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She walked tall and proud as she entered the Gymnasiom. Long deep lavender hair spilled over her shoulders, conciling slightly porcilin skin and eyes of golden hue. Slowly she sat down on the bleachers and opened her notebook. It was study hall, and instead of sitting in the Libary listening to the rather loud brawl that was going on since the teacher had left for a sudden appontment, and they didn't have a sub, she'd decided to go to the Gymnasiom. At least it was quiet and she wouldn't have to listen to rather idotic remarks about her glasses or how much of a 'brain' and a 'freak' she was.

Leaning backward she opened her History book and began to read the chapter that would be assiened next week, her other homewrok from that morning long since done. Momments passed and she finnished easily. Idly she wrote down the answers to the questions for the section. It was just so easy. Too easy really.

Miyako winced on reflex as she heard the hooping and hollering of one of the most populer groups enter the Gymnasiom. Of all the places they had to come, why did it have to be here? Had she no sancuatry what so ever anymore?

'Maybe they'll leave me alone..'she snorted lightly at her own thoughts,'Yea right, like that would ever happen.'

Lightly she shut her History book and notebook and pulled out instead her composion book and began to write some poetry. She'd never let anyone read it, it was kinda senstive subject. The harshs remark on it, she knew, would probbly make her heart break. Poetry was her secret passion, one she didn't really care others to know about. While the guys often made her drop her things and teased her ruthlessly, they never toke or read anything of hers so she didn't really have much to worry about. Sighing she began to write:

Alone in a room thats full
Tears of sorrow stream down my cheeks
For love and friendship has passed me by
In this blatent jest called life.

I watch and wait
For the love that will never appear.
Still I reach out for companionship
But I am pushed aside
Scorned for resones I can not fathom.

Alone I stand
In the shadows forever alone.
Friendless I refuse the pity in their eyes
I clutch like a jealose lover my pride.

Like hungry wolves
They attack me.
Begging for my reaction of anger
Which rises hotely within me.

I am not afraid of them
Yet I fight them not.
I clutch my tatterred dreams still
For the Love and Friendship I desire.
So I sit and wait
For a wish that won't come true.
I often wonder
If its me or them who has no concept of reality.

Yet There is one who stands above
Us all.
He is like a prince in a fairy story
But at times acts more like the villion of the Fairy Tale
He is both, and neither
He seems so flawless,
Maybe thats why he stands above us all.
Maybe thats why girls cry his name
Maybe its why all bow before him

A single word from him
Would end my torment.
Yet he stands aside,
and joins their jesting

He makes me feel so very small
For he has it all, and shows it rather well.
Like all others
He pushs me aside.
Am I so invisible?
Maybe thats why I'm alone in this room thats full

"And what do you think your doing here?"

Miyako glanced up slowly, knowing who it was before she even layed eyes upon him. Yamato Ishida and his group of the 'populer' ones. They were the envyed ones. They ruled the school, all coward before them and revered them.

But not Miyako.

While she found many very cute and rather sweet-looking, in truth they were cruel and merciless to those they saw as 'benigth' them. They ruled the school with both fear, and with their looks and confidense. They shuved those who stood up to them aside with cruel words. And while Miyako wouldn't deni their where a good dozen people in her last school she hadn't liked, she'd still treated them with civily. Codly, but civily none the less.

Miyako didn't bother giveing him the acknolagment of standing up as she spoke,"If your weren't so blind you would see I'm writeing, Yamato."

He tucked his hands in his pockets half-way and cocked his head in a way that Miyako knew he wasn't just looking at her, but down at her. The thought made her blood boil,"Thats what study halls for. The Gyms ours for practice, leave."

The word was a command and vibrated loudly through the room. Just that command caused Miyako's blood to sing out with the need of respect. Of acknowlagement. Of the fact that she was his equel and that she stood below noone.

Miyako gestered around her,"The Gymnasiom belongs to the student body. And while you all may be unhappy about it, I am a student here. I have as much right to be here as you."

A few of the guy's eyes gleamed brightly, enjoying her slight courage. They prefered to break those who stood up to them, rather then just chaseing the cowardly ones away. They had more fun that way.

Miyako returned to her composition notebook and started to write agine. The bright blue gel-pen didn't even touch the paper before her preciouse notebook was jerked away.

Anger flared hotely in her eyes, abanading all pretense of calm she bolted up eyes wild with both fear and anger. That note-book was privet. The poetry within careing her most privet thoughts. The boys laughed slightly. She lept forward, her the back of her mind acknowlageing slightly the clang as her pen fell to the rubber-like floor.

