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Above Karakura town, on a roof of one of it's many buildings, sat a young woman, clad in an odd black out fit that looked a bit samurai like. Her hair was a midnight black and straight until the little wisp it took at its ends, curving them slightly. It was late outside, you could tell from how high the moon was in the sky. The young woman looked at a long paper list, studying it.

"I feel it here", she muttered to herself, "Strange... I sense enormous spirit energy..." She then proceeded to jump from the roof and to a light pole before heading off.

At a bit of an earlier time, in small patch of road normally used for skateboarding stood a young "boy" with short, bright orange hair and brown eyes. In front of said "boy" was a skater, passed out on the ground with a skate board in front of his face. All of the skater's friends were freaking out.

"What the", one of the skaters yelled out, "You come here, stomp Li'l Yama in the face, and order us out like we was dogs?!"

"You crazy, punk", another one asked, "Got a death wish? Speak!"

The young "boy" looked over at the skater with a look of annoyance. "He" thought to himself how stupid this all was.

"Say something you-", the skater began again before he was promptly kicked in the face by the annoyed teen, hitting the ground out cold.

"Lord Buddha", one of the skaters in the background exclaimed.

"He dropped Li'l Toshi", another one exclaimed.

"This is messed up", the first skater said, "Real messed up... That's one bloodthirsty berry head..."

"That guy's a total stone-cold psycho", the second said, "Mess with him and he'll kill you!"

"Shut up", the teen said in annoyance, stepping on the back of the skater knocked out with one foot, "All of you chumps, look at that!" The teen was pointing to a vase lying on its side against a near-by pole. The vase was broken and water was all over the ground, the two flowers in the vase still were a bit beat up.

"Question one", the teen exclaimed, freaking out the skaters with "his" loudness, "What's that?! You, smelly lookin' dude!! You tell me!!" The teen pointed to the first skater.

The first skater pointed to himself. "Huh", he said, "Me? Smelly?... Uhm… An offering for some dead kid?"

"Check out the brain on smelly", the teen growled as he kicked the guy in the face, the other skaters ran over to their fallen comrade, calling him "Li'l Mitch" and asking him if he was all right, "Question two! Why is that vase lying on its side?" The teen gained a bit of a dark look.

A third skater looked at him. "Dat's 'cuz, we knocked it over with out skate… boards", he said. Both him and the second skater gained creeped out looks.

"Is that so", the teen began, before pointing behind "himself", "Then you better apologize to her, hadn't you?!" Behind the teen was the ghost of a young girl. She wore a simple dress and had pigtails, but the left half of her face and a bit of the shoulder of her dress was covered in blood.

All the skaters began to scream and began to run off, yelling their apologies and how they'd never do it again.

The young teen scoffed as soon as they were out of sight. "Well", the teen began, tone becoming lighter and a bit more feminine, "I don't think they'll be back... I'm sorry for using you like that..."

"That's okay", the little girl replied with a smile at the teen, "I asked you to get rid of 'em... I was glad to help..."

The young teen, now clearly a girl, nodded slightly. "I'll bring fresh flowers soon", she said as she gathered herself together.

The young ghost nodded. "Okay", she said, "Thank you. Now I can rest peacefully."

"No problem", the teen said as she walked away, "Yeah, you rest in peace..."

Hello. My name is Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm fifteen years old and a student in high school. And for as long as I can remember, I've seen the ghosts of the dearly departed. Not only can I see them, but I can also speak to them. My family runs the local clinic. We're entrusted with the lives of the living, maybe there's some connection there. All I know is, I was born with my special abilities.

"I'm home", Ichigo said as she walked inside, not getting very far before being assaulted by a middle aged man with a swift kick to the face and a yell of, "You're late!"

The man stood over her, hand on hips with an annoyed look. "Do you know what time it is delinquent", he said in annoyance, "Dinner in this house is at 7 o'clock sharp, every night!"

"Jerk", Ichigo yelled as she stood up, clutching her head, "Is that how you greet your son who just helped a ghost find peace?!"

"No excuses", the man yelled, Isshin by name, "The rules of my house are iron! You break 'em, you gotta bleed! Or, maybe you want to rub it in my face that you can see ghosts and I can't?! Why can't I have the gift?! Why?!"

