I got up and looked in the mirror, disgusted with what I saw. Bruises and scars covered every visible inch of my body. I had a cut on my forehead that was still bleeding. I lifted up my shirt to see the damage on my stomach. I sighed when I saw all of the dry blood from the knife that he stabbed me with. I could barely breathe when I sighed because of the pain. I guess a few ribs are broken too.

My name is Isabella Swan, and I'm abused by my father. My father Charlie is the Police Chief to the good people of Forks-I know, ironic right? My mum Renee left this life of pain when I was 4, leaving me to fend for myself. I haven't heard from her since. Charlie blames me for her leaving.

I got up to go take a shower, stopping to make sure Charlie was asleep first. My strawberry shampoo soothed me, and I relaxed for just a little bit. That relaxation ended as soon as I thought about going to school tomorrow. Charlie didn't allow me to have friends, but for appearance's sake, I had one friend. His name is Carter, and he knows all about the abuse. The way he found out was an accident, but Charlie doesn't know that Carter knows, and it needs to stay that way.

Carter keeps trying to convince me to tell someone, but I know that it would just make things worse. I promised him that on my 18th birthday, I'll move out. I'm not sure if that's a promise I can keep though.

After getting all of the blood off of me, I bandage up my cuts and bind my ribs as best as I can. It would have to do. I got into bed and closed my eyes.

Morning came too soon. My alarm clock went off at 6:00, and I scrambled to turn it off quickly in case Charlie was still here. A quick glance out the window told me that he wasn't.

I took a fast shower, and picked out my outfit. A deep blue V-neck long-sleeved shirt and skinny jeans. Before getting dressed, I covered up all of my bruises that you would be able to see with that outfit with concealer.

I went downstairs and looked around the living room in horror. There were empty beer cans and broken bottles all over the floor. The knife that Charlie had used on me last night was still on the table, coated in my blood.

I had some time before I had to leave for school, and I knew hat tonight it would be worse if there was a mess, so I started to clean up. I washed all the dishes, and swept up all the glass. I put the cans in the recycling bin. I looked at the clock, and realized that I would have to hurry if I wanted to make it to school in time.

Since Charlie wouldn't let me drive, I had to walk to school. I got to class just before the bell rang. For some reason, it felt like something weird was going to happen today. I shook the feeling off, everything had been normal all day so far.

I walked into Spanish, but the teacher, Mrs. Hertz, wasn't there yet. I sat alone at my desk. There was an empty desk next to mine- no one wanted to sit next to the freak. I heard two sets of footsteps walking into the room, but didn't look up until Mrs. Hertz started talking.

When I did I was met by a bright pair of topaz eyes.