I am frick'en obsessed with Skinned so I had to write a fanfic on it hope u like xoxoPickle I don't own skinned or Quin

Quin pov

I stood at the top of the waterfall watching the the water crash over the rocks. A lite breeze blew my long black hair over my face and I brushed it always with a quick swipe of my ever ready hand. It felt so wonderful to just stand and watch the rushing water roll over the cliff, I had never felt so beautiful. I took off my shirt which was quickly followed by the removal of my pants, and with as smooth arching dive I was flying

The water would have felt cold to an org, but my mechanical body felt nothing. I caught myself wondering what is it was like to be cold, in the sixteen years that I was an org I only lived three of them outside a temperature controlled hospital.

I opened my eyes and let the water take me were it wanted to. I just hung limp in the water for a long time before I resurfaced. With several short strokes I was at the river bank were I neatly pulled my body out of the rushing river, and onto the bank. Standing there naked on the river bank, I thought of a few different ways to retrieve the clothes that I had left at the top of the cliff: scale the cliff wall, hike up and over the hill, or just forget about the clothes and get on with my life.

Who knows how or why, but sometime later I found myself holding tightly to the sheer cliff face hoping no one would see me and mistake me for an org in need of rescue. Wishing I had some sort of rock climbing training all the way some time later I managed to hall my sodden hopefully undamaged body to my clothes and car.