"I didn't ask for it", Ichigo yelled at him.

"Shut up", Isshin yelled back, "And don't refer to yourself like that! You are a GIRL for crying out loud!"

"If I act like a girl, how am I supposed to gain any sort of freaking respect", Ichigo exclaimed in utter annoyance, "The only people who have any sort of respect are men, not women..."

"Please stop fighting", one of the girls sitting at the table with blond hair said with a sigh, "Dinner's getting cold..."

The other one, one with black purplish hair shook her head. "Let 'em fight, Yuzu", she said, "Leaves more for us..."

"Your rules are way too strict", Ichigo said in annoyance, pointing at her father accusingly, "Decent fathers don't make their teenage sons be home by 7:00!!"

"And again, you refer to yourself as a boy", Isshin cried.

"Shut up", Ichigo said in annoyance, "I'll call myself a boy if I want to!!"

"Whoa", Yuzu exclaimed, "Ichigo, I think you have a new "friend" haunting you." She pointed to the ghost hovering behind Ichigo. The host was of a middle aged looking man with slicked back hair and glasses.

Ichigo turned quickly. "Hey", she said in annoyance, "Geez, when did you...? I exorcise one and another latches onto me!! Crap!!"

Karin, the other daughter sitting at the table, looked over at her older sister, claimed brother. Her arm was slung over the back of her chair, chopsticks hanging from her mouth, an indifferent look on her face. "She sees them, talks to them, touches them, and channels them", she said blandly, "A quadruple threat. Must be a pain, Strawberry, to be in such high demand."

"But you know", Yuzu started, "We're bound to be a little envious of you, Ichigo. They're just blurry shapes to me. I'd love to see one clearly."

"Not me", Karin said with a snort raising her bowl to her lips, "I don't believe in ghosts..."

"Huh", Yuzu asked in confusion, "But you see them too, Karin! Only daddy can't."

"Dummy", Karin said rolling her eyes looking away, "I'm in permanent denial. If I refuse to believe in them, it's like they don't exist." The ghost in the background sniveled a little at being rejected totally by the young girl.

"So", Karin began pulling out a few cards with ideas on them, "Here's my latest plat. 'Want to flirt with ghosts while being caressed by the first breeze of summer? A limited engagement for the month of May, the Karuizawa ghost picnic.'"

"Cherry Blossom watching was last month, right", Yuzu asked her.

"Dammit, Karin", Ichigo yelled in annoyance, "You're not making money off my grief!! I'm not a freak show!!!"

"Dropped your guard", Isshin exclaimed grinning madly as he landed another assault by sitting on his poor daughter. He paused for a moment before the teen threw him off and stomped up the stairs muttering every curse word imaginable.

For real... I've been able to see ghosts for as long as I can remember. I see the dead as well as I see the living. So...

"That's it, I'm going to bed", Ichigo yelled over her shoulder.

"Oh, Ichigo", Yuzu yelled after her.

"She left", Karin stated dully, before pointing a look at her father, "It's your fault dad."

"What'd I do", Isshin asked.

"Ichigo's been under a lot of pressure lately", Yuzu scolded her father, "She told me more ghosts than ever have been haunting her. She's fed up!"

"What", Isshin exclaimed, "She talks about stuff like that with you!!"

"I'll take some supper up to her room later", Yuzu said with a sigh.

"That girl", Isshin started, "Why doesn't she come to me with her problems?"

"Are you serious", Karin asked in annoyance before turning her chair away from him, "I wouldn't bring my problems to you either. You're over forty yet possess the emotional maturity of a preschooler..."

Isshin jolted to attention at that before collapsing into sobs, hanging onto a memorial picture hung in the room, assumed to be his deceased wife. "Aw, mother", he started, "Maybe it's because they've hit puberty, but our daughters treat me like dirt... What should I do?"

"First, take down that stupid memorial picture", Karin said dully, ignoring her father's sniveling, which was quite pathetic in her eyes.

The existence of soul reapers...

Ichigo slammed her door shut, the sign with a fifteen on it outside her door swaying slightly. "Geez", she began, voice lightening a bit once more now that she was in the privacy of her own room, "Why is my family so weird?"

Ichigo looked up and saw a peculiar sight, a black butterfly fluttering about in the room. "A black swallowtail butterfly", she asked curiously, "Where'd it come from?"

