Deep space was a beautiful thing, Jaina thought as she looked out her view port. Deep space was also nothing like this jumbled mass of people and space lanes constantly in motion around this place: Coruscant, the galactic center.

Her derisive snort was lost in the clanging from her message alert system. Already she could hear a harried landing controller telling her which lanes would grant her fastest access to the Jedi Temple landing bay.

With an aggravated sigh, Jaina took the Shadow into the Coruscanti atmosphere. As she approached the landing pad she could see fifteen or so beings awaiting her landing. Probably a few masters and knights with their apprentices, Jaina thought, but one of them was definitely her uncle.

Jaina had barely opened the access hatch when the group began walking up the ramp and into the shadow. She deftly stepped out of the way as they made their progress into the ship. Jaina smiled at the ones she knew and exited the ship to greet her uncle.

Unlike the others, Luke hadn't boarded the Shadow, nor had Jaina expected him to. The Shadow, to him, was still too close to Mara Jade for him to sit in it comfortably.

"Are you flying Stealth-X escort Uncle Luke?" Jaina asked.

Luke shrugged as if embarrassed, "Well, I thought I would let Kyp pilot the Shadow. He always wanted to."

Jaina grinned, attempting to put her uncle at ease. "Well, we can't deprive the great Master Durron of anything. That fragile ego of his might just shatter."

"I heard that." yelled a voice from somewhere behind Luke. "Just for that I should take her through an asteroid belt."

Jaina laughed mischievously, and said "If you do, I'll shave your head bald in your sleep. Imagine that, a bald Kyp Durron, imagine the state of your ego then."

Kyp ran a hand through his long hair, "As I was saying, I'll be flying her as safely as possible Jedi Solo."

"Many thanks Master Durron." she gave him a quick hug. "I'm gonna warm up my Stealth-X. You've got a Grade-A escort today. And not a scratch on her or you'll have me AND Mara-Jade haunting you from now until eternity."

Jaina waked off, entering the hold of the Shadow. Once they had cleared atmosphere she could launch. There was little chance of interference during this flight, so it would be relatively quick and boring.

Ten minutes later they were off and in another ten Jaina launched her Stealth-X and held a defensive formation with Luke.

Another Journey had begun.