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James walked up to the wreckage that was his home in Godric Hallow. He slowly made his way into the burnt and charred house. Lying on the floor was a man that he knew from work, who ironically had the same name as him. Briefly James wondered what the man was doing here, but it was only a passing thought as he made his way up stairs to his children's room. The door wasn't even attached anymore, but scattered into pieces on the floor. He saw Lilly, fallen on the floor in front of the cribs. He reached the first crib with fear in his heart.

There, laying in the crib was his son, Harry. He was completely still. James reached out a shaky hand and placed it on the infants chest, but he couldn't feel any movements. A tear slowly slid down his cheek as he realized his sons fate. As he was pulling his hand away, he heard a slight whimper. James froze, praying he heard what he thought he heard. When the second whimper came, James took quick steps the next crib to see his daughter Alex, Harry younger twin sister, with her eyes wide open. Eyes that had always reminded him of his love. Eyes that were now red and puffy from crying and had a puddle of water on the rim of her eyes as if she was about to cry again.

It was then that his eyes traveled lower, just below her right collar bone and slightly above her chest he saw a lightning bolt scar, red and bleeding. A scar that had not been there when James had left the house earlier that night. And he knew where it had come from and why it was there.

James was well aware of the prophecy, which was why he and Lilly had gone into hiding. They had had Sirius as their secret keeper, much to the chagrin of Lilly, who was not fond of his best friend to say the least. Which was probably one of the reasons why she had convinced both him and Sirius to make Peter the Secret Keeper. Lilly had argued that no one would possibly go after him because no one would ever think that they would pick him. Which was true, making Peter their Secret Keeper had never crossed James' mind. Which obviously had been a good thing. James didn't have to be a genius to put together the fact that his house was attacked three days after they switched Secret Keepers.

But the prophecy had said that Voldemort would mark one as his own and if that scar wasn't a mark, James didn't know what was. But the only thought going through James' mind was that he didn't want this. He didn't want his one year old daughter to be marked as the chosen one. He didn't want to lose his son. He didn't want to lose the love of his life. But unfortunately all three were happening to him. He couldn't do anything about the ones that he had lost, but he could do something about his daughters future.

Quickly, he grabbed a blanket that managed to survive the blast and wrapped it around his daughter, picking her up and setting her against his chest. He then laid a piece of wood off the ground and set it in the crib. He performed a strong transfiguration spell, turning the piece of wood into a still form of his daughter. James was extremely good at transfiguration and knew that no one would presume that this wasn't his real daughter. Walking over to Harry's crib, he rested his hand on his chest again, hoping he had been wrong the first time, but Harry's little body still didn't make any movement.

Hesitating slightly, James did something that he never thought he would do and hoped he would never do again. He tapped into dark magic. Running his finger along the scar on his daughters chest, he said the incantation and the scar glowed green and his finger throbbed from the magic. Then he reached over and placed his finger on Harry's forehead, retracing the shape of the scar from his sister while saying the next part of the incantation. When he pulled his finger away and exact replica of his sisters scar was now glowing green and his forehead. Saying the last of the incantation, the green glow from the two scars intensified to an almost blinding state and then disappeared. The scar remained on his daughter, but now there was an exact replica of it on his sons forehead, just as read and bloody as the original. When found their would be no questioning the fact that the marked one had died.

"I am so sorry Harry. I wish I could take you and give you a proper burial, but I have to do what's best for your sister. She can't grow up. Sirius will make sure your arrangements are proper. I love you son. I always will." said James, tears flowing freely down his face. Alex, sensing something was not right, wiped the tears from her daddy's cheek and then gave him a small kiss where the tears had been. James gave her a loving smile at the gesture.

"Say goodbye to your brother Alex. He is going where he will be loved." he said, knowing that his love would be with him.

"Bye 'arry. Luv you." said Ales, blowing him a kiss.

"Come on darling." said James, taking Alex to the study. Opening one of his filing cabinets, he said a charm and the back opened into small compartment. Grabbing his money bad and a photo album, he shut the drawer and walked down stairs. Quickly he transfigured the man on the floor to look like him just as he had done with the wood in the children's room.

He took one more glance around his house. He had enough money shrunk in the money bag to live comfortable for the remainder of their lives. No one would come looking for them, because they would think they were dead. He was done with the wizarding world. It had made his life miserable. He had taken the love of his life away from him, along with his first born son, and marked his daughter for a ridiculous prophecy. Now Alex was all he had to live for and he was going to make sure she grew up far from the wizarding world and this damn prophecy. Magic will always be apart of her, apart of him as well, but that didn't mean she couldn't have a normal life without anything remotely related to this place. As for as he is concerned it no longer existed. Unable to stop himself, James walked back upstairs for one last look at his son.

"Goodbye Harry." he said then apparated away with Alex with one loud pop!

What James didn't see was the jerk that the baby had made at the sudden loud pop. What James didn't hear was the strangled breath that baby Harry drew on, or the other that quickly followed. What James didn't know was that his was very much alive. It was a crying baby Harry that Sirius and an alive baby Harry that he gave to Hagrid to be delivered to the Dursleys. What everyone didn't know was the true events that wrongly marked Harry Potter as the Boy Who Lived.

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