Black Neko Hime: I wrote another story. Why can't I stay focused.

Amu: Whatever.

Utau: Hime, tell Amu that I say "Shut Up!"

Black Neko Hime: I'm not your—

Utau: Fish!

BNH: sorry amu… Utau says "Shut up!!!" Ow… my ears…

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Amu, BNH, and Utau cry…


"My brother's in the military. He's coming back today." The popular blonde told the pink-haired girl standing next to her. Utau and Amu admired and hated each other.

"Good for you." The hot-temper girl with hot-pink hair replied coldly. Amu rolled her eyes she'd had just about enough of this girl. Utau always wanted to pick a fight with her.

"Yep. It IS good for me. My brother is smexy!" Utau bragged.

Utau, you should see a psychiatrist." Amu said, sitting on top of the table and benches behind them.

Utau stuck out her tongue, the pair of thirteen year olds wouldn't be talking to each other but there was nothing better to do. No one else stayed at school this late. The girls had a lot in common. Neither one had a cell phone. (Amu's dad was afraid of her talking to boys. Utau's mom just didn't care.) Both often got picked up late. (Amu has ditzy parents Utau's step-dad expects her to figure something out so her mom comes and gets her when the man is out of the house (she hated when the school called to say her kid was still there. It made her look bad))

Amu looked at her watch. If those two air-heads don't have me picked up in two minutes… "I'm about ready to take the bus. What about you?"

Utau sighed. "Why not? It leaves in 5 minutes. It'll take me like three hours to get home… But so what…"

They looked across the street at the bus station.

*******************5hours later*****************************************

"Goodness sakes! I'm a bus driver not a babysitter!" An old man yelled from the front of the bus. "If you two ____ don't pay the toll and get off my bus I'll have arrested." I said proceeding to swear and glare at the two girls surrounded by a mess of homework.

"My dad's gonna have a heart attack." Amu mumbled.

But Utau heard her. "That's too bad… And he seemed like such a nice old man, too." Utau smirked.

"Whatever, Brother-lover."

Utau glared daggers. Then the girls heard the bus driver's radio buzz. "Two girls are missing. They might be on a bus. One has long blonde hair and purple eyes. The other has hot pink hair with gold eyes. Sometimes she wears blue contacts."

The girls were sitting motionless. Amu's black shoulder bag sat in front of her. She was on her knees. Utau's over-sized blue handbag was in her hand and she was on her feet. Both looked terrified as the voice kept speaking. "It is suspected that the girls ran away. Their names are Hinamori Amu and Tsukiyomi Utau. Utau also uses the name Hoshina Utau."

The bus driver smirked at them. "So I have the two little runaways on my bus." He closed the doors. "Guess I got lucky this time." He said as he slowly got up from his seat. The bus was still running.

Amu whispered "He's gonna…"

Utau begged, "Oh… please, God… No!" She dropped her bag and Amu stood. Amu hurled he heavy book bag at the approaching pedophile. Then the two girls jumped out of the emergency exit.

They were at the final bus stop and were running down the downtown street.

Amu just kept saying "Jesus," over and over again.

Utau darted into the mall and Amu followed. "You and you're stupid ideas!" Utau said. "Baka!"

"Oh just shut up, Hoshina," Amu said. "You're the one who agreed. I wasn't going anywhere by myself."

"Really, Amu?" Utau said in a sweet voice. Then slapped Amu. "You stupid idiot! As if that can fix this mess!"

Amu, being shorter than Utau, glared up at her. " B*** You don't know me like that!!" (wow amu you need your mouth washed out with soap!)

They Amu punched Utau in the face. They started fighting and somebody called security. Utau stopped kicking Amu and Amu let go of Utau's throat and got up. Then the two girls beat it out of the main section of the mall. The girls found themselves in a store called "Hot Topic"(I don't own) and dug through their pockets until they each pulled out some cash. The girls each bought a hat and Utau shop-lifted a pair of tennis shoes.

"What city is this?" Amu asked the girl behind the counter.

The girl popped her gum loudly and dug in her shirt for a pair of ear-buds. She pulled them out and sat down behind the counter.

Utau came out of the dressing room she'd thrown shoes away in. "Let's go. We gotta get changed." Amu looked at her clothes. She was still wearing her uniform. Plus Utau messed it up in the fight just as she'd done Utau's.

"No money." Amu said.

Utau laughed. "I was broke before I changed shoes. But I still got 'em right? Little, innocent Amu," Utau over dramatized for the sole purpose of upsetting the shorter girl. "I'd like to introduce you to your new best friend: The Five Finger Discount!" She laughed, grinning mischievously as she dragged Amu into the Vans (I don't own) store.


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