civilian holding a boy who appeared to be somewhere around the age of one. The woman had stuttered through a greeting before asking if she was at Anko Mitarashi's apartment. Orochimaru had just nodded, amused at the fear on the woman's face. She did not know why she was afraid of the man standing before her, but she just was. She had then told him that Anko had told her to drop off the little boy that morning. Orochimaru just reached over and took the boy from the woman before sending her off. He had then shut the door and set the little boy on the couch where he had stayed pretty much the entire day.

"Anko," He greeted. "Is there something you would like to tell me?" Orochimaru motioned to the boy who had squirmed off the couch and was taking slow steps towards Anko.

Anko sighed. She had thought that this would be avoided. And it would have been if he had decided to stay away and not reappear out of the blue! She angrily thought. Instead of saying what she was thinking, she said, "This is my son."

"And who would the father be?" Orochimaru asked even though it was quite obvious who the father was.

The boy had black hair which had not started growing until the past couple of months. His skin was almost as pale as Orochimaru's. And the skin beside his nose had a slight tint of purple to it. The boy had inherited his mother's eyes though which would be quite striking with his black hair.

"You are his father." Anko said as the boy finally reached her.

She bent down and picked him up. She had never been good with kids, but to her surprise she and her son actually got along. She had to have some help with her parenting skills but all in all, she had been doing a damn good job.

"Why would you keep something like this from me?" Orochimaru asked, his silky voice going slightly cold.

"I think you know why." Anko replied her voice steely.

"You were afraid that I would hurt the boy." Orochimaru replied with a short laugh. "Anko, why would I do that? After all, with him having inherited my genetics, there would be no reason to conduct any kind of experiment on him. Though it would be interesting to see how things are different between mine and his body." Orochimaru said the last part almost to himself but still loud enough for Anko to hear.

"You will not lay a finger on my son." Anko said as she pulled the boy closer to her.

Orochimaru wagged a finger at her. "Anko, you should not be so selfish. That would be our son. It is only right to share."

Anko sucked in a breath. She knew that her son was picking up on her fear but she was trying to calm herself. "I will not share my son even if you are his father!"

"Anko, that hurts me." Orochimaru said. "I will have a part in my son's life. If you would like things to go better for him, I suggest that you cooperate with me. If not, one day the boy will be missing and then you will have to tell your precious secret to the Hokage and everyone will know who the mysterious father is."

Anko opened her mouth to reply that he could not take her son from her, but she knew he could. She knew he would. "What would cooperating with you mean?" She asked him as she shifted the boy in her arms who had decided that the timing was perfect for a nap.

"When the boy is old enough to be trained, you will ask for an extended leave from the village. He will not be trained by anyone here. You will bring him to wherever I may be and both of you will stay with me. When the boy is of age, you can leave. He can stay with me or go with you."

Anko sighed. She knew that her son would stay with his father; he would make sure of that. And that meant that she would never see Konoha again. There was no way that she would leave her son alone with him for as long as she was alive. Even though she knew that she could be sick and sadistic, she paled in comparison to Orochimaru. And someone had to be there to tell her son the ways of the Leaf Village. She knew that Orochimaru would mention his home in disgust and would have her son trying to take it down.

"I'll let you know when he is of age." Anko said.

"I will make sure of it." Orochimaru said as he walked over to his child and the child's mother. He caressed her cheek and placed a hand on the boy's head then he was gone.

Anko sighed. She knew that he would be looking in on her or have spies who would. She knew that she could not protect her baby boy forever. This was a moment where she almost wished that she had given him up for adoption so that he would never have to know who his father was and would never have to be bothered by him. But she would not have been able to live with herself if she had done that. As her thoughts turned once again to Orochimaru, she gave a rueful smile. He had caused her pain and would continue to cause her pain, but there was something to be said for it. If it did not kill you, it made you stronger. And with all the pain she was experiencing, she was going to be damn strong one day and would be able to get her son out of his father's clutches somehow.

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