'Damn that was my favorite pen.'she thought before her attintion fell compleatly to get her note-book back.

"Give it back, now!"Miyako's voice bounced effertlessly across the hard walls. Echoing loudly around the room like a chimming bell.

Yamato laughed lightly, holding it aloft,"Take it then."

Miyako didn't jump upward to grab it like many would in her position. She'd never reach it that way."Give. It. Back. NOW!"she said between gritted teeth, hands clinched at her sides as her body became taunt with anger.

A few of the guys smirked at her, while one or two backed an almost unnoticble step away. Yamato brought the notebook down slightly, though not far enough for Miyako to make a wild grab for it. But then her eyes widened concederbly as she noticed his eyes move from side to side on the notebook. He was reading it!

She made a quick mad dive for the notebook, knocking the young teenager over in the process. Her hands grasped madly about untill they closed at last on the notebook. She jerked wildly on it, it came easily from his fingers.

The notebook safe agine in her hands, Miyako began to relize the position she was in. Instently she felt a tawny blush creep up her neck as she relized she was sprawled ontop of the young rockstar in a rather un-lady like postitin; her legs were tangled with his, her hands on his chest and she was partly stradling the guy. Forceing down the eminet emotion that told her to jump up rather clumsly and leave, she made herself stand calmly, though she couldn't supress the trembling that ran through her. Miyako held her head high as she gathered her books, though not to leave that as would be proclaiming them the winner of their little spar. Something Miyako wouldn't allow them the pleasure of haveing.

With grace she walked quickly up the bleachers and sat down on the highest one, in the corner of it near the metel railing. She felt her blush deepen as she knew the guy's eyes below were following her. Setting her books back down she reopened the notebook, though she was no longer in the mood to write.

Closeing her eyes slightly she pulled back the tears of embarrsement and anger that rose hotely in her eyes. Slapping the notebook closed she pulled out the book 'Ulses'(sp?) she began to read, though her attention was in no way focosed on it. Below she heard the guys mutter something then they began to take out their stuff to practice.

Miyako shook her head slightly, allowing her long dark lavender hair to sheild her face from view. Agenst her will, thick tears began to ebb their way down her face. Her throat burned as she forced herself to bite back the wimper that edged its way forward.

Gaspeing in her breath she bit her bottem lip in a vain effert to stop the tears. Rubbing under eyes vicously she looked at her watch. 5 minutes to the bell. Gathering her note-books together quickly she made her way down the bleachers and jumped off the side. Almost emidetly she heard the music behind her falter slightly. Not bothering to stop even slightly she hurried out of the Gymnasiom and around the corner.

It was then all defensies clattered downward. Pain filled her being. She was tired of being strong. Tired of being the kid everyone always made fun of. Slowly she sunk to the floor and allowed the tears to countinue falling. She no longer botherd to hold back the sobs that wracked her entire being.

The anger that had made her stand up to her oppressers was now gone like weat before the scyth. All that was left was a lonely destressed girl.

Forceing herself to gather what remained of her pride she wiped away her tears with trembleing hands and stood up. Thats when she felt it. That feeling you get when you know someone is watching you. Slowly Miyako turned to have her eyes meet with icy blue.

Their he stood like something out of a story book. His short blond hair falling delictly on a face a Fae would have been jealose of. For a momment in time that burned forever in eterenity they just stood there. Stareing at one anouther.

Neither dared to break the silence. Neither dared moved in fear of breaking this trace which had so suddenly been wrought upon them. In a single momment in time, the barriors between the two were gone.

Leaveing bare a boy aged beyound his years and protecting his heart and mind in the only way he knew. For a momment in time Miyako Inoue saw past the cocky, rockstar image of Yamato Ishida. Saw beyound the facade he showed to everyone eles.

While she saw within him, he too saw her. Saw her angry defensis of being tough and unvulnerble to their taunting gone. Before him he saw a broken girl, saw tears of a thousand cruel things in her eyes. Saw an eternity of lonelyness that rivled his own.

But the momment was shattered as the laughter of his friends and jesting of seeing Miyako down the hall was brought to light. Forcefully the two reserected their images as Miyako gave them all a trembleing look of defince before she turned on her heel and the bell rang loudly through the air.

Miyako Inoue was lost in their crowds, just as Yamato Ishida was re-smothered by his image to others.


Embarrsment. Thats all Miyako Inoue could feel as she hurried home. In her mind she could still hear their snickering at her. In her mind every word she was ever called burned brightly in her mind. Yet while she felt anger toward them, it wasn't enough to fill her with the rightousness it had earlier that day.