Ichigo's eyes widened as she stared at the wall.

Had never crossed my mind...

The young woman previously looking over Karakura had come through the wall.

"What the", Ichigo began in shock.

The young woman landed on the ground and looked up at the opposite wall to her. "It's close", she said vaguely.

Ichigo kicked her from behind, making her land face first on the ground. "How's that for close, jerk-off", she yelled, voice taking on a deeper tone, more boy sounding, before pointing accusingly at the woman, "Psh!! Pretty cocky for a burglar, aintcha?! What's close?! The safe? Is that burglar-speak or something?!"

The young woman turned, eyes wide. "You", she began, "You can see me?! And… You kicked me!!"

"Huh", Ichigo said in annoyance, "Stop yammering! Heck yeah I can see you..."

Ichigo was soon kicked from behind by her father as he burst through the door, and she promptly landed on the floor face first. "Quiet, delinquent", he said in annoyance, "Stop jumping around up here!!"

Ichigo soon was back on her feet and kicked him in the back as well as punched him. "How can I be quiet when I'm subduing intruders", she growled in her male voice before pointing in the black haired woman's direction, "Look at this!! Where's our home security?!"

Isshin stood up fully and gave his daughter an utterly confused look. "Huh", he asked, "Look at who? What?"

"Huh", Ichigo asked in slight confusion, a vein throbbing on her cheek as she pointed behind herself at the person standing behind her, "The chick in the samurai gear..."

"It is no use", Rukia said closing her eyes to which Ichigo turned to her with an eyebrow raised, "Normal people cannot see me... I'm a Soul Reaper..."

Back at the street where Ichigo had left the spirit of the small girl ghost he had helped find peace with, stood a monster with a whole through its chest. Blood splatters littered everything as the monster ripped through the spiritual body of the little girl.

"Near", it began, voice harsh and raspy, "Much spirit energy... Near by..." The monster threw down the lifeless soul onto the ground.

"That's your story", Ichigo asked, closing her eyes and crossing her arms as she sat on one side of the small table and the woman on the other, "You're a soul reaper, and... You came all the way from this soul society thing... to vanquish an evil spirit. That makes sense..." Ichigo then got up quickly, flipped up the table. "Are you out of your freaking mind?!"

"What", the soul reaper said, alerting to attention before throwing the teen an incredulous look as she stood up, "You insolent... You see ghosts, yet you do not believe in soul reapers?!"

Ichigo snort as she gave the woman a look like she was stupid or something. "Of course not", she said, "I've never seen a Soul reaper before. I don't believe anything until I see it." She then placed a hand on the back of the Soul Reaper's head and gave her a shove. "Since dad couldn't see you, you're probably not living", Ichigo commented, "But go play 'Soul Reaper' somewhere else! Got that, you little snot?"

Veins popped out all over the woman's forehead and she got a nasty smile on her face. "You dare speak to me that way", she asked before holding up her index and middle finger and pointing them at Ichigo, "Binding spell the first! Sai!"

Ichigo's eyes widened as her arms were forced behind her back and bound painfully together. She began to yelp in pain soon after as she tumbled face first to the floor, the soul reaper pressing a foot into her back. "Crazy girl", Ichigo spat, "What did you do?!"

"Heh heh, it's useless", the soul reaper said with a smirk and she pressed her foot further into the teen's back, "This is Kido, the demon way, a high-level spell only a soul reaper can cast!" Her look turned condescending soon after. "Despite my appearance, I've lived nearly ten of your lives", she said, "Yet you dare call me 'little snot'? I would kill an insolent fool like you, but the provisional spirit law forbids unauthorized executions... I'll let you off with a minor case of paralysis this time. Be grateful, little snot!"

Ichigo growled in response, muttering about wannabe samurais and such of that nature. Soon, her eyes opened wide as the soul reaper raised her sword above her head. She closed her eyes and waited for the woman to strike and when she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find the woman had hit the soul from down in the kitchen earlier on the forehead with the back of her hilt. Ichigo watched in confusion.

"N... no", the ghost stuttered as tears filled his eyes, "I... Don't want to go to hell!"

