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"Now just hold still."

Flicking the syringe twice to rid of any air bubbles the woman then lowered the needle towards the exposed arm. Or what it more looked like, attempting to stab the patient with a needle with medicated drugs.

"Seriously Sakura, do you need to look so hostile?"

Said woman turned around, pink pony tail whipping the man sitting on the bed in the face. Her small bow lips broke into a sheepish grin and a blush of embarrassment crept up her face.

"I'm sorry Tsunade. It's just that Naruto over here was giving me a hard time."

Rolling her hazel eyes, Tsunade sighed. She honestly didn't even know why she hired these people who called themselves doctors. Sticking her hand out, palm open, she gave Sakura a stern look.

"I don't need people fearing the on duty doctor during your clinic hours. Besides, Naruto is pretty capable in giving himself the shot."

Defeated, Sakura handed over the filled syringe and stood beside the well endowed woman. It's not like she could really say anything back to her. After all, Tsunade was the head of Konoha General not to mention she had taught Sakura during her interning years.

Green eyes watched as the pig-tailed woman handed over the needle to the man who was still sitting. His sea blue eyes were growing big as fear slowly filled his body. A vein was beginning to show as Tsunade pursed her lips. Useless!

"What kind of man are you!" she exploded. "Not to mention what the hell kind of doctor are you!"

"Gee, what happened to not looking hostile." muttered Sakura as she continued to watch the growing scene.

Tsunade shot her a look and went back to the terrified man.

"You see blood everyday, cut patients with knives, stitch people up and yet you're afraid of a single needle that doesn't even hurt!"

"That is rich considering you used to faint at the sight of blood." He retorted.

A loud yelp was heard and then a string of curses erupted from his mouth. Rolling her green eyes, Sakura stepped out of the exam room only to be greeted by a roomful of people looking panicked. Laughing slightly, she cleared her throat, "Just ignore that, um, it was nothing. Just someone who got what they deserved…"

Wrong thing to say because the next thing that happened a whole bunch of people were trying to stampede their way to the closest exit.


Rubbing his sore arm, Naruto grumbled to himself. And he thought Sakura was violent, clearly he had missed the mark on that one. Unraveling his sleeves and putting back on his white lab coat he walked towards the team's main office. He wasn't surprised when he saw Sakura, who was sitting down with a cup of steaming coffee, flipping a magazine.

Clearing his throat, she looked up and a smirk made its way on her face.

"So how're you feeling? Does the baby need a lollipop?" she teased

"For your information I'm not a baby. That damn woman drove that thing into me like I was a vampire."

"Well it's your fault anyways. You know its hospital regulations to get the flu shot."

"Well I would've gotten away with it if you didn't go through my damn file."

"I'm just looking out for my favourite colleague and best friend!"

Scowling he dragged his feet towards the coffee pot. Mixing in his own unique combination of cream and sugar (which was oh, the whole bowl of sugar cubes and one drop of cream) and pouring in the coffee, he then plunked down beside Sakura and sighed heavily.

"So where's hard ass?" he asked while sipping the drink only to flinch as it burned his lips and tongue.

"I think he said something about checking up on a patient. But then again he's probably just chatting up the new receptionist."

"Does he always have to make excuses? It's not like we laugh at him. Only at his butt ugly chicken like head."

"Uh that's you not me."

Naruto looked at her. A dead panned stare with disbelief laced with a loud snort.

"I laugh at the fact that he still has a stick up his ass. I swear one day when it falls out, hell will freeze over."

Her barked out in laughter and smirked. His smirk grew wider when the subject of their discussion waltzed in, lab coat flowing with the draft. Rolling his blue eyes, he decided that the third member of the team was way too over dramatic.

"Gee Sasuke, do you always have to walk in like you rule the world?" Sakura remarked, taking a gulp of coffee. "I mean when you discover the cure for uptight ass disease, then we'll bow down to you and call you Lord Sasuke."

The blonde man beside her tried to hold down his laughter but failed and ended up making the whole ward look at their office. It didn't help that the walls were made of glass, so that particular floor had a good look at what was going on in that room. They couldn't go a day without having someone spilling stories of the happenings in the office.

"Just shut up." Sasuke shot as he ran his fingers through jet black hair. He shot a glare at Sakura and Naruto, which in turn made the blonde laugh even harder.

"Ohhh we're so scared Sasuke. You're going to glare at us to death! Quick! Someone get him some sunglasses to protect us!" said Naruto, nearly falling out of his chair shaking so much. Sasuke picked up the magazine that was in front of Sakura who protested with a loud "Hey!" Rolling up, Sasuke then proceeded to hit Naruto in the head but was stopped when a hand plucked it out of his grasp. His glare deepened, the weapon of choice and beating was intercepted. Sasuke growled and Sakura swore she saw steam coming out of his ears. One day, that man was going to blow and his head was going to just pop right off like the top of a soda can.

"Now, now, be mature." an amused voice interrupted.

"So why are you late this time Hatake?" Naruto yawned.

"Oh and this time give us something better than a bug needed a vasectomy." Sasuke said with a hint of utter annoyance.

"I've used that one already?" Scratching the back of his white unruly head, the man laughed.

"The patient is in room 606." Sakura cut in, rolling her eyes. Honestly being a professional usually meant being on time. But then again, "on-time" probably wasn't in any dictionary Kakashi Hatake used or had. He liked to call it "fashionably" late even though he would come in at times mid afternoon with outrageous lies. Did he really think they were stupid?

"Oh?" Kakashi mused as he lazily slumped into the chair, propping his feet on the glass table. Whipping out an orange book, he buried his nose into it, reading. Naruto's jaw dropped and Sasuke snorted. Sakura gave an exasperated sigh.

"Well? Are you going to read the file or not?" she demanded, holding out the folder in front of the head of their team. Green eyes narrowed as he continued to ignore, her patience was wearing thin.

"Book an MRI for the patient. I want a full body scan. Draw some blood and send it to the labs. Right now start him on antibiotics for the fever." Kakashi ordered, snapping the book shut, giving a slight smile. Nodding, the three headed out the office.

"Oh and Sakura? Can I have a word with you?"

She stopped, pink head turning to face their superior.

"They're grown ups, I'm sure they can handle this themselves."


Setting the book down on the table he walked towards the coffee pot. Finding it empty he gave Sakura a look, as if asking why they didn't save him some. She shrugged. Sighing, he settled for tea. With a drop of cream and sugar, Kakashi let the tea steep. Looking at the woman standing in front of him he finally let the words slip from his mouth.

"You're fired."