The MC took the mike and said, "Forget about call backs. Sorry ladies, looks like we've got ourselves a hot lead singer."

Utau's face dropped.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx x The Next Morning xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I woke up to the sound of someone yelling downstairs. My head was throbbing. I moaned. It hurt so bad I could cry. Not just could… I did. However, that made it worse. I rubbed my eyes and sank back into my pillows. Maybe I'll get some more sleep…

Not likely. I live in the Hinamori house. Who gets SLEEP around here?!

My mom is like a fangirl although she has had an occasional motherly moment… My big sister, Ami is like a little sister who can drive (WEIRD)…. And my dad… Well, what can you say about someone like him? I'm really starting to worry about that man. I think he has developed some sort of obsessive disorder. I mean seriously… Do you know any NORMAL father who calls his daughters sparrows, forbids other males from entering the house ect… (I'm sure you get the picture.)

My door was flung open. Of course it would be just as I fell asleep. "AMU-CHAN!!" Ami screamed before flying to my bed and squeezing my soul out while rubbing her cheek back and forth against mine. As I hover above I'm thinking 'What am I? Baby's first teddy? Get off! Get off! GET OFF!'

A moan came from beside my bed. Ami released my body and my soul was sucked in. I collapsed against my pillows once again. Ami got off the bed and started pulling sheet s off my floor. "What are you doing?" I asked. [a/n: she speaks o.O] Ami doesn't answer, just shakes her head and continues about her business.

"WAKE UP, UTAU-CHI!" Ami yells at the floor. I am now buried alive under a mound of sheets and pillows including my duvet. I am very nearly asleep when something clicks inside my head.

"Utau?" I ask, my voice muffled by the bedding that is STILL smothering me. I hear a moan from the floor. It sounds like somebody doesn't want to wake up… But the thing that's annoying the daylights out of me is that Utau is in my room. Utau. My arch-frienemy. Is that even a word? Eek! Goodness… I am losing my mind. And I'm the sane one in the family…

"Utau!" A big voice from within my body calls. There is a pause. "Get the heck out of my house." I say in a very serious, stable voice. Then my body, like my voice comes through the mass of bedding. Unfortunately, my confidence is short lived…


After Amu told me to get out of her house she suddenly looked very ill. Sort of green. You know, like people get right before they puke… The corners of her mouth twitched downward. Poor Amu… Does the baby have a hang-over? Yes, yes I believe she does! So—of course—I burst out laughing which makes things just a little worse for Amu. She climbs sluggishly from her bed and sways slightly while walking toward her bathroom. Glad I sobered up first…

Amu's sister, Ami, turns to me (when Amu started talking Ami focused on her) and is like, "Excuse Amu. She's not normally like this. Last night was the first time she ever drank alcohol…"

"It's okay," I tell her. What I'm thinking is: wow. We all thought Amu was such a creative name, come to find out, her big sister's name is Ami… Wait 'til I tell the kids at school. Just watch Amu. THIS IS WAR. But Ami doesn't know what I'm thinking. She thinks my smile is out of sympathy for my so-called 'friend.' "You don't have to apologize. It's kind of embarrassing how drunk we got. I'm just glad you were there to give us a ride."

This was true. I mean, the only other people who would give me and that prostitute called Amu a ride are pedophiles. Or my brother, who I didn't realize was there until just a little while ago when I was replaying Amu's audition in my mind. The guy who Amu winked at was none other than my brother. Ikuto Tsukiyomi.