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"You'll never guess what happened to me just now, 'Hime," Tatsuki mused, barging into Orihime's apartment as always. Orihime never minded, they've known each other forever, and Tatsuki spends a lot of time a Orihime's, partially because the orange-haired, large-chested girl lives alone. Tatsuki couldn't imagine Orihime suddenly minding, especially since they were now dating. The dark, short-haired Val Tudo champion was grateful of the fact as simple eye contact with Orihime made her heart beat faster, and knots in her stomach. She walked right over to Orihime, landing a quick kiss on her lips. Or at least... she had intended it to be short, but Orihime had other plans....

"So what happened, Tatsu-kun?" Orihime asked after some good tongue action. Tatsuki hoped with every fiber of her being that Orihime would never stop calling her that. It takes a person to be very close to another to shorten their names in Japan, let alone be able to call a girl 'kun', a male honorific, without insulting them. Tatsuki had tried calling Orihime "'Hime-chan" once, but it didn't seem right. 'Princess' was good enough.

"I went home to drop off my bag, do my homework, and change my clothes before coming over, like I always do." Tatsuki began.

"Yeah?" Orihime asked, obviously interested.

"Well, when I finished, I left my room to see my mom watching TV, so I told her, 'Mom, I'm going now.'" Tatsuki paused, grinning.

"What? What's so funny, Tatsu-kun?"

"She looked up at me and said, 'God, you look like a lesbian." Tatsuki told Orihime, laughing a little just after finishing her sentence. Orihime's expression jumped to one of surprise and entertainment.


"Seriously." Tatsuki answered between laughs.

"So what did you say?" Orihime asked.

"I laughed."

"You laughed?"

"I laughed!"

"So then what? Did she ask why you were laughing?"

"Yeah, actually."

"What happened then? What did you tell her?"

Tatsuki quickly gained control of her laughter, and she leaned in to Orihime, letting her smile slowly slip from her face.

"I told her everything."

"Everything?" Orihime whispered. She wasn't sure of Tatsuki's mom's opinion on... this kind of thing.

"Everything." Tatsuki repeated.

"Oh... Tatsuki, I---" Orihime was cut off by Tatsuki's finger. The contact of the finger to her lips almost made Orihime shiver.

"Shh, Orihime." Tatsuki said, leaning slightly closer, "I don't want to ever hide the fact that I'm dating you. I've loved you for years, Orihime, I don't ever want you or I to feel ashamed of that."

"Tatsuki...." Orihime muttered. She didn't know what to say.

"You know, they say a kiss is nature's way of shutting someone up when words become superfluous." Tatsuki offered, "I think they also get ideas across when you can't find what to s—MMPH!!" next thing she knew, Orihime was all over her.

Hahahaha! This one was based on something that actually just happened to me! Except, my mom knows I'm a lesbian, so she knew why I laughed.... XDD