A/N: One cuss word in this chapter, for those who need any warning. The title should make sense now.


Dean gasped as consciousness returned, arms flailing, clawing at the slippery tub rim.

Warm hands on his shoulders, Sam's voice centering his older brother, reassuring.


Sam looked earnestly in his brother's face for recognition.

Dean blinked sluggishly, green eyes confused.

He was freezing, numb in areas that should not be numb.

Why was he sitting on ice? Why did he feel like a-

"Fff-f-ffu..cking…penguin…" Teeth chattering, only the last two words spoken aloud.

"Penguins can't survive in 105 degree heat, Dean." Sam answered gently, using his hands as a trough, baptizing his brother's head with icewater. "And neither can you."