"Do not presume", the soul reaper said gently, "What awaits you is not hell. It is the soul society." She took her sword away from the ghost's head, where a kanji was placed on it. "Unlike hell", she continued, "It is a restful place..."

The soul soon began to fall into a circle of light and fade into it. As soon as the ghost was gone, two butterflies flew from the spot it once was.

Ichigo finally found her voice soon after. "What... What happened", she asked with a surprised look, "Where's the ghost?"

The woman straightened herself. "I sent him to the soul society", she said looking down at Ichigo, "I performed Konso, the soul funeral. You call it "passing on" in your language. It is one of the duties of a soul reaper. To ask if you believe me or not no longer seems necessary." She reached into her uniform. "I will explain this so even a brat like you can understand. Be silent and listen." She pulled out a notebook and a pencil. She then held up two fingers.

"Now, in the realm, there are two types of souls", she started as she began to draw pictures to illustrate what she was saying, "The first types are the 'wholes', the normal spirits. The ghosts you know of are this type." She held up a picture of a bunny head surrounded by hearts with the words 'whole and 'Good spirit' in the background.

"Now, the other type", she said beginning to draw something else, "We call 'Hollows'. Hollows attack the living and the dead indiscriminately, and devour their souls. Hollows are 'evil spirits'." She held up a picture of a gerbil head with lightening bolts around it. The words 'hollow' and 'bad spirit' in the background.

She looked over at Ichigo as she held both drawing up at the same time. "Any questions so far", she asked.

Ichigo stared at the drawings for a moment. "Hm, why do your drawings suck so bad", she asked for her own sake of amusement.

A vein popped out on the soul reaper's forehead and she took her marker and scribbled on Ichigo's face in retaliation.

"Hey", Ichigo yelled at her back, mad over the fact the soul reaper had drawn a mustache on her face, "You took advantage of my helplessness!"

"Let us continue", the woman said tossing her marker up and down as she sat back down in her place and began drawing more pictures, "Monsieur General~!"

"We soul reapers have two principle duties", she began as she held up her next picture. The picture was of a bunny head on the right side of the page with an arrow pointing to the left side of the paper with Konso written above said arrow. The arrow pointed to a little box with the words soul society written in it. "First", she said as she pointed to her picture, "To conduct wholes to the soul society by the means of Konso."

She then held up another picture, this time of the gerbil head surrounded by lightening again. It had a red X across the face and the word 'Kapow!' in the background. "The second", she said, "To vaporize hollows. Which is my mission now."

Ichigo looked over at her, still a bit peeved as she was trying to wipe the marker mustache on the floor. "Hang on", she said as she raised her head up, "You mean there's a hollow around here now?"

The raven haired soul reaper, as she stood holding up both pictures, nodded. "There is", she said.

Ichigo's eye twitched. "Are you stupid", she yelled, "Don't stand there yapping! Go vaporize it!"

The soul reaper looked over at Ichigo, and then looked away. "Actually... that is", she began, stumbling for the right words, "I have not been able to sense its presence for some time now.

Ichigo gained a confused look. "Wha", she began, "Why not? What the-" Ichigo was cut off by a howl of pure agony that sent shivers down her spine. 'Ahh', she thought, 'What was... that?'

The soul reaper seemed not to hear it as Ichigo turned her attention once more to her. "Like something obstructing my senses", she was saying to herself as she had her back to Ichigo.

"Hey, hey soul reaper", Ichigo said, trying to get her attention.

The soul reaper turned and looked over at the orange haired teen. "What's wrong", she asked.

"What's wrong", Ichigo began in annoyance, "That blood curdling howl? What was that?!"

The soul reaper looked at Ichigo in slight surprise. "Blood curdling howl", she asked, "Maybe-" She was silenced as she then heard another cry of the hollow. 'I heard it', she thought as she looked towards the doorway, 'That was... the cry of a hollow! But... it's like I'm hearing it through some unseen filter. What is it I'm sensing?!'

She then turned to look at Ichigo, still on the floor with a slightly troubled expression. 'But how could', she began to think, 'This one have... heard the cry before I sensed it?!'

A crash sounded downstairs as well as a scream. "That was Yuzu", Ichigo said, starting to panic that her sisters could be in terrible danger. The soul reaper dashed towards the door. "Hey! Where are you going?! That horrible noise was the cry of a hollow?!"