Only pain and lonelyness was left. Slowly she raised her hand to touch the chain on her neck, linked to it inside what looked like a camera box was her D-3. At least their she was free. Hawkmon was always there for her. He never teased or made her feel lower then anything. He was always there. Like a rock he was their to listen to her, and she in return helped with takeing down Spheres and trying to fight agenst the Digimon Kaizer.

Despite Hawkmon's recomndations she'd choosen not to join the other Digidestidened. Fearing they would leave her behind, the same as they did in school. She saw them, she always saw them in their little group. They didn't invite her to their group now, why would they invite her in since she was a Digidesitined? They would merely use her. Ring her dry of her powers then cast her out to the cruel world of life and she would be alone agine.

She wouldn't alow that to happen. She would protect herself. You can't get hurt if you don't let anyone in, that was how Miyako saw it. There for she would do just that, keep everyone out. She would still have Hawkmon to look after her, and she had herself. Two things she knew she could always count on. Hawkmon would never betray her, and she wouldn't ever betra herself.

"Hey, look, its the Freak."

Miyako gritted her teeth and forced herself not to glance up at the oh so fammiler insult. Moveing her chin up higher she kept her gaze forward and quickened her steps. Almost instently she felt a brush of cold air next to her and found herself faceing an imoveble wall.

Slowly she raised her eyes to meet one of Yamato's little lackeys, Sakon Chiba. He lived and breathed only to make her life hell, and the idea wasn't exactly all that far-fetched.

"Move."Miyako said softly, firmly.

"You didn't say the magic word."he said mockingly, wagging his finger at her. The very gester made Miyako want to break off his finger.

"Move now."Miyako responded, refuseing to even force politeness knowing it would get her no farther then her first words to him had been.

"Have you guys nothing better to do then to pick on freashmen walking home?"A voice said from behind them.

Slowly Miyako turned. Golden eyes meet that of deep brown. Taichi Yagami. The soccer star. Miyako alloud her eyes to brighten slightly, while she had no romantic feelings for the older boy she knew he wasn't like his best friend Yamato. While he rarely, if ever, spoke to her, he didn't ridicule her.

"Very funny, Taichi-san, we are just haveing some fun."Sakon responded, shuved Miyako lightly from behind.

Eyes of gold flashed fire,"Don't touch me."she said, her teeth gritted.

Spinning around on her heel she turned to walk past Sakon. Supriseingly he moved out of the way. Flashing him a look of slight relife and also suspesion she started to walk around him...only to trip over his outstreached foot. Laughter erupted from behind her.

Tears edged their way into Miyako Inoues eyes, but it wasn't from the fall. Takeing a deep breath she stood, turning slightly to look at Taichi, only to find him frowning at Sakon and to see Yamato walking toward them. A ghost of a smile appeared on his face. So cruel was he.

Slowly Miyako felt the tears fall from her eyes and dribble down her cheeks. It just wasn't fair! No longer could she hold up the damn that held back the flood of salty tears. Her chest became taunt with sobs that she knew would rack her being. Not here. She couldn't cry before them. She couldn't give them the satisfaction of her tears.

Wipeing them away with the back of her hand she pulled together her wracked strength and shuved Sakon angrily,"What the hell is your problem! Well? Why can't you just leave me the hell alone?! What did I ever do to you?"She gestered around her at them, Taichi, and Yamato,"Well! I asked you a question! Or are you to stupid to answer. I want all of you to stay away from me. You so much as sit next to me in class and I swear I'll send you to the emergency room!"

Turning on her heel Miyako ran. Ran from them. Ran from the fear and pain that welled within her even after screaming at them. Behind her she could hear their laughter. She was nothing, nothing to them. They didn't care. They didn't before and they wouldn't now.

Her anger was merely a peice of amusment for them. They didn't care. Not the least bit. On and on she ran, takeing no notice of where her path would lead her. Perhapes if she ran fast enough, she could escape. Escape the wretched place where all she was to anyone was a fool to be teased and ridiculed.

Finnly she stopped, only to find herself in the park, about a bloak from her apartment. Falling to her knees Miyako let the tears come. Let the sobs wrack her being, alloud her pain to show in all its vibrent glory.

So much pain. So much anger. So much..so much of everything. Covering her face with her hands she didn't bother to wipe the tears away but to hide her sorrow. Maybe to shut out the world and escape from everything and everyone.

Passerbys glanced with pity at the lavender haired girl. But none came to comfert her. Noone ever did. But one boy with short indigo hair did stop to stare at the girl. Watched the tears that streamed down her cheeks with no emotion on his face.

