The Girl Named Kino

There once was a young girl named Kino. With no one but herself, she lived up in a high tower that stood above the barren wasteland that she had come to know as the 'world'. Never before has Kino ventured anywhere aside from the confinements of her home. She doesn't wish to either. For she knew that no matter how far one travelled out into the wasteland, there would be nothing for her to find. Due to this, Kino knew what it meant when someone said 'hell is a place on earth' because she was already living in it.

"This world is empty, therefore it is anything but beautiful."

Not able to bear with the blanket of black nothingness that covered her world - her life - Kino would lay in bed and close her eyes. She would dream of the bright circle that travelled across a hovering blue blanket which stretched over the world endlessly; just like the one she saw in books. When she thought of a world that was anything but hers, that was the first image that came to mind.

"The sun and sky are always part of my world, no matter where I go. I can always look up and there they will be."

Kino's gray, textureless ground would now be a healthy lush green. For miles and miles, there would be hills that rolled on forever as well as plains that ran across the land, sometimes even turning into a sandy, yellow desert with many exotic forms of wildlife. But most importantly, there would be roads.

"Roads will direct where I may go. They are the the key to my journey and destination."

Her mind would continue to paint many sceneries of forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and even the tiniest pebble. She would think up even the strangest of creatures and give them names. There would be things she would be able to hear, taste, touch, see, and smell. There would be seasons of which the earth's moods shifted forms with. Even the most disastrous things like earthquakes existed.

"The world will always be changing. Nothing, not even I, can do anything to stop it."

But the most fascinating part were the countries and people. Yes, there would be humans just like Kino. These humans would be just like tiny little insects on this earth. But unlike insects, these humans would try to shape this world to which they see fit. Love, joy, sadness, or hatred; each country will have their own reasons for why they do the things they do. And sometimes, maybe they don't even understand these reasons themselves.

"Humans are always searching for something in life, or have something to look forward to. I am no different...I am always looking forward."

Then Kino would drift off into the deepest parts of her subconcious. It was during this time when she was no longer part of the world of nothing. Instead, she could be found in the world she had painted. She would explore this world accompanied by a talking motorrad named Hermes. Together, they would travel this world knowing that it would never end. After all, it was the reflection of the girl's heart and soul. Boundless. Endless.

"I visited the Country of Visible Pain where even the utmost empathy can be life-threatening.

I felt obliged to help a band of cannibals at the expense of another creature's life.

I've seen a country of endless sorrow, which eventually became another country's prophecy.

I met three men on the railroad who've done nothing but work and yet have found fulfillment in their lives.

I've freed a country of slaves by annihilating its nobility.

I've seen a girl's supposedly impossible dream come true.

I've discovered that even the most beautiful thing like a mother's love could become something so hideous.

I've met a girl just like me. Only to have her ripped away from me by the inevitable."

When the young girl Kino wakes up, she is greeted by the gray walls of her own room. Outside, it is still the same black void that constantly mocks her for her far-fetched dreams. Silently she waits for sleep to overcome her so that she may begin her journey again.

This is the girl named Kino.