Fleurs dans un Vase de Porcelaine
By: Manna


001: That Stupid Vase

Thanks to the poor placement of a vase—or her own clumsiness, or a myriad of other things—she had been forced to enter a whole new world. Sure, the idea sounded cheesy and completely and utterly fake, but it was nothing short of the truth.

Ouran itself was a world of its own; an abyss separated the school from the rest of humanity. The Host Club, on the other hand, was a world that didn't belong to her, nor to the distinguished Ouran Academy. It was a world within a world.

All of the crazy people, the insane ideas, the cosplay, everything…was so different compared to what she had always considered the norm. (Not that Haruhi was really the type to pay attention to what was normal or not.) Most high school students didn't drive a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes, but…most high school students would also consider themselves too old to pay elementary school games.

Normal and abnormal couldn't really be used to describe Ouran, let alone the Host Club.

Haruhi Fujioka stared blankly ahead at the six oddballs that called themselves the Host Club as she balanced a tray with snacks and tea on it in her hand. It was the beginning of another day in a rather strange world—where, for example, a snack cake cost more than her best pair of shoes—and it was all because of that stupid vase.

But maybe—just maybe—it was a good thing that the expensive glass monstrosity had been so inconveniently placed.


Author Notes:

This is a collection of drabbles. My first time writing for this fandom, so feedback is definitely appreciated. The title is French, and translates to Flowers in a Porcelain Vase. Thanks for reading!