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Gale lancers looked just like normal people, well people who floated with the occasional wing beat and carried lightweight halberds. Behind them was a Lapis Magira.

Atsuma was on them first. Fire licked around his arms and fists while be began to pummel one of the gale lancers. Rather than give it a chance to react he kept hitting it. Sparks danced around it and the golem fell down, damaged beyond repair.

Touya was fending off one, knocking aside the halberd with his own spear, jabbing it into the body of the golem when he could.

Raigar and Karin were dealing with three. Karin was batting one around with various kicking technique while Raigar's massive blade was whooshing through the air hitting both the golems in each swing.

Makoto flung out a handful of spinning blades, sending them out after the final gale lancer.

It was going well until the commander, the Lapis Magira struck. A blast of light blinded nearly everyone, everyone except Atsuma who was out of range.

One gale lancer was still fending off Makoto's whirling blades, but aside from that the others were downed.

Atsuma let a column of fire blast into the golem, while not killing it, it definitely go the attention he needed.

While charging forward he fired off another flame wave, hoping to end it there. A wall of water rose up though, blocking the fire in a cloud of steam. That same wall shot towards him as a lance of water blasted towards him.

Atsuma couldn't even begin to block that much water so he took it head on. All the combat experience in his fight the year previous had proven useful indeed. Letting just a normal shockwave blast the water, he leapt into the same spot. The wall didn't hurt much but the lance caught him in the shoulder, lifting him up and spinning hsi feet completely around.

Looking up he saw a column of flames about to crash down on him but more or less ignored them. Fire didn't bother him all that much. Instead of raising a shield or blocking it he let loose with three more fire waves, all of which punched into the lapis.

Atsuma covered his head as the flames hit him and he waited for the attack to finish.

When he opened his eyes the Lapis was downed, Touya was standing behind it, his spear was sticking out of the golem.

"This is going to be a challenge." Touya muttered folding up his spear.

Makoto and Karin used a couple healing techniques but a rumbling caught their attention.

Vehind them they all turned to see the golems, massive ones that looked like elephants.

"Mammoths? Here" Raigar mused. The golems were normally used in warehouses so to be out in the desert was incredible odd.

"Lets go inside. These doors can close if they can open, we can seal them and then golems won't be able to get in." Karin suggested.

Everyone hurried through the massive doors, then closed them. Both doors shimmered with enchant magicks running along them, making for a seal, one no golem could touch let alone open.

There was a maze in front of them and massive doors behind them, sealing them off from what would most likely be a long drawn out battle.

"Split up?" Atsuma suggested.

Everyone made some sort of negative remark to the suggestion, be it Raigar calmly stating no, to Makoto`s yelling.

``Lets just get going then``

The corridors all gleamed, with enchant lines running through them every so often. It was truly a mark of craftsmanship, very easy to forget it was a prison.

Althoguh it was not easy to forget that there were enemies everywhere.

"heads up!" Atsuma called pointing in a small alcove to their left.

Several Lord Onyx golems leapt down to the floor and charged the group.

Atsuma Raigar and Touya met the charge, each in vastly different ways.

Atsuma began throwing flames around, using them for different attacks like waves or a mega blow. In truth he didn't do much more than stagger the charge though, some splashing flames wouldn't stop powerful golems like these.

Raigar used his sword to hack down golems, although some parried and were nearly knocked back it stool fended them off. Earth ether was stirring around his blade, shaking the ground or rising to explode in front of a knot of golems.

Touya was the best suited for this fight. His long thrusting weapon was able to take down one golem quickly without going in range of its deadly blade. Dancing around the attacks his spear was a blur in his hands.

The charge broke then, and the golems backed off, fleeing down the corridor. Makoto hurled out some of his blades to chase them down but doubted it would be good enough, and Karin began healing enchantments.

"This is going to be a long trip." Atsuma groaned sitting down. It seemed like every corridor either had a maze of teleportation devices or an ambush of a monster guarding where they had to go.

Minutes passed as everyone caught their breath. The plan of the frontline fighters breaking the charge while Makoto and Karin hammered with longer range enchantments had worked very well but now the golems closed to quickly, and many of them were able to dodge the attacks.