Slowly Miyako forced herself to her feet, her arm going up to wipe away the tears. Slowly her red ringed, puffy eyes rose to meet the amthirst ones of the indigo haired boy. Unable to glare daggers at him for simply stareing at her while she wallowed in her misery Miyako turned and ran. Ran once more. To escape those eyes that had stared at her, though they were not as haunting as the cruel icy blue of Yamato Ishida's.

It wasn't long before she reached her apartment. Carelessly she opened the doors and made her way to the elevater which lead to the apartment. Wordlessly she used her key to open the door and she entered shuting it lightly behind her.

Slipping off her shoes she made her way through the liveingroom where her brother sat watching t.v. Like every other day he didn't seem to notice she was home. Silently she walked into her room and locked the door behind her. Dropping herself on the bed she layed their for a momment, debateing wether she should even bother to get up.

Slowly she forced herself up, obviously she had choosen the latter. Wipeing her cheeks gently she glanced the mirror. A fammiler frown marred her features as she studyed her face. It was red and her hair bedraggled with tangles. Grabbing a brush she half-heartedly brushed her hair till it was smooth. The redness on her eyes was still their though it was reseding quickly.

Sniffing slightly she pulled out her D-3 and walked over to her computer and brought up the Digital Gate. She smiled slightly. At least their she had peace. She was never ridiculed there, and the free Digimon were her friends to the end.

Quickly she pressed her D-3 agenst the gateway and closed her eyes as she felt herself be sucked into the the computer. Opening her eyes she mommentarly smiled at the sight before her. The lush forests and the freash air.

She glanced fondly down to the deep red short shorts and form-fitting deep pink shirt with the crest of Pure Love engraved on it. Lightly she touched the long bell sleeves that reached her feet. Smileing slightly she touched her face, on it sat a small white, leather half-mask. Even if she saw the Digidestidened today they wouldn't have a clue who she was.

"Miya-chan! I'm so glad your here. The Kaizer has erected Spheres in this area!"

Miyako turned a bright smile stole her features as she caught sight of her dear friend,"Hawkmon!"

Joyously she hugged him close as he reached her before becomeing seriouse,"That feind set up yet anouther sphere! Ugh.....well Hawkmon you better Digivolve then we can go and take care of the sphere."

Hawkmon nodded, "Right."

"Hawkmon armerDigivolve too.....Halsemon the wings of love."

Miyako lept easily on his back and they toke flight into the clear blue sky. For a single momment Miyako alloud herself to revel in the feeling of being in the air. Of the wind that flowed through her hair and carressed her skin like a gentel lover.

Golden eyes became as hard as ice as the control sphere slipped into veiw. At that momment Miyako felt it. It was too quite. The area wasn't buzzing with enslaved Digimon to stop them. Something was wrong. Eyes narrowed she leaned closer to Halsemon's fur and listned. Thats when she heard it. The unmistakble cruel laughter pf the Digimon Kaizer.

Anger marred her features as she whispered to Halsemon to fly low and silntly. Creeping forward behind sevrel trees that did very well to hide them from veiw. Leaning forward she heard the fammiler voice of Davise Motomiya and Taichi Yagami. Suprised she leaned back, she hadn't known Taichi was a Digidestined. Oh well, it wasn't like that changed anything.

Leaning closer she saw their Digimon beaten and battered, laying uselessly before their partners which at the momment had ropes around their arms holding them still. In front of them she saw the Digimon Kaizer standing on a Tryrannmon's shoulder, laughing proudly at his deafet of the Digidestinded.

While Miyako had no desire to join the Digidestined, she knew she couldn't just leave them to the Kaizer's mercy. It wouldn't be right.

"We have to help them, Halsemon."Miyako looked around on the ground and soon found a razer-sharp stone. The Digtal World provides."I want you to attack the DarkTyrannomon, I'll jump off your back and untie the Digidestined. When I get that done fly low and I'll get back on your back, the Digidestiened will be retreating by then, o.k.?"

"Got it."he growled back.

Holding on tight as Halsemon toke air agine she waited till the ground was close enough then she jumped off. She landed soundly on the ground and dove forward to the very suprised Digidestined.

"Who are you?"she heard them all ask at once.

Not bothering to answer she cut the first fives bonds with ease. When she reached for the last one she felt herself tremble. Eyes of firey golden meet those of icy blue. Yamato Ishida. No. How could it be. How could he be a Digidestined.

Fearing he would know her if she didn't help him as well she cut his bonds as she turned to see Halsemon fairing well agenst the hoard of DarkTyrannomon.

