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Chapter One: Misunderstandings

Listen up sweetie.
We all know that you're a beautiful girl in this horrible world.
In this suggestion of horror.
The portraits on the walls...
Look at their eyes, they always seem to follow

Kakashi stared at the sight before him. Tried as he might, he couldn't really remember how he had gotten into this situation. He remembered Naruto inviting him out for drinks, and never one to pass up free alcohol, he had agreed. Sakura and Sai were there along with Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji. There was also a mix of chuunins and jounins; some that he recognized and others that he didn't really care to recognize.

Nothing went wrong there. He drank enough to get a little drunk, but not enough to get wasted. He couldn't say the same for all the others. Shikamaru was probably the only one out of them who stayed remotely sober. As impossible as it seemed, Naruto managed to become even louder in his drunken state, while Sakura and Ino had taken to flirting with Sai just to get a reaction out of him. Said man only seemed to become really confused, probably trying to recall in his drunken state what the books said to do in this situation. As for Chouji… well he ate and talked to Shikamaru.

He recalled leaving them all only a couple of hours later, despite the protests from Naruto and Sakura. Probably curious to see what he was like when he was really drunk. When he got home, he drank water to rehydrate himself, and watched TV. It was as he was starting to doze off that he heard a loud knock at his door. He chose to ignore it at first, until whoever it was took to holding down the door bell. With an annoyed sigh he got up to answer the door…

Only to find a drunken Sakura standing there, no look of shame upon her face. He knew she lived on the same street as him, but she didn't really do random visits in the middle of the night. He tried his best to smile and asked what she wanted, and for a moment she looked like she herself was trying to remember what she wanted. Finally she said that she lost the key to her house. He almost asked why she just didn't break in, she was a ninja after all, but then he remembered her drunken state. She probably couldn't tie her shoe right now.

Just as he was going to suggest he break in there for her, her face hit his apartment floor. Thinking back, he was a little ashamed he didn't catch her. He'd been a ninja far longer than she, and his reflexes were top notch. He decided to chalk it up to the alcohol and just hoped she wouldn't remember that.

After the loud bang she had made, he decided it would be best to draw no more attention to his apartment and just closed the door and laid her down on the couch. He figured there would be nothing wrong with letting her sleep there for the night. It's not like she had never been there before… then again it's not like they ever had a sleepover or anything. He shrugged it off, figuring no one really gave that much attention to his apartment, led alone who was coming and going.

As he was coming back into the living room from getting her some blankets, he was slightly surprised to see her standing up. He started to ask if she wanted any water, before she starting walking towards him. He asked if she was okay, but she just walked past him like she didn't notice him. For a second he thought she was going to the bathroom, but she kept walking until she got to his bedroom. He followed her in there only to see her pull back the covers and climb into bed. His bed. She even fluffed his pillow before she laid down. It was then that he realized he had gotten kicked out of his room but a drunken sleepwalker. He just sighed and took the couch.

And now he was looking at his pink haired former student. Lying in his bed. Snoring lightly… and was she wearing his t-shirt? Apparently she had gotten up in the middle of the night and decided the jeans were too uncomfortable. Well, it wasn't like anything bad had happened. It's not like they slept together or anything.

That would just be silly.

But he had to admit, it did look that way. His biggest worry at that moment is that she would think they did. If she had just stayed in her own clothes, he could've just dropped her off at her own apartment while she was still sleeping. He didn't fancy the idea of undressing his former student to put her back in them though. It's not that he was embarrassed. He'd seen plenty of naked women before… most of them in Icha Icha books, but he had none the less. Besides, with how his luck was going, she would probably wake up in the middle of it and punch the shit out of him. Definitely not worth it.

So he decided to just go back to the living room and wait for her to wake up on her own.

He was in the middle of making breakfast when he heard her scream. A few seconds later he heard the stomping of her feet, followed by a crash, and then finally she stumbled into the living room.

"Where the hell am I?" He assumed he was asking herself.

"Oh, Sakura, I see you're awake," Kakashi walked into the living room to see her face shoot up in his direction.

"Kakashi-sensei? Is this-This is your apartment!"

"Why, yes it is-"

"What am I doing here?!"

"Well you see-"

"What was I doing in your bed?!"

"You just happened-"


"…yes, Sakura?"

"….is this… is this your shirt…?"

Well, she was quite sharp, wasn't she? He was still deciding what to say to her when a look of utter mortification crossed her face.

"Sakura? Are you…" Before he could finish his question she was gone. Had she always been that fast? Maybe she was just being fueled by the embarrassment and confusion. He certainly didn't move that fast with a hangover.

"Hm… that went rather well."

As he cleaned up his now burnt breakfast, the silver haired ninja thought over what had just happened. More importantly, he wondered what would happen next. He knew Sakura wouldn't be able to come right out and ask him about last night, but he also knew that she wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it. Sakura could be rather reserved when it came to anything sexual. He didn't know everything about her, but he was sure at the age of 19, she had yet to have sex. After finally getting over Sasuke, she seemed less willing to go out on dates, led alone try a relationship. And while he didn't claim to know every aspect of her character, she didn't seem the type to have sex outside of a relationship.

He could be wrong though. What did he know? It's not like he was a psychiatrist.

Those guys were just creepy.

He sighed as he poured himself some cereal (elaborate breakfasts that required cooking were overrated anyways) and wondered how long she would avoid him before she finally asked him what had happened.

The copy-nin stared at his ceiling. He had to get up soon to check for any missions, and potentially fill out paper work. Not that he would do the latter if he could avoid it. He didn't have to be there at any particular time, but the earlier he got there, the better chance he would have at not getting sent on some crappy mission to somewhere like Sand. He wasn't much of a desert person. Then again, it's not like he really had anything better to do. He really didn't have that many friends. For a moment, he thought of his team, and then, of course, Sakura.

Kakashi really had to hand it to his pink haired student. When she wanted to avoid someone, she really avoided them. It had been over two weeks since they'd last spoken to each other. It wasn't like he couldn't find her if he didn't want to, but he figured it would be easier to wait until she was ready to confront him. He seriously hoped that if he ever got diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, she wouldn't be the one to tell him. He would die long before she ever found the right words to tell him.

He didn't expect her to take so long to talk to him. He figured a few days to a week maybe, but now he was beginning to wonder if she was ever going to talk to him again. If this had been anyone but Sakura, he definitely wouldn't be so patient with her. Then again, if it was anybody but Sakura it wouldn't have ever happened. His pink haired former student was probably the only person he would let come into his house unannounced like that. Kakashi certainly wouldn't have let anybody else claim his bed like that, especially without him in it.

The jounin sighed. The more he thought about it, the more he wondered what kind of opinion Sakura held of him. Did she really think he would take advantage of her drunken state like that? The medic was by no means unattractive to him. On the contrary, he thought she was probably one of the most beautiful women he'd ever met. Mostly because she wasn't overly obsessed with trying to be beautiful, but wasn't afraid to dress up every now and then. And he didn't find a thing wrong with thinking that. It's not like he wanted to ravish her or that every moment he saw her he was thinking inappropriate thoughts.

Now, if she was sober, and wanted to have sex with him, would he do it?

Eh, who knows?

That wasn't important right at that moment anyways. With another sigh, Kakashi got out of bed and walked into his bathroom. As much as he didn't want to, he supposed he would have to go out of his way to find Sakura to explain what had happened. If he didn't do it soon, she might end up traumatized or something.

And that would just make him feel bad.

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