Touya picked up the small notebook he had been drawing in, a very rough map of the area, but still a functional map.

"The only place the next room can be is straight ahead."

At a cautious advance they saw the next room.

Atsuma went first and it was lucky for everyone he did.

Right after entering fire poured down and Atsuma made a surprised sound, then was flung back out.

"fire guardians."

"Okay we just hammer him then." Touya said. He and Karin both knew that if they could snap off a strong water blow each it would likely pin it for everyone else to go for the kill.

"No there's two of them, and I think I saw those Lord Onyx."

"Okay then. Karin, you and I will start with hammering a fire guardian. Atsuma keep the other one busy okay? Raigar you and Makoto will deal with the Lord Onyx ok?"

"I dunno. If any one of us fail then everyone will suffer." Raigar pointed out frowning.

"We got this Raigar, we took down how many golem just coming down here?" Atsuma declared.

Karin and Makoto held their tongues in check.

Atsuma charged in first again, but this time went in with a pair of physical blasts leading at the closest fire guardian. It staggered back under the two blows but before it could recover Atsuma was on it. He was smaller and faster but unlike the other golems this one could soak up damage. He rolled, jumped and deflected attacks more often than he hit. The massive minotaur like golem couldn't land a solid hit and was focused on the white haired enchanter.

The other fire guardian bellowed ad moved in to attack. It staged back though as aqua spears began hammering into it, one after another. Karin could only fire off five at a time, she fired them as often as she could. Touya shot forward, a blue blur as he coated his spear in water ether. It lanced into the fire golem in a cloud of steam. Unlike its twin, this golem didn't even get the chance to attack, with two water users hammering on it, it was all the golem could do to stand.

The remaining Lord Onyx charged at Atsuma, obviously hoping to free up their heavy hitter. Raigar stood between them and their intention though, shield and sword ready with cape rustling.

There were eight Lord Onyx left, and every one of them remembered seeing Raigar hacking down their comrades.

Makoto struck first, shooting out a sonic blast, staggering back a few of them. The rest charged inward. Raigar went to work. His sword flashed, mostly aiming to throw back the golems, so they couldn't get to Atsuma.

Atsuma risked a glance and saw all was going well. The glance cost him though, as the fire guardian reared back and snapped an arm out. Atsuma tried to block it, but wound up flying backwards. He crashed into the wall and fell down.

He was close to blacking out, vision reeling from the force of the blow. One part of the plan had failed, ad one was all it took.

Things turned sour from there. More so sour.

The guardian turned and joined it's comrade, bellowing at Karin.

"Atsuma you knucklehead!" Karin cried jumping back as the golem struck. This one wasn't damaged much, just angry.

It was her turn to jump around and dodge. The difference was that if a blow connected with her, it would do much more damage than to Atsuma. When she could she let loose an aqua spear and seeing her chance leapt up and snapped off a brutal kick to the golems head.

Touya got knocked back and hit a wall. Suddenly the wall moved and Raigar hacked down a Lord Onyx about to attack his back.

"Thanks big guy." He said groggily getting up.

Makoto joined them and they stood in a triangle, each fending off the black humanoid golems doing their best to get to Atsuma who was just now shakily getting to his feet.

Karin backed up, two fire guardians advancing on her. Not her best situation but she knew what her best shot was.

Focusing she called up as much ether as she could she raised up her leg.

A giant leg of water ether smashed down as Karin used her Buster kick. The already damaged fire guardian crunched flat under the force of the blow while the other was knocked down, taking a second to rise.

Karin fell to a knee, using an EX attack was always risky since it left you totally open for almost thirty seconds after.

Thirty seconds was all the time it took for her friends to aid her.

Makoto hit first, also calling on his own EX skill, hurling a galaxy spear at the shaking fire guardian. It pierced and exploded devastating the already shaking golem.

Atsuma rose up and began hammering the Lord Onyx with Raigar and Touya.

After Karin and Makoto recovered from their skills the other golems were all toast.

"That was harder than I thought." Touya admitted.

"Did you just admit you were wrong?" Atsuma gasped.

"You must have hit your head Atsuma."

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