"Yes", she said as she looked at Ichigo over her shoulder, "I'm going to go kill it! Stay here!"

"Hold up", Ichigo yelled, "That's my family being attacked!! Undo your spell! NOW!"

"Don't be a fool", the woman half yelled at him, "There is nothing you can do! You'll only succeed in adding to the body count! Be quiet and leave this to me! Understand?!" She opened the door to the teens room and a rush of spiritual pressure almost pushed her back. "What", she began to say. 'This spirit energy', she thought, 'I did not sense it until now!' What is happening to me?!'

"I... Ichigo-nee", a voice called and Ichigo and the soul reaper's eyes widened as Karin crawled over to the doorway covered in blood, "Are you okay?"

"Karin", Ichigo called out in panic.

Karin smiled in relief. "Good", she said, "It hasn't come this way... It happened so fast... Dad's back exploded and he fell... Then it went for me and Yuzu... so fast... I thought... had to warn... Ichigo-nee... What is it?... I didn't get a good look... I don't think dad or Yuzu could see it... Ichigo... Hurry... Before it find you... Run..." With that, the girl passed out on the ground and Ichigo began to grit her teeth.

"It's okay", the woman said as she knelt next to the girl, "She just passed out." She turned around and abruptly stood up straight as Ichigo was trying to break her Kido. "Stop! What are you doing?! STOP! No human's strength is enough to break the Kido! If you force it, your soul will..."

As the soul reaper tried in vain to persuade Ichigo not to hurt herself, Ichigo used all her might and gave a scream and finally wretched her arms apart and broke the kido. The woman stood stiff as Ichigo ran past her with a bat in hand.

'Impossible', she thought to herself as she turned slightly to watch the teen, 'He... Or is it she... broke the kido by her own power?! That cannot be!'

"Wait", she called after the teen as she ran down the stairs at a rapid pace. 'Just what is she', she thought, soon following the girl.

'Yuzu', Ichigo thought as she raced through the house, 'Dad!' She passed many pieces of furniture upturned or broken and her dad lying against the wall not even moving. Ichigo then made it to the kitchen where a huge whole in the wall resided. She could see the outline of something outside the house. As the thing turned to her, her eyes widened in fright.

'It... it's a...', she began to think, 'Hollow!... When she said evil spirit, I thought it'd look human... But it's a monster!!' Ichigo held onto her arm as she began to tremble violently. 'This is bad! Really bad! Why am I shaking?! I'm not afraid of this thing!! I've seen tons of ghosts! It's just another one!' She grit her teeth again and made to move forward but her eyes widened when she noticed Yuzu in the monster's hand. "YUZU!"

Yuzu turned her head and looked at Ichigo with tears in her eyes. "Ichi-nee", she said softly.

Ichigo gripped her bat hard and ran forward with a cry. She aimed to hit the thing but it just knocked her away like she was a bug. She landed on the ground a ways away and looked to see her bat broken close to her hand and her eyes widened once more. The hollow loomed above her and brought up its hand to strike her before the soul reaper intercepted and took a slice at its arm with her sword. Ichigo rushed forward with a cry and caught Yuzu and started to shake her awake, calling her name in the process.

"Stay calm", the soul reaper called to him, "The hollow hasn't eaten the souls of your family yet! Not even the soul of your father who lays on the floor!"

Ichigo was at some piece of mind with that information but jumped back in with questioning. "Wait", she called at the soul reaper, "You said hollows attack people to eat their souls!! So why'd that thing attack my family?!"

"Hollows are drawn to high levels of spirit energy", the soul reaper explained, "But they also attack opportunistically..."

"What's that supposed to mean", Ichigo asked.

"I've never known a human who could see a soul reaper", the soul reaper began, "Or break a binding spell... I have never heard of a human with so much spirit energy... I believe he was looking... for you..." Ichigo's eyes widened and neither of the two noticed the hollow as it began to flex a newly generated arm.

"It was after me", Ichigo exclaimed, "All this... was because of me?! My dad's dying over there... Karin... and Yuzu bleeding... All of this..."

"Wait", Rukia said as she turned towards the teen, "That's not what I meant!" She was cut off as she was thrown toward a wall and crashed into it.