Turning back to there curiouse gazes she lowered her voice to gravely rasp,"Get out of her. There is a Digital Gate north from here, it isn't that far. Get your Digimon and yourselves out of here. And for the record, stay out of this forest. Its a sancturay, it dosen't need you bringing it more to the Kaizer's attention. Now, GET. OUT. OF. HERE."she growled out.

"Who are you?"Davise asked.

Miyako narrowed her eyes and responded, her voice still disgized,"My name is of no importence. It wasn't before, why should it be now."she said bitterly.

Turning around she ran forward, Halsemon couldn't hold the DarkTyrannomon off much longer,"GO! Halsemon can't hold them off for much longer and if you haven't noticed all your Digimon are too weak to fight right now!"

They lifted their Digimon into their arms and Daivse yelled we can't win today, masked girl over here is right lets go!"

They turned and ran, only Yamato stayed, his eyes boreing into Miyako like fire.

"I know you."

The three words so simple yet they caused such harm.

"Do you?"Miyako rasped out before letting out a high piched whistle, not dareing to call Halsemon in fear he would truely know her identy then,"Unless you want to be a captive of his royal egoness I suggest you run, Yamato Ishida."she sneered the name as she ran forward and lept upon Halsemon.

As they toke air, avoiding a fire ball Miyako saw that Yamtao hadn't moved from where she had left him.

"Lets get him, Halsemon."

Flying low Miyako grapped him by the arm and jerked him aboard Halsemon's back. Behind her she could hear the Kaizer's curses of defeat.

"Why did you help me?"he asked, his voice as smooth as silk.

Miyako didn't respond, what could she say? For she herself didn't know why she'd helped him. He would only ridicule her if he knew who she was anyway. She didn't speak as she and Halsemon lowered to the ground.

"Go."she said softly, her voice low.

"No. I want to know if you are who I think you are."

Miyako smirked,"And just who do you belive I am."

"Miyako Inoue."

Miyako was carerful not to show her actual shock and she laughed without mirth,"You are far off the mark, Ishida. I don't even know whom this 'Inoue' girl is. I do suggest you get to the gate though."

With that she shuved him a little so he fell off Halsemon. With him gone she toke flight once more. Leaning low agenst Halsemon's fur she hugged him close. Why had she helped him. After all he had done. All the jocks and cruelty she had helped him.

Perhapes it was becouse she didn't want to leave him to the Kaizer's hands. No matter how cruel he had been to her, the Kaizer would probbly torture him to no end. Though the idea did slightly appeal to her, she knew that it would be a high mark on the Kaizer's plans of takeing over the Digital World and she could not allow that to happen; no matter her feelings on the matter.

The rest of the day in the Digital World was a blur for Miyako. They flew about the area, destroying control spheres at their every whim; freeing countless Digimon in the process. As the sun began to sit in the Digital World Halsemon flew her back to her ussual Digital Gateway. As always her Digimon partner knew something was wrong but knew instinctivly that Miyako didn't want to talk about it. She would talk to him about it when she felt the time was right. Pressing her about it would do him little good anyhow. She could be as stubbern as a rock when she choose to be.

Slideing of Halsemon's back she smiled up at him, a fool could see it was forced but Halsemon didn't comment. He knew the smile would have been geniouen, had she not seen the Digidestined today,"I'll see you tomorrow, Halsemon."

Smileing she nuzzled agenst him before turninh to the Digital Gate. She turned back once to look him in the eye before allowing herself to be sucked through the computer and thrust out of her own and onto the hard floor which proclaimed she was in her room once more.

Standing she Dropped onto the bed her eyes traceing the celing with morbid intrest. Her thoughts dwelling on him. It always came back to him. No matter what. He haunted her night and day. Sometimes her thoughts were filled with nothing but loathing for him. Other times curiousty...sometimes even a sicking attraction that made her feel slightly repelled.

But she could not deni how his dark nature and endless cruelty attracted her like no other. It was perverse, she knew, but it was the truth. And no matter how she hide it, it was there. Like a serpent that rose to torment her at every whim.

Perhapes thats why his actions toward her hurt her so much. Or maybe becose she was just vulnerble that way. The latter was the one her mind wished to belive, but like all things sometimes what we want to belive is not necarly the truth.

Rubbing her eyes she undressed and changed into a night-gown and walked out of her room. The house was loud as ever. The Inoue's weren't exactly known for silence. Sighing she walked into the liveing room and grabbed a bag of chips. Woofing down nearly half the bag and going through severel sodas she walked back into her room and dropped herself onto the bed. Slowly she forced herself up and climbed beniegth the covers. So tired...so very tired. Closeing her eyes she alloud sleep to claime her mind and soul. Perhapes their she would find peace. If there really is such a thing as 'peace' for her.

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