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He finished his pizza slice. This was his favorite pizza place in all of Yokohama, was what Atsuma told everyone. Looking around and seeing the crowds of people bustling around he grinned. Sure cutting class was really not a good idea, but it beat listening to someone drone on about attributes. Atsuma could have used th electure around a month ago before he had fought the devil golems. All four of them. In his school he was most likely the strongest of the students. Makoto was strong but not as much as Atsuma, not Since he had finally mastered his damned right arm.

With the core of Infinity defeated his arm had gone into submission, still absorbing ether but only when Atsuma willed it to. Which turned out to be often, how else could he raid the cafeteria? Atsuma absent-mindedly brushed crumbs off of his red clothing. Dropping some TB on the counter he thanked the golem and walked off.

Heading in the direction of the school Atsuma frowned stopping. He had felt his arm begin to twitch. That only happened when a powerful golem was nearby, it had been devil golems but they were all destroyed and rather than twitch it had been searing pain. Scanning the crowd he saw what looked like a man in red armor. He carried a double bladed staff and had long white hair.

Damn. Odin, Atsuma thought to himself. He wasn't afraid of the golem, but was curious as to why it was in the city. Golems of that strength were often forced to have their core material removed.

Shrugging it off Atsuma continued walking. Looking at the ground he became lost in memory of what had transpired in what had felt like hours at the time but in reality was over a month. The devil golem being unleashed and freezing Yokohama, the Queen of ice. How Touya had fought her and would have won if Atsuma wasn't in the way. Waking up in London, meeting new friends, returning to his beloved hometown to find his teacher was responsible for everything. Witnessing the Queen of Ice and the Emperor of fire clash in London city. Crossing the desert to go to Kyoto city and then battling the General of earth.

Then the last devil golem, fighting the Queen of ice. Absorbing all three into his arm. It seemed a good idea at the time. After that his group had defeated the leader of the devil golems, Infinity. Atsuma had a blank point in his memory after. Touya and Makoto had told him they fought off his parasite and then He had used Fury to demolish the last of the golems.

Atsuma bumped into a wall. Looking up he saw that this wall was wearing a cape with a green symbol on it and a massive sword on it's back.


The wall turned and Raigar looked down at Atsuma.

"Atsuma! Here we thought finding you would prove challenging!"

"Good to see you Raigar, Where's Karin?"

"Lady Karin is sampling some of Yokohama's cuisine."

Atsuma leaned to the side and saw the white outfit of Karin. Grinning he remembered how they first met. She had heel dropkicked him in the head while the both sat in prison. She wore the same outfit now as she did then. A white shirt with bare shoulders but arms covered from the top of her biceps to her hands. White leggings and short white skirt completed the outfit. Oh and of course the heels, and the stripe of skin showing on her mid thighs where the leggings did not quite meet the skirt. Along with her rinds and bracelets Karin wore blue earrings that sometimes showed from her head of red hair. Atsuma noticed it was longer than he remembered. Of course he hadn't been around much. After the ordeal of the devil golems he had left to meet the age again. She had taught him much about enchanting so he was at graduate level. Also pounded some of his denseness.

"Karin, hey!"

The London City princess turned and her eyes widens and she smiled. Running forward she hugged Atsuma.

"Atsuma, Oh its good to see you! It's been almost a year already!"

Atsuma hugged her back Nervously, all to aware of Raigar's glare. Karin's father may have been dead but Raigar filled in several of his roles all to well.

"We need to talk to you about something, it's urgent!" Karin told him after breaking the hug.

Atsuma raised an eyebrow. He remember back when Karin had thought of him as jut a weapon. Now it sounded almost like she thought he had intelligence. He had gotten many times smarter in the past year but he wasn't exactly a genius, far from it.

"Well what about?"

"Touya should hear this too."

"Well class ends in five. Lets head to the library, Touya always goes there after class for at least a good hour."

The three walked through the streets. Golems sold from stalls, people walked and the sun shon. Another ordinary day in Yokohama.

"What's going on back there?" Raigar said stopping.