"Soul reaper", Ichigo called, looking in her direction. She then turned back to the hollow and her eyes narrowed as she grit her teeth. "I've had enough... of you!!"

On the other side of the street, the soul reaper stood up from the rubble. "I failed to guard my flank", she said to herself, "How careless... Shameful..." Her eyes widened as she noticed Ichigo standing in from of the hollow.

"Hey, ugly", Ichigo taunted the hollow, "You want my soul?" She pointed to herself as the hollow licked its lips hungrily. "Then fight me like a man! Forget the others! It's me you want! So kill me!"

Ichigo watched as the hollow rushed forward but her eyes widened as the soul reaper stepped in front of her and the hollow bit her instead. She dropped to the ground and Ichigo was calling Soul reaper to her over and over again.

"You... fool", the soul reaper said as blood pooled around her, "Did you think it would be over if you gave him your soul? Then you are a fool."

Ichigo looked down in shame. "I'm sorry", she said, "I just wanted to..."

"I fear", the soul repeater starting, "I can not console you... I am too badly injured to fight it... It is a matter of time... Before we all become its food..."

Ichigo looked down and berated herself for not being strong enough o protect her family, knowing it was her fault all of this had happened.

The soul reaper stared up at the teen for a moment. "Do you wish to save your family", she asked.

Ichigo jumped at her words. "Just tell me how", she said quickly, "I'd do anything! Tell me!"

"There is a way", the soul reaper said as she picked up her sword, "I should say... There is only one way... You must... become a soul reaper."

Ichigo's eyes widened and her posture became rigid. "What", she asked, "What're you talking about?! I can't be a..."

"You can", the woman said as she held up her sword, "Place the point of Zanpakuto, ghost cutter, over your heart... And I will infuse you with half of my soul reaper powers--- my dark force! You will temporarily have the powers of a soul reaper. To give you a chance against the hollow."

"Are you sure you can do something like that", Ichigo asked hesitantly.

"I don't know", the woman said, "Perhaps, because your soul is so powerful, but... The chance of success is low, and... If we fail, you die... But there is no other way! Nor time to ponder it!"

"Ichigo", Yuzu called out in a small voice making both heads turn to look at her, "Where are you... Ichigo..."

"Yuzu", Ichigo said, eyes softening, "Is she having a bad dream?"

"Don't come", Yuzu said in her sleep, "Danger... Run... Ichigo..."

Ichigo's eyes widened as things began to click into place in her mind. 'This is so bad', she thought, 'My sisters... worrying about me when they were in danger... To consider my won safety now... I'd have to be a real punk to do that...'

"Give me that sword, soul reaper", Ichigo said with a new found confidence, "We'll try your plan..."

The woman smiled lightly up at the determined teen. "Not 'soul reaper'", she said, "I am Rukia Kuchiki."

"Oh, Ichigo Kurosaki", Ichigo replied in return, "Nice to meet ya'. Let's pray this won't be our last meeting."

They soon began to hurry as the hollow made its way towards them again. Rukia put her sword over the area of Ichigo's heart. When both gave the signal of being ready, Rukia stabbed her sword through Ichigo.

A white light surrounded the area, soon enough dimming down and the hollow made to rush towards the figure standing up, but it's arm laid on the ground seconds later. Ichigo held her huge sword behind her that was almost as tall as she was, resting it on her shoulder and sent a dark look towards the hollow.

Rukia laid off to the side, wearing a white kimono now with an incredulous look. "No", she said, "I meant for only half... I have lost all my spiritual powers... And, this sensation... like before... I could not sense the hollow's presence... And I heard it through an unseen filter... Why did I not see this before!!! My senses were being jammed by an incredible force! But she was the source of it! That room was full of spirit energy... from HER. That was what was confusing my senses!' She stared in wonder as Ichigo attacked the hollow.

'Never have I heard of a human who could see a soul reaper', Rukia thought, 'Never have I seen a human break a binding spell! The zanpaku-to responds to dark force by changing... Never have I seen one so huge!'

She watched as Ichigo chopped off a portion of the hollow's leg, making it fall towards her.

"That's for attacking my family", she yelled, voice once again reverting to that feminine tone, "You fish faced freak!!"

'What in the world', Rukia thought as Ichigo slashed through the hollow down the middle, 'IS this child?!'

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