A/N: Everyone enjoy the Super bowl commercials? I hope so. This is just a little 3-parter drabble for Supernoodle's birthday. I only managed to use one of her words, but it's the thought that counts.

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For two hours Dean practically rained sweat, perspiration sopping into motel sheets.

What scared Sam more was when Dean stopped sweating all together.

His mind was drifting, disconnected from his overheated body, numb to oppressive warmth. Dean was almost gone when Sam nudged his shoulder.


"Sleep it off." Dean grunted.

It was cooler here in the deep recesses of nothingness. A part of him felt guilt for making Sam worry, but the darkness was hard to resist, pulling him down...down…down…

Dean allowed himself to fall over the edge of unconsciousness, leaving Sam with a thermometer and an uneasy vigil.