Disclaimer- I don't own warriors, most stores will be referenced or taken from actual stores. I DO NOT own any of these characters other than Saltpaw and Peppersneeze. The others belong to the reviewers.

"Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!" Peppersneeze imitated through a megaphone, until all the cats were outside, blinking sleep out of their eyes and yawning. Some of the cats (Snowfeather and Saltpaw) tried to grab the megaphone, but randomly placed security guards held them back. Saltpaw clawed at the air, wailing a high note. Peppersneeze handed the microphone to Headache, who was groaning and covering his ears. The cats took it gracefully and ripped it to shreds a Peppersneeze turned to the crowd.

"I know you're all very excited. Today we're going to be going to the shopping complex. I will be handing out maps of the shopping area, and I hope you will have time to go through all the needed stores and find all your needed items." A whoop of joy came from the cats as Peppersneeze led the way out to the front and two tour buses arrived. Peppersneeze got next to the door on the glittering golden bus and lined half of the cats in, watching them sit comfortably by the TV, playing games on another TV, piling upstairs to the games area to play air hockey, snooker, and other electronic games. The cats on the lower floor made carpet angels in a shaggy carpet and Peppersneeze nodded to the driver, who took off at top speed. "Everybody else get on that bus!" he yowled at the top of his lungs, looking around for a megaphone.

The cats piled onto the bus and Peppersneeze counted them on, surveying the lower floor of cats sipping champagne, making clumsy carpet angels, playing Mario-Kart on the Wii, watching CNN! (Cats' News Now!), bugging the driver, and climbing up the spiral staircase to the upper floor. Peppersneeze nodded in satisafaction and the driver took this as a "Go" and several cats lurched off the stairs in the sudden slam of brakes. Peppersneeze glared at the driver and cursed, moving towards the stairs. He walked up and pushed Saltpaw aside, grabbing her remote for Mario-Kart on the uostairs Wii. Several cats lounged in hammocks, some played air-hockey and snooker and Saltpaw tried to attack Peppersneeze, but was held back with one hind-paw. The bus lurched and after a few throw-ups and groans of distgust, the bus swung into stop and Peppersneeze dashed downstairs, blocking the doorway. A hiss slammed into him and he flung it away with ease. The driver lay back and immediately started snoring.

"Okay! All cats choose a partner! We're going in in pairs! Here's a map each, but don't leave or you're going to have that card and ahem you life ahem taken away from you!" Several cats nodded and several others shrunk slightly, and every cat took a map and got out of the bus. The stood in a small crowd at the door of the bus and Peppersneeze went on. "All you cats must stay with your partner. Any cat left alone will have to withstand the circumstances." Peppersneez contemplated if he'd used the right words, and nodded to himself.

"What are the circumstances?" Saltpaw yowled out and Peppersneeze shrugged sleepily.

I don't know! But as a wise cat whom I don't know once said, Let's cross that log when we get to it." he looked over the crowd and they shrugged, walking amongst themselves to find a partner. Peppersneeze spotted Snowfeather sidling over from the other group of cats and the two automatically became partners.

"My group is all sorted." Snowfeather announced and pointed towards a group of rapidly scattering cats. Peppersneeze nodded and waved a paw for his group to go. He yelped with joy as the cats disappeared and he and Snowfeather marched to the front of the HAWDIFY (Have A Workamn Do It For You) store.