*Entry from the private journal of Jaina Solo*:

Every one thinks of me as so focused, so sure, the Sword of the Jedi… I don't know what they would do if they knew exactly how unsure I am. Drowning in guilt over killing my own brother; I know Uncle Luke said it had to be done, but I still don't understand WHY ME? Why did I have to be the one to feel Jacen return to himself in that split second before my lightsaber connected with his neck? Why did it have to be me that had to go to Mandalore to be trained by none other than Boba Fett and his Mando'a family? Why couldn't Luke have done it?

He said that it was my destiny to kill my brother at this point in time, but I had heard that prophecy too many times to count by different people in different times. It lacks true meaning to me. I don't believe that osik that Luke fed me about how he couldn't go after Jacen because it was a path that would lead to the dark side. Well, follow your own fripping teachings! If you recognize the path, DON'T FOLLOW IT! Choose the other way as any Jedi would do. Fierfek! It's just completely ridiculous.

And as if THAT inner turmoil wasn't enough, I have one other thing on my plate to deal with… well, one other person: the man whom I had once loved and may actually love again.

Jagged Fel…

Oh Force, I am in such deep poodoo.

*End of Entry*