Atsuma glanced back and saw a pair of vandog golems attacking the Odin. The Odin swung its weapon and destroyed one turning it to scrap while the other bit it's lg before it too was scrapped.

"Lets go! That thing is dangerous, it needs to be taken down!" A guard yelled. He leveled his rifle and fired off a shot. It hit the mark making the golem flinch.

There were no heavy combat golems in the square save the one needing the heavy combat ones to kill it.

The two Yokohoma guard golems lifted their chain guns and opened fire. The Odin barely flinched as it used an Impulse attack. A standard sword move that was basically a long range thrust. It left one of the two gun golems with a gaping hole where the core material was.

The trio arrived in time as the golem slashed at the last golem reducing it to scrap.

"Hey, you! Right here, right now!" Atsuma called. The golem turned to face them.

The party used their advantage of surprise to strike first. Raigar ran in and used his strongest blade attack, it was much like the one the Odin had just used to kill the golem. Karin stayed further back and made the pain rain with her aqua mist, the spears of water slamming the golem knocking it back. Atsuma ran in and delivered s flurry of punches for his flare rush. The Odin staggered backward but recovered using the blade attack to slash at both Raigar and Atsuma.

"This thing is strong… We need to dish out more damage!" Raigar said as he readied himself for another attack.

A spinning blade whistled between them and slashed the golem making it stagger with the damage it caused. An enchant cord was attached and this made it fly back to it's wielders hand.

Makoto stood there looking at the scene form beside Karin. He was dressed as flamboyant as always in his yellow colors and blond hair looking shiny.

"You really are a pain" said another voice.

Looking behind him Atsuma saw a blue blur zip forward and a smaller blur of a spear slash at the golem, Touya then leapt back clearing the area for more attacks. Raigar slammed the ground with his sword making it shake and the golem flinch as rocks slammed into it. Karin ran forward and gave a sharp quick that left drops of water scattered in the area.

Atsuma knew another flare rush wouldn't kill the golem, as it was he wouldn't reach it with the attack in time.

Focusing on his arm he used some of it's power for Stun Flare bead. Feeling the power of the flames twist through his arms he rammed them into a series of punches into the air, making fireballs slam into the golem. Shuddering under the onslaught of fire the golem dropped on the final hit from the combo.

"So I wonder if this has something to do with your visit." Touya said turning to look at Karin. He wore the standard school uniform, basically a blue suit and his spear was folded up and at his belt, his eyes flashing beneath dark hair.

"Well… yes."

About an hour later in the small dormitory Atsuma had everyone, was gathered. He sat on his bed beside Karin while everyone else sat in chairs.

"So what's going on?" Makoto said bluntly.

"well Like you saw today, golems have been rampaging. That was the first time we saw one of any real power do it though. It has been mostly vandogs and house guardians. Golems with low intelligence."

Everyone fell silent The last time this had happened a devil golem was released.

"Well this can't be another one. We killed four of the damned things already."

"If I recall correctly…. There is a combat class golem whose power rivals that of devil golems. Omega was it's name and a dozen were made. Seven have been recorded as destroyed, one is supposedly near Junk city somewhere, and four more remain at large." Touya stated.

"We came to the same conclusion in London city. Only three remain at large however. The core material for one of these golem is in the London city treasury." Raigar responded.

"So these golems are strong enough to influence other golems?" Atsuma asked.

"In theory yes. We sent a squad of knights out to Junk city to investigate the sealed area that was supposedly cursed. We found the door open and four incredibly powerful golems. The four beast golems. Very few are made, only a dozen of each. With the door open it is logical to assume that the final Omega golem is free." Karin said.

"and four of these golems together are influencing things even in Yokohama?"

"far as we know."

"We should go to junk city and investigate."

"We tried. Two scouts of knights went. Around 30 fully trained knights. Three came back. They said that a lead led them to cross the desert in the opposite direction of anything really. They were attacked by several golems but if the reports are true then no casualties were taken until one final battle. One of the same beast golems attacked them with support from ranged golems. This was in a mountain pass. All the golems the knights had turned and attacked each other at this point. So whatever is causing this, is in those mountains."

Silence reigned.

"So what are we waiting for?" Touya said smiling.


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